Church Camp 2-6 Dec 08

We went to Bintan Agro Spa Resort on 2-6 Dec 08. It is a break I looked forward to as I can be exclusively available to AJ with no work on hand and no maid along.

Unfortunately, we started quite badly for this trip. AJ had motion sickness during the ferry ride. We were caught unprepared because this was his first ferry ride. He vomited at least 5 times throughout the trip. He was crying with much discomfort and the frustrating part was – we, as parents, cannot relieve him of anything. He vomited on my shirt & jeans. I could smell myself, I was very sure that everyone else in the trip could too. With no extra clothes on hand, I had to bear with it till we reached the Resort. The 2-hr ferry ride was like a half-day ride to me.

The vomiting continued when we had to take a 45-min bus ride from the ferry terminal to the resort. The whole experience was terrible for AJ and us. Thank God he recovered quickly once we were on land (i.e. landed in the Resort).

Days passed quickly when we were there. The messages given by Rev Quek Suan Yew was timely as he reminded us that we are only pilgrims & strangers on this earth. We were reminded not to plan too long ahead.

AJ had his chance of playing in the pool for 2 days. However, he is still afraid of water getting into his eyes so he would only play when the water was below his waist. We were convinced that we should send him for swimming lessons soon.

We were more prepared when we returned back. We packed a few plastic bags and some change of clothes into our handcarry for standby. We fed AJ some anti-vomiting medicine given by a kind sister in camp & also fasted him, refraining him from food & water. The poor boy was super hungry when we reached Singapore at night but we thank God that he survived the ferry ride this time with minimal discomfort.

The trip back came with a little hiccup. Someone in our group mistook our luggage causing us anxiety to search for it. The father was frustrated, thinking that I was the one misplacing it since I was the one who carried it to the ferry. But I was sure that the helpers on the ferry did park our luggage with the rest of them. And of course, there was this extra luggage whom nobody claimed because that person has taken the wrong one. So we have no choice but to lug it along in hope that we could exchange it at some point of time.

The luggage, without tag, was not locked so we opened it up to get some clues. The only clues gathered were: this might belong to a family with at least 2 children and there was a coloured string on it. We knew that this luggage belonged to 1 of our members because we were grouped according to colours and we have coloured string attached to our luggages. So we quickly informed the group leader of that colour code to assist us to search for the owner.

Thank God all ended well. The maid of 1 of our members took the wrong luggage. Eventually, we exchanged the luggages.

What an eventful camp!

Thomas & Friends Toddler's Scooter/Story Books

These are the latest Thomas & Friends items added to AJ's collection. These are bought at Ebay at $18 for each item, and have not arrived yet. I think the scooter is a real bargain (though not brand new). But he is too young to try the scooter so I would have to keep it in the store room till he reaches 2.5-3 years old. Nonetheless, at such bargain price, better buy first lah.

I think he will like the books too, and he would probably hold on to them to read & read everyday. Well, he is still playing the toy train EVERYDAY ever since the opening ceremony on 23 Nov-08, never sick of it. That was like 3 weeks ago. The ROI on this train is indeed high.

After note: he saw the scooter & wanted to play

The Magic Spoon

AJ takes a loooooong time to eat/drink eversince birth. When he was on milk feed, he took an hour to finish a bottle of milk. Now that he is on solid, he also takes an hour to finish his meal, sometimes hardly half-finished even after an hour. It requires a lot of patience to feed him, which I have little.

AJ loves Thomas and Friends, probably a love kindled since Caleb was staying here with us (Caleb has this toy train). He likes the songs, he likes to watch the short video clips we downloaded from you, he likes the train toy that James & Pauline got for him.

I went to Bishan Junction 8 BHG to get some gifts and happened to see this spoon. It is inexpensive, so I thought why not get one for him.

This evening turned out to be a record in 2 years. He finished his dinner in 20 minutes! Thanks to this magic spoon! He loves to see that train so much that he kept gulping down his food so that he may see it. It came as a very pleasant surprise, though I am also wondering how long this can last. Well, looks like I may have to get spoons of different characters to entice him to speed up his meal consumption.


