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I visited Active Hive in August 2015 to have a trial session on their latest Minus Calories Elliptical machine. I also did a body composite analysis then. Yo, all was well – the weight, the fat percentage, visceral fat rating, metabolic age, etc. There wasn’t anything troubling so I didn’t take up any package with Active Hive then.

50.4kg; 24.3% fat; Metabolic age 26

But in just less than a year, many things have happened. The more notable ones are: 

1) Drop in Sleep Quality
I am a light sleeper, so my quality of sleep is naturally bad. It doesn’t help when I had difficulty falling asleep and kept waking up during the night. So my quality of sleep deteriorated. It was bad.

2) Weight Increase
I don’t think I ate significantly more in the last 10 months but I put on 2 kilos nonetheless. I didn’t know how it happened. It just happened. No matter how much I ran in attempt to lose that 2 kilos, it just refused to go away (does that sound familiar?). Has my metabolic rate dropped that badly? I asked myself.

3) Irregular Periods
My period had been regular until recently. This got me kind of worried.

When a mummy friend shared her experience on perimenopause with me over breakfast one day, it suddenly occurred to me that I might be experiencing one too. Perimenopause? What is that? Menopause I know, but Perimenopause was totally new to me. I went to Dr. Google to find out more. And Wikipedia said this.

At first, I tried jogging more often but that extra kilos simply refused to get off. It is of no wonder, a half-an-hour run will burn only 200 calories. It is not even enough to burn off my lunch. Quite determined to shed off these 2 kilos, I checked with my blogger friend Lynn, who is an ambassador of Active Hive. I want to know if it is true that Minus Calories Elliptical machine that she uses twice weekly really helps her in weight loss, fat loss and stamina gained. She confirms, and concurrently, Active Hive offered me 5 sessions of trial. What a timely blessing! I should really use these 5 sessions to assess if it works for me.

My jogging records tracked via Runtastic

The results of before and after tell it all. In June 2016, I was 52kg, having 25.6% of body fat and a metabolic age of 28. But, a month later, after completing the 5 trial sessions, I weigh 50kg, having 24.3% of body fat and am back to metabolic age of 26.

Type 1 of Minus Calories Elliptical Machine

Of course, I didn’t just rely on Minus Calories Elliptical machine alone. I watch my diet closely too. Over the few times that I tried the Minus Calories’ Elliptical machine, I reaped the benefits of not just the loss of that stubborn 2 kilos, I noticed my stamina and strength endurance have gained as well. Here are some benefits of the Minus Calories’ Elliptical machine I would summarise:

1) Higher Calories Burnt
In a typical 30mins workout, a person (depending on fitness level) can burn 300-1000 calories because one could adjust the resistance level and speed stride speed.

2) Low-impact Exercise
Because our feet never leave the pedals, the elliptical machine provides us with a low-impact workout which is suitable for people who had prior injuries, just started working out, or are more senior in age

3) Large Amount of Muscles Engaged.
Contrary to what you might think, the elliptical machine doesn’t just work on our thighs, it builds strength and muscle endurance in the quads, hamstrings and calves. It also works on our arms, chest and back when we actively use the handles. The more muscles we engaged, the more calories we burn. And I tucked in my tummy when I peddle, so I work on my abdominal muscle too!

4) Near Infrared Rays (NIR)
The NIR waves help improve blood circulation and metabolism. The specific NIR wavelengths penetrate the body deeply and heat is dispersed across a greater area. It expels 80% water and 20% toxins. It also helps to minimize lactic acid produced in our body in any regular exercise, so I actually feel less tired and I can workout longer as a result.

From top left to bottom right, my meter records on the elliptical machine. My stamina has gained significantly! And I can never achieved this kind of calories burnt with other regular exercises.

Other beauties of working out in Active Hive's Minus Calories are:

1) Full Privacy
I have the elliptical machine all by myself in a private room watching my favourite show on youtube while working out. I don’t have to worry about other ladies (or men!) looking at my cellulites, bulging fats and what not.

2) Cold-Pressed Juice Served
After each workout, I will be served with a glass of nutrient-packed cold-pressed vegetable and fruits juice. 

I look forward to the nutrient-packed cold-pressed juice after each workout

3) Shower Facility
Yes, there is a bathroom for you to shower after your workout. You only need to bring a towel and a change of clothes and you can be off for your date after the workout.

I am fully convinced of the effectiveness of Minus Calories Elliptical Machine workout that I decided to be their paid customer. Yesterday was my first paid session. See the happy me in the pink of health.

Type 2 of Minus Calories Elliptical Machine

Fancy a trial? Active Hive is giving away 2 Minus Calories 30mins trial sessions for 5 readers each. These 2 trial sessions come with 1 free Body Composition Analysis and 2 post-workout juices worth $184 in total. If you are keen, please enter the Rafflecopter draw below. The draw will end on 15 Aug 2016 2359.

Active Hive
Address : 65 Ubi Road 1 #02-88 Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408729
Contact : 63842758 / 92364678
Instagram : @activehivesg 

Congratulations to these winners! I will email you soon! Enjoy your sessions!
1. Cynthia Koh
2. Moo Han
3. Edlyn Giam
4. Gina Wong
5. Mary Heng


  1. It's great to see your metabolic age and body weight going down.
    Really keen on trying it out!

  2. Wow. Great results. Your metabolic rate went back down to 26. Well done!

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

  3. i can't shed my excess too, mine 4kg sigh.. I'm keen to try Active Hive.
    Btw, Jenn nice meeting you today.:)

  4. Hmmmm must try after seeing your proven results!

  5. Good to see the numbers and you can even compare to find out more about it. This sounds really interesting.

  6. I like how you consciously tracked your progress. Such data motivates me to do more. Thanks for sharing about your experience!

    - Mary

  7. I think the Increased metabolic rate would be the very thing to push me on!! Jiayou jiayou!

  8. good job! no matter what exercise we do, as long as we are active and moving.. it's better than sitting on a couch doing nothing haha.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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    I get more information through this article.
    Thank's very much!
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