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Hair loss is not just common to men, it happens to ladies too, particularly to those ladies who have given birth. A woman’s hair is her crown of glory, we cannot deny the fact that beautiful locks add aesthetic value to a woman’s physical appearance. But, hormonal imbalance, emotional stress, medication, ill quality hair care products, etc. could cause us, ladies, to have hair thinning issue. I am one of them, especially during post-natal time and now as I walked past 40.

This is a sight that nobody likes. I used to have very thick, voluminous hair that almost every hairstylist who had attended to my crown of glory before would comment that. Nowadays, I hardly hear praise like this.

Certainly, I want to prevent more of such unnecessary losses, so I did work on some remedies to help me slowdown the process of hair thinning.

(1) Cutting It Short To Avoid Tying Up 

I used to have hair length that surpassed my shoulder, but now I keep it short. This is to avoid unnecessary weight and avoid tying up which will stress the hair more.

(2) Using Comb With Wide-Spaced Teeth

Another way to be gentle to my hair is to use a comb with wide-spaced teeth like this. I also avoid combing my hair when it is wet because hair is weakness when wet.

(3) Less Heat Is Better

Yes, instead of blowing dry my hair with high heat hair dryer, I usually let it dry naturally. If I had to blow my hair dry, I will set the temperature to its lowest possible or use a fan.

(4) Eating Cleaner And Taking Supplements

Avoiding sugar and highly processed food not only works for our health, it works on our hair too. Taking supplement like Omega 3 would help too.

(5) Adopting A Proper Hair Care System

2 months ago, I was given a set of hair care products from BioRoyale and decided to test them out. 

I was told that BioRoyale GroBack Shampoo helps to reduce hair loss. On top of that, it contains natural ingredients and has no harmful chemicals. I am so glad to know it is free from Sulphates and Parabens too!

Clockwise from top right:
BioRoyale Shampoo, Conditioner, Overnight Vitalizer and  After-shower Serum

The shampoo foams well, so it makes cleaning on wet hair easy. The Hair Conditioner is thick enough to glide well on my hair.

I also use their After-Shower Serum which has ingredients like Arnica, Ginseng, Green Tea extract, and other gorgeous stuff which help promote stronger hair. I know that regular scalp massage is good to promote healthy scalp, strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss. So I use this After-Shower Serum to massage my scalp as instructed. This serum gives a cooling sensation, I like that after each massage, my head feels a lot lighter :) .

I was also given the Overnight Vitalizer to try, which was supposed to apply on the scalp and leave it overnight for optimal result (wear a shower cap or lay a towel on your pillow) before shower the next day. It has ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, omega 3 oil, rosemary oil, vitamin E and many many wonderful ingredients to boost healthy hair. If you have done adequate research, you would know that all these ingredients are superb to support and promote healthy hair.

I cannot describe enough how much I love this range of hair care products from BioRoyale. You can see the improvement on my hair loss after each wash. If you are experiencing some kind of hair thinning, why don’t you consider giving BioRoyale a try? They have trial set at $49.99 available! The trial set also serves as a great gift for your new mummy friends instead of the usual tonics.

BioRoyale is now available via its online store. Delivery is free. Alternatively, you may like to participate in my giveaway below. This giveaway is open to residents residing in Singapore only. Both steps in Rafflecopter are mandatory. Please indicate your email address in one of the 2 steps.



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  2. The before and after image of the hair fall on your water drainage show not much of a difference. I'm saying the product is good but it would be best if you showed your before and current hair state. I tried out how to prevent hair fall treatment and found myself somehow satisfied with the results.


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