I was help-less from 28 Nov to 12 Dec 08. Yea, my domestic helper went for home leave, and the photo on top best described me. My helper has been with us for nearing 2 years & she is willing to extend for another year. We are glad to have her, knowing that having a good helper is by God’s mercy. Most importantly, she adores AJ. She has a son who is a year older than AJ. Initially she did not want to go back after 2 years here. She did not say why, but as a mother, my guess is when she sees her son, it will be unbearable to part. If it is not for financial reason, who would want to part from her young ones. But her husband encouraged her to go back & so she did.

I was all prepared that she might not come back for reason above. Thank God she did, much to my relief.

Out of the 14 days that she was away, we were in church camp for 5 days. And 4 days of weekends and public holiday when the father could be around to lend a helping hand (play with AJ). But for the balance 5 days, I was like an octopus, alone with AJ.

AJ came back from camp with an uncontrollable loose stool. So he shitted on his shorts and floor without giving any signal until it happened. And I have housework & my own secular work to do. It was a REAL struggle. It did not help when the father added that Aunty was nicer to AJ than Mama.

Yup, I admit that I was running a little out of patient when so many things happened at one go. With the mess to clean, the market to watch & a toddler’s hands to keep away from (in case he plays with the mess), how sane can one be. And so I was terribly mad with the father when he passed such irresponsible remark & refused to talk to him for a day. Try working at home for a day with this toddler with loose stool to care for & see if you go insane.

Now I appreciate my helper better, haha. The bonus now is: after being alone with AJ for 5 consecutive days, my skills of handling stress improves.

Vehicles, Vehicles, Vehicles

Give AJ any type of vehicles & he will play it for the whole day, maybe even up to a week. He just loves vehicles, any types. When my friend Pauline was here, AJ took his son’s toy trains & would not return them. He brought them along anywhere, held each in his hands, & even brought them to sleep. So, I had no choice but to attempt to get a replacement when I went shopping with Pauline.

I got a fire engine of similar size to the trains. He happily took it & played with it. It was that moment I secretly hid the 2 toy trains away, otherwise I may not be able to return them to Caleb. At some moments, he would ask for those 2 trains, but we could easily distract him with the new fire engine.

Little did I know that James & Pauline were secretly planning to get a train set for AJ. And so, they did. They wanted to give to AJ that very night when they were about to depart but I have restrained that, else AJ would not want to sleep! He would want to play with his new train! So Pauline requested to video shoot the ‘present opening ceremony’ so that they can see his expression.


Farewell Twin

My friends left on 21 Nov 08. The twin parted. When would they meet again, we really dont know. Maybe in 2009, maybe in 2010? Maybe longer then that. By then, they should be able to play very well with each other.

Meet the Twin

The twin meet again – a year later. The last time they met each other was in Dec last year (2007) when they had just turned one. Now, they are in their naughty two. Caleb (my friend’s son) is definitely a chatty & friendly boy. He can instantly open up to anyone & is warm towards anybody. On the contrary, AJ is more of the reserved type. He takes time to warm up but he is also friendly & chatty after the warm up.

My friends are staying with me during their stay in S’pore. Naturally, my house has turned instantly to a child care centre. The noises made by the 2 boys & an older one of hers can sometimes be unbearable, haha. Now I have a taste of parents having 2 or more children, haha! It is really not easy.

Andrew is Turning 2

We celebrated AJ's 2nd birthday on 1 Nov (Sat) with my sister's family because it is the only day when both families are free. We went to this indoor playground at Tanglin Village ( because they have facilities catered for children under 2 and a nice cafe to rest & relax.

AJ was quite hesitation to play initially. I guess this is his personality. After some warm up, he was able to enjoy himself with the father. I hope he has enjoyed himself. It is his birtjday celebration, most importantly, he must enjoy it.

