bSoul Hydro Detox Treatment At Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa


I would like to think I'm not fat. If you ladies are above 50kg, you will think I'm not fat. Ok, I'm not fat, but I have problem areas. But I disguised them well with the right type of clothes, so they are not too prominent to you.

As I was tidying up my messy study area, I looked through my old photos and insurance policies. Sad to say, I have grown lah (physically, of course). Is that what childbirth and drop in metabolism will do to you?

That was me, with Ling (she was expecting her first born), at Royal Military College of Science in UK donkey years ago (before marriage)  

And my weight was 47kg in 1999!

So I have definitely grown and mainly on my problem areas - the thighs, the hips and the tummy. If ever I were to lose weight, these areas are the last to go. If ever I were to gain weight, these areas are the first to show! Heavy bottom, or a typical pear shape, we called that, is a common problem among most ladies. Haiz.

My 3 problem areas (that's not me as I am too shy to expose my flaws)

When Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa opened its flagship outlet at Pacific Plaza early this month, I was invited to try out their signature treatments like bSoul Hydro Detox Treatment (Body), bSoul Lower Body Water Retention Treatment (Body) and bSoul Magic Shaping Face Treatment. I chose the bSoul Hydro Detox Treatment (Body).

The bSoul Hydro Detox Treatment (Body) is a draining and detoxifying treatment for water retention and/or general fat. The blend of 99% micronised herb powder and sea salt improves drainage of toxin, liquid and fats. Metabolism is reactivated ensuring a long-lasting lipolytic effect. The treatment uses bSoul's products, which are 100% eco-friendly, skin-friendly and are made from all-natural ingredients devoid of harmful chemicals. All bSoul treatments are entirely biocompatible, using molecular plant-based extracts with natural formulas. These botanical ingredients are natural foods for the skin with strong healing activity. They contain active complexes at the optimal concentration to deliver high efficacy.

With Icemichelle (founder) and Serene

The newly opened Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa at Pacific Plaza was impressive. In this 1356sqft themed outlet, it has 7 spacious rooms dedicated for premium luxurious beauty and spa experiences.

I was ushered into the Santorini's Aegean Sea room for my bSoul Hydro Detox treatment after the consultant has done the TCM acupuncture points analysis with me, finding out how my internal body functions. I must say they were accurate in their analysis!

Lydia, the therapist who treated me, knew my muscles strength the moment she massaged on my limbs. She could tell me that I was once an athlete but now I don't run that much and that my arms are stronger than my thighs. I knew immediately I was in good hands of an experienced therapist.

Pardon the blurry face of Lydia. She was moving when I took this photo.

The treatment focused on my thighs, and I could feel my buttock and thighs being firmer after that. It was an enjoyable treatment and I was told most people can experience slimmer and firmer body parts (depending on the treatment areas) after a few sessions. I have no doubt about that.

The bSoul products that were used on me. It may vary from yours as it is a highly customised treatment

The East-meets-West beauty techniques applied by Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa attempt to marry the best of the two to give their clients the best beauty treatments the technology could bring. Frankly, because they are able to identify my problem areas and giving me the necessary customised beauty treatment, I am more than happy to go back to them again. 

I left the beauty spa feeling beautiful, I would like you to feel beautiful too! You will receive 30% off on any regular package that you sign up for at the Pacific Plaza outlet (not applicable for promotional package or otherwise stated) from now till 11 November 2016 (11/11/16). Please quote SQX30N to enjoy this offer.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Applicable to one package per customer.
2. Management reserves the right to amend the specifications of the promotion without prior notice.


About Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa
Helmed by Dato Icemichelle Chen, Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa possesses 17 years of established track-record for its award-winning TCM East-meets-West beauty techniques.  The new art spa is an upmarket luxury thematic spa, catering to the increasing high net-worth clientele who desire dedicated attention, quality products and services and most notably – Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa’s highly sought after TCM skills melded with their spa treatments.

