J'Kids Amusement Carnival At Hillion Mall


A treat to a fun fair is something I often looked forward to in my childhood days. Oh, those carefree evenings when we could take the rides, eat popsicle, throw darts and win something (sometimes). Ah! That nostalgic feeling just made me so happy. 

Children of our offspring have a new kind of fun fair. The newer kind of the carnival has more selections of thrill rides for the dare devils, the laser gun shooting for the fighters wannabe, the conventional merry-go-round for the gentles and the games stalls for some cheap thrill seekers.

At the commencement of this long weekend, I went to JKids Amusement’s carnival at the Hillion Mall to reminisce about my childhood memories. My first time to Bukit Panjang got me super impressed with this hood. With lush greeneries around (because it is a forested land) and an interchange for the MRT and LRT, it has 3 shopping malls serving the growing population of this budding estate. The residents here are so fortunate!

The carnival I went is located in front of Hillion Mall, right next to Bukit Panjang MRT station. It is quite impossible to miss it!

One thing about outdoor carnival at shopping malls is that: there is practically something for everyone. Whether your kids are 2, 6 or 16, there will be some rides or games suitable for them. And for mummies, we are just happy to leave the kids with their daddies and have a good time of retail therapy. Hungry after all the fun (for kiddos) and walking (for mummies), we have food served to us in the shopping malls. How blessed are we!

You know that it will be fun when the inflatables have names such as Robot. And inflatables are usually the main draw for young kids. They just love to bounce, bounce, bounce, and slide, slide, slide. It a good way to wane these energetic kids in the evening though, so that they will have an early bed time. Don't we parents often do that (evil grin)?

The gentles and the very young would love the Merry-Go-Round and the Train ride. After all, these are gentle enough for them to have some thrills.

This video is sped up

You have probably guessed the theme in this carnival is about Robots and Heros. Yup! Here comes the Hunting Heros laser games that most boys (some girls too) like! It is best to play with 1 or 2 more buddies so that you all could have some competitions!

And Ewan (son of Liang May) chose this Robotic Ride as his first ride!

For those dare devils who love to have more thrills and excitement, try somersaulting on this Bungee Jump, like what this 5YO Ewan did. Nothing seems to be too scary for this little boy! Love his courage!

Ewan was getting ready for his jump! 

Of course, how could there be no games stations in a carnival. We just had to win something, right?

The J'Kids Amusement carnival is held at Hillion Mall from now till 1 Oct 2017 every day 5 to 10pm, except public holidays and weekends 3 to 10pm.

In case you are living in the North, the East or the West, there is one J'Kids Amusement carnival near you!

Don't forget to get a $2 J'Kids Fun Card (with no expiry date!!!!) and experience a seamless blend of technology and fun. Top it up with minimum $20 and enjoy the rides cashlessly! This card can be used in any J'Kids Amusement Carnival.

It's school holiday now, let loose and let your children play! Have fun!


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