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e-Angbao in Digital Gold Bitcoin with ezsy

The world’s largest digital currency has now crept up to more than USD50,000 (SGD77,000) per unit. One of the significant reasons why Bitcoin has gained the attention of late is because of the enormous flood of fiat currency (paper money) in the market. With so many countries printing their own paper currency, you will soon find the dollar note you are holding in your hand getting less and less worthy. Savvy investors, including Institutional investors, have flocked to holding assets instead, particularly those assets that are of higher value (like real estate and equities) and limited in supply (like gold, silver and bitcoins). You may still be unsure if you want to get a piece of the bitcoin pie, so do read the article above. Of course, Bitcoin is an asset that is incredibly volatile and poses risk. But, it is also because of its risk, the potential gains are way higher as we

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