The 2 outlets of Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa:
9 Scotts Road, #03-09/10, Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210
Tel: 6736 1617

Blk 513 Bishan St 13 #01-510
Singapore 570513
(opposite CPF Board Building)
Tel :6358 3029

Website :
Facebook :

BookBuddy - A Better Way To Read


Children who love to read (or have to read) generally develop 3 problems:

1. They hold the reading materials too near.
2. They are so engrossed with their reading that they even read when the lighting is dim.
3. And being too engaged with the story, they read too long without any rest in between.

Sounds so familiar right? On top of these problems, they slouch when sitting down to read, walk and read at the same time, and what not. Many of them develop health-related problems like poor eyesight, bad posture, anxiety and poor concentration.

Introducing to you, BookBuddy, which will help to solve many of these problems.

BookBuddy™ is the smart bookstand which reminds your child to read in good reading conditions through the use of smart sensors. It helps our children to develop healthier reading habits thereby improving their visual and spinal health.

These are what I like about BookBuddy:

1. Lightweight and Portable
It is extremely light so it makes it easy for us to bring it along, even to the library when AJ wants to read in the library or do his work there.

2. Lighting Sensor
The device has lighting sensor which will blink when the surrounding is too dark for the child to read or do his work

3. Distance Sensor
It also has a sensor which will measure reading distance. If the child reads too near a book (less than 30cm), the buzzer will sound.

4. Reading Timer
The device is able to track the child’s reading time. A red LED light will light up when reading exceeds 30mins, indicating that the child should rest his eyes.

On top of these wonderful benefits of BookBuddy, there are additional features of BookBuddy that are worth mentioning: 

The brain behind this innovative device is Crymson Life Tech Pte Ltd. The company took years of research to fine-tune and produce this device. If you do care about your child's vision and spinal health, do watch this video to find out how BookBuddy could help your children.


You may purchase BookBuddy online via this link.  The delivery is free.

Swensen's Salted Egg Lava Rolls And Chicken N Waffle

[Media Invite]

Last month, Swensen's launched 2 new crowd-pleasers to their Breakfast menu. We were invited to try the new Salted Egg Lava Rolls and the Chicken N Waffle.

Salted Egg Lava Rolls  ($10.80)

Chicken N Waffle ($13.90)

The Salted Egg Lava Rolls is a combination of charcoal bread rolls with salted egg butter cream, served alongside with yummy buttered potatoes and cheesy sausages. The Chicken N Waffle is a win with the kids with its crispy and juicy chicken. The golden waffle is drizzled with an all-new decadent butter lime dressing. Served with buttered potatoes, creamy mushrooms and cheesy sausages, it is a blend of sweet, sour and saltiness in this dish.

I'm a salted egg lover. I hope that could be more of it.

Triple Cheese Toasties ($12.50) 

All American Pancakes ($10.80)

The growing boys had Triple Cheese Toasties and All American Pancakes. The Triple Cheese Toasties is for cheese lovers because there are abundance of cheese! 3 layers of special gooey cheeses burst with flavour with every bite. This delectable creation features sourdough bread, served with cheesy sausages, buttered potatoes and creamy mushrooms.

AJ loves pancakes, so this fluffy vanilla buttermilk pancakes with homemade honey butter cream, served with cheesy sausages, buttered potatoes and creamy mushroom suits his taste bud absolutely. I like the unique taste of the homemade honey butter creamy.

Thank you Swensen's for inviting us to a hearty breakfast! The boys had enjoyed themselves very much!

Swensen's serves breakfast in most of its outlets except for those mentioned in their website. Do pop by to have a great family dining time.

Natural Healings Through Chiropractic - Part 3 of 4


I have gained quite a fair bit of knowledge on the correlation between our nervous system and our brain through these few sessions of chiropractic treatments we received in Natural Healings. When there is a misalignment or dysfunction in our spine, it will cause nerve interference.

