Vehicles, Vehicles, Vehicles

Give AJ any type of vehicles & he will play it for the whole day, maybe even up to a week. He just loves vehicles, any types. When my friend Pauline was here, AJ took his son’s toy trains & would not return them. He brought them along anywhere, held each in his hands, & even brought them to sleep. So, I had no choice but to attempt to get a replacement when I went shopping with Pauline.

I got a fire engine of similar size to the trains. He happily took it & played with it. It was that moment I secretly hid the 2 toy trains away, otherwise I may not be able to return them to Caleb. At some moments, he would ask for those 2 trains, but we could easily distract him with the new fire engine.

Little did I know that James & Pauline were secretly planning to get a train set for AJ. And so, they did. They wanted to give to AJ that very night when they were about to depart but I have restrained that, else AJ would not want to sleep! He would want to play with his new train! So Pauline requested to video shoot the ‘present opening ceremony’ so that they can see his expression.


Farewell Twin

My friends left on 21 Nov 08. The twin parted. When would they meet again, we really dont know. Maybe in 2009, maybe in 2010? Maybe longer then that. By then, they should be able to play very well with each other.

Meet the Twin

The twin meet again – a year later. The last time they met each other was in Dec last year (2007) when they had just turned one. Now, they are in their naughty two. Caleb (my friend’s son) is definitely a chatty & friendly boy. He can instantly open up to anyone & is warm towards anybody. On the contrary, AJ is more of the reserved type. He takes time to warm up but he is also friendly & chatty after the warm up.

My friends are staying with me during their stay in S’pore. Naturally, my house has turned instantly to a child care centre. The noises made by the 2 boys & an older one of hers can sometimes be unbearable, haha. Now I have a taste of parents having 2 or more children, haha! It is really not easy.

Andrew is Turning 2

We celebrated AJ's 2nd birthday on 1 Nov (Sat) with my sister's family because it is the only day when both families are free. We went to this indoor playground at Tanglin Village ( because they have facilities catered for children under 2 and a nice cafe to rest & relax.

AJ was quite hesitation to play initially. I guess this is his personality. After some warm up, he was able to enjoy himself with the father. I hope he has enjoyed himself. It is his birtjday celebration, most importantly, he must enjoy it.