JJ's Science Adventure: Forces

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Ever since we got the first Science comic book from Harvest Edutainment in August 2014, we are hooked onto JJ’s Science Adventure this series immediately. The beauty of JJ’s Science Adventure is not just because it is a Science comic book (all children love comics, and some adults too!), the beauty lies on the storyline. The story of Joyce and Jonathan (the 2 main characters in the series) is meaningful, captivating, and the flow of each story brings out the Science topic very well. As you read each of these books, you will gradually understand what I mean: there were a lot of thoughts meticulously put in to craft each story. It is no wonder that JJ’s Science Adventure was awarded Bronze medal for Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards 2015 (see page 6 of this PDF file).

JJ's Science Adventure: Forces (latest), Heat & Light and Magnets ($18.90 each)

The brain behind JJ’s Science Adventure, Aurelia (an educator), ensures that the key learning points on each topic are according to the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Primary School Science syllabus. The books are in full colours and the key points are highlighted in bold. It is no wonder my son, AJ, couldn’t put the third book in the series down when he received it today. He is now reading JJ's Science Adventure – Forces.

May the Forces be with you (no, we are not into Star War, just JJ's Science Adventure)

And that's not all! Harvest Edutainment also published a Science Made Easy with Doodles book! It is a perfect book for Primary 5 and Primary 6 students to help them understand science concepts. It is a unique pictorial companion guide to the current MOE Science syllabus that extrapolates all the important core concepts and synthesizes them in visually appealing ways for students to understand.

A4 landscape; Soft matt laminated on all pages; 18 doodles in 1 book ($32)

Samples of doodles

Too interesting to miss out? You may get these books here.

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