When we do bother to have regular check up for our teeth, we prolong the useful lifespan of our teeth. Likewise, if we do bother to have regular chiropractic treatment, we can do the same for our spine. Regular chiropractic treatments can help prevent progressive spinal degeneration and therefore optimize our organs functionalities. Chiropractic is like brushing teeth. It is something we should consider doing on a regular basis to maintain the life of our spine as regular activities, such as chronic sitting, slouching, carrying heavy stuff, can contribute to it functioning less than optimally. Deterioration is a process, and it starts small, usually insignificant to catch our eyes. YET, it is there.

So I also have AJ checked. He doesn’t have much issue except some stiffness on his neck and shoulder area, just a few treatment sessions would do him fine. I need to observe carefully his posture though, generally in sitting down and carrying stuff.

The Chiropractor in Natural Healings also shared with me that the birth process and infancy can come with a surprising amount of stress. By correcting tensions and subluxations when they first arise, our children can grow better (physically). Research has shown that Chiropractic helps over 90% of infants with colic or irritability. It is also very effective with common childhood conditions like asthma, allergies, recurrent chest and ear infections, and learning and behavioural difficulties.

Why wouldn't you consider a spinal check for both you and your child? From now till 20 Aug 2016, you can enjoy spinal screening and posture analysis with adjustment at only $50 (worth $320) for both you and your child when you SMS <JENN_NAME> (eg. if your name is 'Tony', then you key in the sms text as <JENN Tony>) to 8138 6088. It is a small sum to pay to get a good idea of our spinal health. I hope you could all take advantage of this special offer.

My previous 2 posts are here (I) and here (II).

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe

[Media Invite]

When we were living in Geylang East area, we passed by Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe a couple of times after our morning exercise. It didn't quite occur to me it could be a gem serving delicious thai food. Usually we passed by at 10ish, the time when the eatery isn't opened for business yet.

But it did catch by my eye by its sheer size. To be able to sustain such a size in a quiet corner of Aljunied Ave 2, the food has to be very good, this was what I thought.

Little did I expect to be back here for a proper meal, only after I have moved out of Geylang East.

Cha Om (Dill Pattie Omelette) $10

The first dish that was served was Dill Pattie Omelette. I am an egg person, so naturally this is one of my favourites. The herbal taste of Dill Pattie isn't overpowering. A nice blend overall.

Hommok (Thai Style Otak) $18

We talk a lot about low carb these days. If you like otah but shun away from it because of the flour, here's one you can take. This Thai Style Otak is flourless. And because it is flourless, be prepared that it is mushy. It goes well with rice, I must say. Oops, that's carb.

Fish Maw Crab Meat Abalone Soup in Coconut $28

A nice change from all spicy dishes would be this Fish Maw Crab Meat Abalone Soup. It has an unique combination of sweetness from the coconut flesh, saltiness from the seafoods and starchiness of its broth. 

Thai Style Pork Porridge $5 (add egg $1.50)

I order this Thai Style Pork Porridge (with egg, of course) for the little boy who had just recovered from viral flu. I didn't want to load him with spice that might worsen his cough. Surprisingly, the broth was so nice that I couldn't resist drinking it. If you bring children with you, you might want to consider ordering this. The portion is huge. I think 2-3 children could share this.

Lala (Clams) Bee Hoon $18

I try to go low carb whenever possible, but this dish got me to hype up my carb intake. The Lala Bee Hoon is cooked in savoury clam soup and the bee hoon are so soft you almost need not chew them. The generous serving of the clams makes you work harder to dig for the bee hoon. This is no doubt another of my favourites. Carb, what carb. I'll restart the low carb diet tomorrow.

Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai Sauce $10

I have all praises for this dish, because my carnivorous son eats it! "It doesn't taste like vegetables, mummy." Win! Eat more please. The Deep Fried Kang Kong really tasted like chips and I also couldn't stop popping them into my mouth. It comes with a special Thai sauce which you could dip in. But I would say, these fried vegetables taste nice on their own. Another favourite.

Thai Basil Crab (Seasonal Price)

Sick of chilli crab? Time to try this Thai Basil Crab for a change. It tastes pretty close to chilli crab sans the eggs and the flour.