Grandma's Visitation

AJ’s paternal grandmother came to Singapore over the long weekend to visit AJ because he is approaching 2-yr old. The grandparents cannot visit him that often because AJ’s grandfather is not of good health. She is certainly overjoyed to see AJ when she saw that he can now read, recite songs, dance and do simple Math.

Her stay was short so we did not really go anywhere except to bring her to One-North Park at Buona Vista MRT vicinity. There is an interactive playground for the little ones to explore. It is quite a nice place for a family short outing. After playing in the playground, the family can settle in for a nice meal in the same place. For those who do not drive, the train station is within walking distance.

The father is now studying into adopting Suziki teaching method to start AJ on his piano lesson. With that in mind, we are likely to get a piano & an adjustable seat for AJ. The next worry that the father has is whether he is qualified to coach him because he has only passed grade 3 piano :-(

Exploring, Experimenting or Testing Limits

AJ is getting naughtier. There were days he attempted to urine on the sofa (yes, he’s off diaper except during sleep) but was stopped on time, urine on his mattress (stained a little). Recently he learnt a new skill – spitting out the water. He acquired this skill while we were brushing his teeth. He was experimenting spitting out water from his drinking bottle one night. We warned him not to do that again. Just yesterday, he did it again. He got whacked from me for doing that because we have already warned him.

AJ can really cry – cry for sympathy I meant. If he got whacked or scolding, he will cry as if he has just suffered from a fall. You know, that kind of cry that will pierce your heart & melt it. Sigh, kids these days can really manipulate parents.

We really need a lot of godly wisdom & patience to teach him.

Naughty Two Symptoms

AJ is 22 months old today & he is already showing signs of a naughty two. He is now more assertive, & will insist on his wants. If he does not get what he wants, he will either sit on the floor, shed a few drops of tears and asked ‘why not?’. Or he may wiggle his legs & body, trying to express his frustration.

We have been trying to eliminate the explanation of ‘why not’ to him by cutting out the word ‘because’, because I am of the opinion that it will only encourage him to ask more of ‘why not’ rather than listening. So, we simply tell him the reason once & distract him with something else, or, if we can catch it on time, we will distract him before he has the chance to throw tantrum.

Guess where he learnt ‘why not’ from? No, not from us, not from friends, it is from ‘Sesame Street’! Ironically, he has turned the good ‘why not’ from the screen to his way of getting what he wants.

What’s next?

KL Trip 28-31 Aug

We went to KL again on 28 Aug to visit AJ’s grandparents & to settle some outstanding matters. The previous time we flew up, this time round we decided to drive up, renting a car from Singapore. The entire journey was about 5 hours door-to-door. If we were to take a coach, it will be 5 hours coach station to coach station. When AJ gets older, we may consider this.

AJ did not quite enjoy the car ride though. He was quite excited at the beginning when we started off from Singapore. He was willing to sit in the borrowed car seat because the seat & the ride were new to him. We timed our departure time to coincide with his nap time so that he can sleep in car. We had quite a peaceful ride, stopping only once for toilet break, until the very last hour when AJ turned cranky. He has sat on the car seat for too long & did not want to sit on it anymore. We had no choice but to take him out.

Thank God we reached AJ’s granduncle & grandaunty’s place on schedule despite the late shower when we reached KL. AJ, my helper & myself stayed there while the father stayed in his parents’ place (there wasn’t sufficient room to house us in AJ’s grandparents’ place).

Thank God for AJ’s granduncle & grandaunty’s hospitality. We had a very comfortable stay in their big & nice condo. AJ enjoyed the stay there because it was a new environment to him, many things to explore, ample space to roam around in the house, a loving granduncle to play with & a caring grandaunty to attend to his needs.

The grandparents were excited to see AJ again. They were thrilled to see that he can sing & dance now. Time flies, the last time AJ visited them was half a year ago.

30 Aug (Sat) was a half day shopping day at Mid Valley. I always like to go to Carrefour in M’sia to stock things like AJ’s diapers, clothing, shoes, toys, toiletries & others because of the good exchange rate that we are enjoying having a strong S$. We bought a tricycle for AJ, though he has one in Singapore already. This one was much smaller which allows him to rest his feet on the pedals nicely. The purpose of buying this is to get him to learn how to pedal well.

We left on 31 Aug (Sun) late morning. Thank God for reminding AJ’s grandaunty that we have left our passports with her otherwise we may have to spend another 4 hours driving back from JB checkpoint to collect the passports & may have to extend another day of stay as a result. As expected, AJ refused to sit on the car seat. So, for the 1st hour on the journey, I gave him this freedom. After lunch at the 1st break, I had to force him to sit on his car seat despite his protest because it is nearing his nap time. Fortunately he did not struggle that long & he soon slept. So we had another 2 hours of peaceful drive under the rain until we reached JB checkpoint when he requested to be out from his car seat again. We reached Singapore at about 4pm. Thank God for journey mercies.

Toilet Training

AJ is nearing 22 months old and we have just started toilet train him few days ago. Though he can speak relatively well, he would not tell us whether he wants to pee or poo. So, we are bringing him to the toilet to pee hourly.

He wetted 4 shorts on the 1st day of training. We ran out of shorts for him on the 2nd day because it is the rainy season here and clothes take long time to dry. So on 2nd day onwards, he was on pull-up diaper. He doesn’t like to sit on his potty to pee, so we can only make him stand on the bathroom floor or on the seat of the toilet bowl. We see some results after 2 days, he is getting better at controlling now.

Getting him to poo is more challenging. He doesn’t tell us whether he wants to poo or not. The moment he squatted down, it could probably mean it was in the process of coming out. He hasn’t gotten used to the potty, so shitting in the potty may mean unfinished stuff. We have had this experience twice, when we brought him to the bathroom to wash his butt after his business done in the potty, his business continues on the bathroom floor!

Well, this is part & parcel of toilet training. Hopefully he will pass this stage very soon.

A Typical Weekday

My typical weekday starts usually at 7am. AJ wakes up between 7-7.45am, so it forces me to wake up at 7am regardless whether it is a weekday or weekend. I then switch on my laptop to check Dow’s performance the night before, read Dow Jones Newswire, read Business Times & Strait Times online. In between, if AJ wakes up, I’ll stop my reading, bring him to the kitchen & prepare breakfast for him & myself while my helper mops the floor. He will be glad to be in the kitchen because it is a restricted place. He cannot roam freely here unless an adult is around to accompany him. We installed a gate to the entrance of the kitchen so he cannot roam in & out of it freely. He has many things to play in the kitchen, his 'toys' in the kitchen include plastic containers, coasters, clips we use to clip our clothes, straws, covers of the pots, pots, sometimes fruits like oranges, apples or pears, etc.

AJ & I will then have our breakfast together. If the father does not have to go to school that early, he will join us too. AJ usually eats breakfast cereal, biscuits, bread with peanut butter or ham & cheese sandwich with a small cup of milo for breakfast. On weekends, he will sometimes have ‘pao’, yam cake, chee cheong fan, rice cake, soon guey or zui guey. Like his mother, he is not very adventurous with food, so we have to go slow in introducing him with new food.

During breakfast, I will continue reading my online news & watch half an hour of Channel News Asia.

He will play for a while after breakfast before having his bath at 9am. And that is when I have to sit in front of my laptop, so my helper will bath him. I will bath him on weekends & public holidays.

He will have his milk at 9.30am & continue playing in the hall till his lunch time at 11.30am. He will occasionally come & ‘disturb’ me when he wants me to read to him, carry him, dance or sing song with him. If there are not much activities in my work, I will do the GD’s flash cards (English/Chinese/Math) with him.

AJ will usually nap about 12.30-1pm till 2.30-3pm. During this time, my helper & I will have our lunch. After which I will do my quiet time or reading & have a half an hour nap before the market opens at 2pm.