Thai Walking Cat Fish with Spicy Lemon Soup $35

Not many restaurants serve Cat Fish, but Spicy Thai does, and cooked on charcoal no less. The flesh of Cat Fish is firmer than most other popular fishes and the sour yet spicy lemon soup gives the fish an intense flavour. Because the soup gets snapped up fast (it is very appetising), you could ask for additional bowl to top up so that the fish would continue to simmer in the soup with constant charcoal heat.   

BBQ Pork Belly $18

The BBQ Pork Belly are well marinated and grilled to perfect. It has just enough fats to provide the succulent taste. The infused sweetness and slightly charred surface make these finger licking good. 

The gang had a feast in this Isaan-inspired Thai restaurant

We had an enjoyable meal. Considering the price and the portion of the servings, I would strongly recommend this restaurant to thai food lovers. If we are still living around here, there is no doubt that we will patronize this eatery often.

Isaan (North Eastern part of Thailand)

Not in the individual photos, we also had BBQ Chicken Wings (4pcs $7 / 6pcs $10.50), Organic Wheatgrass Drink ($4), Ice Barley ($1.80), Ice Lemongrass Tea ($2), Fresh Coconut ($4.50), Ice Thai Tea ($2.50),Thai Red Ruby and Lemon Grass Jelly. The Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe is pretty accessible by train (East West or Circle Line - Paya Lebar Station) or PIE (exit Paya Lebar). There is ample parking space behind at Aljunied Ave 5 and in front of Geylang East Swimming Pool.

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe
Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35
Telephone nos.: 6747 8558
Opening Hours: 11am to 12am daily
Instagram: @SpicyThaiThaiCafe

Celebrating My Birthday with SpongeBob Run and The Manhattan Fish Market

[Media Invite]

Birthday cake baked by my blogger friend Lynn

It is not an everyday thing to have your birthday falls on a weekend. This year, my birthday fell on a Saturday, yay! It means I can squeeze in more activities (and celebrations) into the day.

I had planned to go for the SpongBob Run. But, lo and behold, the little boy caught a virus and was down with flu and fever. The father had to work on Saturday, so it meant the only adult at home (that was me) had to stay home to look after the sick boy.

I almost wanted to shelf my plan for the whole day when I decided to ask the boy if it was okay to leave him at home alone for 2 hours in order for me to participate in the Run. His fever had subsided and he was not as lethargic as before. Little did I expect a ‘yes’. The little boy thought that it was alright for me to leave him at home alone for 2 hours until the father returned.  With his ‘consent’, I headed to Sentosa for the Run.

It was the first Run in my life, I really hate to miss it. While on site, the sky turned grey. Yikes! Not a good start. Unfortunately it didn’t rain and I was able to complete the 5km run.

It was an enjoyable run, except 30% of the route which we had to run on was the sandy beach. I don’t like the idea of having sand particles in my running shoes. Nonetheless, yay to my first run and I am looking forward to my next 5km run!

After the run, I rushed to Suntec City Mall to have dinner with the husband and the little boy. I had received a media invite from The Manhattan Fish to try the Super Shiok Flaming Platter.

Super Shiok Flaming Platter ($38.95) 

The Super Shiok Flaming Platter has a taste of Singapore’s most famous local flavors brought together on one platter! It consists of:

~ The Manhattan FISH MARKET’s signature Manhattan Flaming Prawns ~ freshly grilled tiger prawns generously drizzled with creamy salted egg yolk sauce are lightly torched to give it that extra oomph
~ Nutritious Leatherjacket Fish - generously topped with sambal sauce that delivers a kick of spiciness
Crispy Prawn Paste Chicken
~ The Manhattan FISH MARKET’s interpretation of chilli crab - using soft shell crab deep fried to a golden crunch while the meat stays moist and succulent, and served with a very shiok chilli crab sauce.


I especially loved the grilled tiger prawns with creamy salted egg yolk sauce because I am a salted egg yolk fan. The sambal sauce on the fish delivers a kick of  spiciness yet sweet enough for non-asians. The crispy prawn paste chicken is really nice and tender, we love it! The deep fried soft shell crabs are crunchy yet the meat stays succulent, the chilli crab sauce is more sweet than spicy. Overall, I reckon it is a safe dish to introduce to our non-asian friends and children.