AJ will have his fruits & snacks when he wakes up & watch half an hour of Little Einsteins, Sesame Street or Learning Chinese DVD. He will continue playing until his dinner at 5.30pm while I wrap up my work. I may bring him out to the neighbourhood park or supermarket if the father is not coming back home early. Else, the father will take over the time with him. AJ loves his father very much because the father can really play with him. It is a great relieve when the father is around because AJ will always stick to him – heehee. If the father is around, I will continue with my work or read.

We will have our dinner at about 7.30pm. As AJ had his at 5.30pm, he will join us for soup only. He is now able to say his own grace so we will make him do so during his meal & milk time. Then he will change to his pajamas & have his milk at 8.15pm. I will then have a last round of GD’s flash cards with him before he goes to bed between 8.45-9pm.

My work starts again after he sleeps. I will usually go to bed about 11pm after a last glance on Dow’s performance.

To the Pool

We brought AJ to the children’s pool in the father’s school last Friday. As usual, he hesitated to go into the water. This was his second time to the pool, but first time wearing swimwear, so I can understand his anxiety. So we had to carry him & go into the water, & slowly dipped him in as & when. Ultimately, he found that the water was no threat to him. He eventually reckoned that it was safe for him to stand & walk in the pool, playing with the water.

We deliberately chose the pool in the father’s school because we can literally have the pool all to ourselves (there was only 1 other adult swimming in the adults’ pool). The life guard was feeling bored when we were about to leave.

AJ has enjoyed playing in the children’s pool so we would most probably go there more often.

Hired Swing and Slide

We rented this swing & slide for S$48 a month from AJ loves to sit on both the slide & swing. We had rented a slide from them a month ago & it took him a while to have the courage to slide down. Now that his confidence is built up, he can climb & slide on his own. I can see that he enjoys the swing more, i think most kids like to swing more. It is certainly worthwhile renting toys like these than buying them as kids get sick out their toys easily. With renting, we get to change the toys regularly at a fraction of the price without having our house like a toy garage.

I Really Can Read


This is the results of 6 mths of training using Glenn Doman's teaching method on 'How to teach yr baby to read'. I am very impressed with his teaching method. AJ is now proceeding on with English couple words, Maths & Chinese single words. I have tried out Maths for about a month & have seen some results. As for Chinese, I have only started him today. I really look forward to the day when he can read a book on his own.

New Used Tricycle

I got this used tricycle (with music) from Yahoo! auction for S$20. It is considered cheap. I have checked around my place new ones with music would cost S$50 up & those without S$40 up. AJ loves this tricycle because he is able to cruise with it with adult's assistance. His legs are not long enough to rest on the pedals so they are rested on the platform. Since he cant cycle, an adult has to push the tricycle with the pallet handle. That's not too bad for an adult as the pallet handle is adjustable. He has learnt how to get up & down of the tricycle within minutes.

We have also rented a slide & rocker for him from & I think, for a least a month or more, he will wear us out - on the tricycle, on the slide, on the rocker!

Excursion to Sentosa

We went to Sentosa during May Day public holiday. I thought AJ would be able to postpone his morning nap till after lunch, but lo & behold, the same episode that happened in zoo happened again in Sentosa.

Our first stop was the Butterfly & Insects Park. He was still excited to see so many beautiful butterflies though he has somewhat seen them in the zoo too. After which, we proceeded to Underwater World. By then it was nearing 11am. He looked tired. The Underwater World tickets came with free entry to the Pink Dolphin Lagoon which had a show at 11.30am but it was at the other end of the island. The father suggested to go to the Lagoon first to catch the show but looking at AJ, I told the father it was not advisable to. It was an open-air show, right under the hot sun, AJ would definitely be more grouchy then. So we decided to give the Pink Dolphin Lagoon visit a miss & just stayed on in the Underwater World.

AJ enjoyed himself at first as he was able to play with the water, touch the fishes & stingrays in those touch pools. But as we proceeded to the conveyor belt where we got to see those turtles, sharks, stingrays & other fishes around us, he lost steam. He wanted to sleep already!!! If he could communicate with us in proper sentences, he would probably say, “Forget about this mummy, just let me have my morning nap!”

When we left the place & proceeded to the bus stop to take the bus to the Sentosa train station, he went to his dreamland in his stroller immediately. He used to take his pacifier when he napped. He didn’t need that at all that morning, he just could not take it any more, he needed his nap.

We had a peaceful lunch at Vivo City & he only woke up after our lunch. It looks like I have to plan future excursion in the afternoon instead :-(

Improved Dancing Skills


2nd Hair Cut

The photos shown here are AJ's before & after hair cut. Yes, AJ had his 2nd hair cut today. It wasn’t as smooth as the 1st though & we reckoned that probably the father did not cut his this time so AJ has no reference to what to expect. He cried twice, irritated by the hair falling onto his face & the nice aunty trying to clear them away.

Z for Zoo

AJ can identify alphabets now & can tell what each is for. He knows quite a fair bit of animals now - from books, pictures & television, but he has not seen real ones except for dogs, cats, fish & birds which are in our neighbourhood. So we thought that he should see the real ones now.

We brought him to Zoo one morning, thinking that he, at close to 17-mth then can probably skip his mid morning nap.

He was excited to see the monkeys, penguins & sea lions. But soon, he became sleepy. He wanted his nap. Alas! We did not bring the stroller which he can sleep in. The stroller we took was not meant to sleep as the seat cannot be declined. The poor boy had to sleep on sitting position - just like you & me, dozing off on the train, bus or car.

After his short nap of half an hr, we continued our journey. It was very hot, I think that could have caused him to be more tired. Soon after we have reached home in the afternoon, he napped for 2 hrs.

Even though it did not turn out as what I wished, I hope he has learnt much from this field trip. Our next trip will be Sentosa - Underwater world!

In Remembrance of My Mother

It’s my mother 1st death anniversary. I want to write something, to record it down, as a remembrance.

My mother was an industrious lady, she could not stop being busy. Even though she was 73 years of age at death, she was still eager to work. She was working as a private school bus runner before AJ came. I asked her to stay with me & help me to care for AJ when he was born. She did.

I was not aware that caring for a new born is not easy. I did not realize that:-
(1) there was cue that my mother was not prepared to give up her job to take care of AJ full time. She did not shift in with me until the day AJ & I were discharged from the hospital. It was a cue, but I was not sensitive enough to pick up then. I believe she would still prefer to work, but probably find it hard to turn me down;
(2) my mother has not been caring for new born or babies since at least 15 years back;
(3) my mother, though looked like 60+, was already 70+, & might not be physically strong enough to care for new born

AJ, as a new born, needed to be fed every 2-3 hours in the beginning, even in the night. That had tired out my mother, who volunteered to feed him in the night, sacrificing her sleep to do so. In the day, she had to cook confinement food for me & do some light house chores. These were tiring, but my mother did not utter anything.

When AJ was 2-month old, I have to plan & decide the ‘back-to-work’ arrangement. My mother told me that she was not too comfortable caring for AJ alone if I were to go back to work full time as she was afraid that her weak arms might not be able to support a growing baby. The father had wanted me to give up my full time job, but I was not prepared yet. My mother also discouraged me to give up a well-paid job. Then we explored into looking for a nanny. Looking for a nanny whom we, parents, were comfortable with was not easy. Initially my 50+ year-old cousin said that she could help us, she later withdrew as her son needed her to help with his 2 children. Then my sister suggested my mother to shift in with her instead, & AJ would stay in my sister’s place too. She has a maid at home, so at least there would be 2 adults caring for AJ in the day. We were not too comfortable after much thought as that meant we would have less time with AJ.

Finally, we opt for a domestic helper though the father did not quite like the idea of having a non-next-of-kin staying with us. The whole episode had caused me much stress & was one of the contributing factors to my post-natal blues.

We settled for a domestic helper from Indonesia. Thank God she has been quite responsible & she adores AJ. She also respected my mother & could communicate with her well.