The little boy had this (Pirates Surf n Turf) because I was afraid the Super Shiok Flaming Platter would be too spicy for him (though it wasn't)

I must compliment the well-trained team at The Manhattan Fish Market Suntec City Mall for their service level. It was crowded on a Saturday evening but they were swift in their moves yet attentive to the customers' needs. They truly displayed their passion, energy and dedication. The team brought in an ice cream boat to celebrate my birthday, which I had least expected it. They had wanted to sing me a birthday song but it was too crowded so they didn't. Thankfully, else I would be too paiseh.

The Ice Cream Boat

Launching in 1 Sep is Sawatdee Flaming Platter ($38.95) when you can indulge in beautifully-flamed scallops in Sriracha hot sauce, Thai Chilli Squid, freshly-grilled Spicy Tiger Prawns topped with The Fish Manhattan Fish Market's signature Spicy Seafood Dip and Thailand's iconic Green Curry Chicken. This combination of sweet and spicy flavours so reminiscent of the Land of Smiles will transport you right back to everyone's favourite getaway destination.
Sawatdee Flaming Platter

The next to launch on 1 Oct is Oshi Ne Flaming Platter ($59.95), a platter that brings together a good blend of comfort flavours from Japan. The eye catcher has to be the King Crab topped with Ebiko sauce and torched to bring out the full flavour of the seafood. It is accompanied with fresh clams cooked in miso soup, The Manhattan Fish Market's signature hand-battered Fish Fillet topped with Wasabi Mayo sauce and delicious Ajitama Lava Eggs.
Oshi Ne Flaming Platter

Also launching on 1 Oct is the Masarap Flaming Platter ($38.95). The Masarap Flaming Platter showcases Filipino cuisine with Flaming Milk Fish Sisiq dressed with The Manhattan Fish Market's signature flaming sauce and torched to bring out the flavour. Along with it is the Spicy Baked Coconut Seafood Bicol Express, Braised Chicken Adobo and Prawn Fritters.

Masarap Flaming Platter

These new Flaming Feasts of 4 Nations are available till 30 Nov 2016 at outlets stated below. Visit any of them before they are gone.

1. Bedok Point
2. Causeway Point
3. Century Square
4. Changi Airport Terminal 1 (from 1 Sep) 
5. Changi City Point
6. City Square Mall
7. Hougang Mall
8. JCube
9. Bishan Junction 8
10. Marina Square
11. Northpoint
12. Plaza Singapura
13. Suntec City
14. The Star Vista
15. Kallang Wave Mall
16. Jurong Point

Minus Calories Elliptical Machine Workout At Active Hive


I visited Active Hive in August 2015 to have a trial session on their latest Minus Calories Elliptical machine. I also did a body composite analysis then. Yo, all was well – the weight, the fat percentage, visceral fat rating, metabolic age, etc. There wasn’t anything troubling so I didn’t take up any package with Active Hive then.

50.4kg; 24.3% fat; Metabolic age 26

But in just less than a year, many things have happened. The more notable ones are: 

1) Drop in Sleep Quality
I am a light sleeper, so my quality of sleep is naturally bad. It doesn’t help when I had difficulty falling asleep and kept waking up during the night. So my quality of sleep deteriorated. It was bad.

2) Weight Increase
I don’t think I ate significantly more in the last 10 months but I put on 2 kilos nonetheless. I didn’t know how it happened. It just happened. No matter how much I ran in attempt to lose that 2 kilos, it just refused to go away (does that sound familiar?). Has my metabolic rate dropped that badly? I asked myself.

3) Irregular Periods
My period had been regular until recently. This got me kind of worried.

When a mummy friend shared her experience on perimenopause with me over breakfast one day, it suddenly occurred to me that I might be experiencing one too. Perimenopause? What is that? Menopause I know, but Perimenopause was totally new to me. I went to Dr. Google to find out more. And Wikipedia said this.