Possibly due to prolong fatigue, my mother had a mild stroke late one night after she came back from Malaysia. It was my helper who spotted it as she was sleeping in the same room as her. She woke me up from sleep quickly. You can imagine how terrified we were. I called an ambulance & my mother was admitted.

During that period, I was completely worn out. After a full day of work, I had to visit my mother, then to rush home to pump milk (AJ was on partial breastfeeding) & to ensure that AJ was well taken care of by this new helper. She was discharged after a few days’ of stay in TTSH. At that time, another fear came to me. Could my helper cope with an infant of 4 months old & an elderly who had a mild stroke.

My mother did not recover very well. She still complained of some discomfort here & there & had urged us to bring forward her appointment. Knowing how restructured hospitals worked, bringing forward the follow-up appointment was simply impossible. We thought that we might as well admit her to hospital straight the next day.

She never lived to the next day. I was waken up by my helper in the sleep again in the wee morning (around 4+am). This time, worst thing had happened. My mother collapsed on the floor of the common bathroom. When my helper & I were transferring her to the kitchen floor, she was already stiffed. I knew she has gone, her lips were purple, her body was cold. I rang for ambulance again. They pronounced her dead.

My sister decided that the wake should be held in Haig Road as all her friends were there. AJ was near 5 months old. My milk supply dropped tremendously so at near fifth month, AJ was on full formula milk.

I suffered from another round of depression again – this time from my mother’s death. My house was full of memories of her. The bed she slept on, the usual place she liked to sit at the dining table, her favourite sofa seat, etc. For about a month I wasn’t able sleep without having the bathroom light on in my room, I dare not face the kitchen because my mother laid there when she died, I dare not take a look at her bed or lied on her bed, I did not want to sit at the dining table. I felt really miserable. My sister blamed me that if I had not asked my mother to look after AJ, she might not have left the world this early. I came to believe that I played a part in causing her to die early.

I decided to call my pastor, Rev Prabhudas Koshy, one night to pour out all these as I could not take them anymore. Thank God for his wisdom of words, I felt better.

As I looked back, I still believe that I played a part in causing her to die, though not necessary this early. For there is a time for everything as planned by God. So He planned for the departure of my mother this way at this time, & I was in the plan for this.

It was through all these events that I requested to work part time in my former company & eventually work from home with this current company. Without God’s intervene, I could be still working full time outside, leaving very little time for AJ. Now that I work from home, I have more time with AJ, teaching him & seeing him grow, developing from infant to toddler. One can only have peace obeying God's Will.

KL Trip 8-11 March

We went KL to visit AJ’s grandparents via budget airline on 8 Mar. That was the first time AJ took a plane. He took it well, no cry on board - phew. He got to see the real plane, not just on television or book.

The grandparents were overjoyed to see him. The grandfather last saw him was when he was 1-mth old & the grandma 1-yr old. Now that AJ can call them, they were even happier.

AJ is learning to put 2 words together now – blue car, two aunties, nice cup, good morning, etc. I think it is soon time to start him on Chinese followed by Maths.

He can run really well now. We brought him to stadium to jog & he was able to follow us without falling down for about 50m. He is able to climb up & down the stairs by holding onto the handrail without aid from adults. He is trying to jump on the spot now. Naturally, he can’t yet, & at times, he landed himself on his bum. I thought he would be a rather timid boy as he was afraid of physical challenges when he was younger. It is good that he has managed to overcome that as he gets older.

The Alphabets Wall

I used to have this alphabet cushion tiles, which most parents would also have. I regretted buying it because the tiles are small, so it became very time consuming to remove & tile back. I am not keen to leave them just on the floor. Nope! My house is along the main road & the floor gets dusty easily. If I just leave them there, very soon it will be stained with dirt.