At first, I tried jogging more often but that extra kilos simply refused to get off. It is of no wonder, a half-an-hour run will burn only 200 calories. It is not even enough to burn off my lunch. Quite determined to shed off these 2 kilos, I checked with my blogger friend Lynn, who is an ambassador of Active Hive. I want to know if it is true that Minus Calories Elliptical machine that she uses twice weekly really helps her in weight loss, fat loss and stamina gained. She confirms, and concurrently, Active Hive offered me 5 sessions of trial. What a timely blessing! I should really use these 5 sessions to assess if it works for me.

My jogging records tracked via Runtastic

The results of before and after tell it all. In June 2016, I was 52kg, having 25.6% of body fat and a metabolic age of 28. But, a month later, after completing the 5 trial sessions, I weigh 50kg, having 24.3% of body fat and am back to metabolic age of 26.

Type 1 of Minus Calories Elliptical Machine

Of course, I didn’t just rely on Minus Calories Elliptical machine alone. I watch my diet closely too. Over the few times that I tried the Minus Calories’ Elliptical machine, I reaped the benefits of not just the loss of that stubborn 2 kilos, I noticed my stamina and strength endurance have gained as well. Here are some benefits of the Minus Calories’ Elliptical machine I would summarise:

1) Higher Calories Burnt
In a typical 30mins workout, a person (depending on fitness level) can burn 300-1000 calories because one could adjust the resistance level and speed stride speed.

2) Low-impact Exercise
Because our feet never leave the pedals, the elliptical machine provides us with a low-impact workout which is suitable for people who had prior injuries, just started working out, or are more senior in age

3) Large Amount of Muscles Engaged.
Contrary to what you might think, the elliptical machine doesn’t just work on our thighs, it builds strength and muscle endurance in the quads, hamstrings and calves. It also works on our arms, chest and back when we actively use the handles. The more muscles we engaged, the more calories we burn. And I tucked in my tummy when I peddle, so I work on my abdominal muscle too!

4) Near Infrared Rays (NIR)
The NIR waves help improve blood circulation and metabolism. The specific NIR wavelengths penetrate the body deeply and heat is dispersed across a greater area. It expels 80% water and 20% toxins. It also helps to minimize lactic acid produced in our body in any regular exercise, so I actually feel less tired and I can workout longer as a result.

From top left to bottom right, my meter records on the elliptical machine. My stamina has gained significantly! And I can never achieved this kind of calories burnt with other regular exercises.

Other beauties of working out in Active Hive's Minus Calories are:

1) Full Privacy
I have the elliptical machine all by myself in a private room watching my favourite show on youtube while working out. I don’t have to worry about other ladies (or men!) looking at my cellulites, bulging fats and what not.

2) Cold-Pressed Juice Served
After each workout, I will be served with a glass of nutrient-packed cold-pressed vegetable and fruits juice. 

I look forward to the nutrient-packed cold-pressed juice after each workout

3) Shower Facility
Yes, there is a bathroom for you to shower after your workout. You only need to bring a towel and a change of clothes and you can be off for your date after the workout.

I am fully convinced of the effectiveness of Minus Calories Elliptical Machine workout that I decided to be their paid customer. Yesterday was my first paid session. See the happy me in the pink of health.

Type 2 of Minus Calories Elliptical Machine

Fancy a trial? Active Hive is giving away 2 Minus Calories 30mins trial sessions for 5 readers each. These 2 trial sessions come with 1 free Body Composition Analysis and 2 post-workout juices worth $184 in total. If you are keen, please enter the Rafflecopter draw below. The draw will end on 15 Aug 2016 2359.

Active Hive
Address : 65 Ubi Road 1 #02-88 Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408729
Contact : 63842758 / 92364678
Instagram : @activehivesg 

Congratulations to these winners! I will email you soon! Enjoy your sessions!
1. Cynthia Koh
2. Moo Han
3. Edlyn Giam
4. Gina Wong
5. Mary Heng