So, I decided to remove the alphabets & throw the rest away. Then I stick one each day, on the wall of his room, as I teach him. How ingenious of me :-)

Now when you ask him what is each alphabet for, he will tell you:

A is for Apple (sometimes it is Aunty or Andrew)
B is for Bus
C is for Cow (sometimes it is Car)
D is for 狗 (because he doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘dog’)
G is for Goat
H is for 马 (because he doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘horse’
M is for Mum Mum (meaning ‘eating’; sometimes it is 妈妈)
O is for Orange
P is for Papa

A Mother's Heart

I cannot help but to believe that one has to be a mother in order to fully understand her mother. Before I was a mother, I cannot fully comprehend the depth of love of my mother. When AJ came, I began to go through what she has gone through. And now, I understand.

A mother who cares for her child wants to be there when her child needs her, when the child cry out of fear, pain or discomfort. She wants to be there to assure, comfort, console and support her child. The mother will feel the pain, if her child hurt her/himself; the mother will feel the hurt when her child gets disappointed; and the mother would want to bear all these herself if that be possible, instead of letting her little one goes through them.

Yea, I do not fully comprehend my mother’s love, until I became a mother myself. It makes me understand my Father’s love better too. The Lord Almighty who created the universe & us, loves us more than any humanly love. When you are a parent, you will understand God’s love better. If we, as human parents, can love our children with that kind of depth, how much more is our Father’s love to us, as His children. Yea, what greater love than One who is willing to sacrifice Himself for His loved ones?

I Can Read

It has been about 2 months since I started AJ on the GD’s reading programme and I must testify that it seems to work. As he has now started to learn talking, he can pronounce certain words. When I went through those words with him, he will try to pronounce them after me if he can. After a few times, I can just flash the cards without having to read it out – he will read it out instead. Some words that he can now read includes:- ants, ball, bottle, bus, cup, car, cake, egg, eyes, goat, mango, orange, purple.

I brought AJ to the Children's Library yesterday at our block & found out that they have a whole series of the Chinese teach-a-tot books written by my friend & her mum. They used the GD method & publish books on Chinese. So glad to see them there. I borrowed some, just for introductory purpose as I have not officially started AJ on Chinese. Certainly, their books on Chinese sentences & short stories are very helpful as we progress along.

Dancing with His Fav Music

The first piece of music is his favourite & thus he tends to dance more enthusiastically whenever he hears it.

Waterplay @ Vivo City

We brought AJ to Vivo to play on 26 Jan 08 (Sat) since the father was in KL. The water was not as clean as I would like, but AJ did enjoy himself playing in the shallow water.

Finally, It's MaMa!

Yes, finally, it’s ‘MaMa’. AJ started calling his father ‘Pa’ when he was about 13-month old. But he could not call me yet. As I started teaching him Chinese pronunciation, I introduced the word ‘妈妈’. Lo & behold, he started calling me ‘MaMa’ since. Sometimes he can get so carried away & called his father ‘MaMa’ too, & that has gotten the father jealous. So I have to conscientiously correct him, this is ‘Pa’ & this is ‘MaMa’. In addition, he has added ‘eyes’, ‘yum’, ‘botak’ & ‘manja boy’ to his vocab. These days he has started to walk backward, probably learnt from his mother because I walked backward to watch over him as he freely roam around our neighbourhood.

First Haircut

AJ had his first haircut today. Yes, he hasn't been cutting his hair since he was borned! Afterall, unlike the father & the mother, he doesn't have much hair. But those hair were growing long, & were untidy, so we decided to let him have his first hair cut.

The father decided that he should accompany AJ & cut his hair as well. He said that the father should cut first, & AJ watched as the father has his hair cut so that AJ gets to see what it is like & thus is less likely to freak out.

& so we did. The entire experience was smooth. The hairstylist said she will be gentle & that she will not force AJ if he decided that he didn't want the cut. I thought that was very professional. AJ watched what the father did. When it was his turn, he sat on my lap & the razar went all round his head. No cry!! The father also managed to distract him by playing with him. The haircut went smoothly. It was a relief!!

Now AJ is almost 'botak' but, at least, he looks neater now. :-)