Turning 7 - The Hong Kong Trip Part 3 (Noah's Ark)

On the 4th day of our Hong Kong (HK) trip, we went to Noah's Ark.  It was a trip we never regretted going.  I am quite sure AJ has gotten a deeper understanding on the book of Genesis in the Bible.

I googled & found out that Noah's Ark is built by some super duper wealthy Christian businessmen.  They built this Ark according to the dimensions stated in the Bible, so this is a life-size ark!

Before we reached the Ark, we had to cross this bridge called Tsing Ma Bridge.  This is an iconic Hong Kong landmark as the magnificent Tsing Ma Bridge is the world's longest spanning suspension bridge carrying both road and rail traffic. 

Tsing Ma Bridge
Starting of the Ark adventure

The Ark sits directly underneath the end of Tsing Ma Bridge

Park Map
The place is huge, you could easily spend a full day there. Their website offers fairly good advice on how to plan your trip.  We followed their recommendation for 'Happy Families' quite closely.

So we took a stroll at the Ark Garden, explored a little at the Treasure House, did a DIY cupcake at the Ark Life Education House, went to the Ark Expo to see the exhibitions & watch the 3 shows, enjoyed a guided tour at the Special Ark Exhibition where we were entertained by its  multimedia presentations, rare artifacts & Victorian bibles from around the world, & lastly, went to the Solar Tower to view the Sun's surface activity in real time through the Solar Tower’s professional vacuum solar telescope.

We did not have the time to venture into Ma Wan Park Nature Garden across the street, which was a pity.  But I can confidently say, if we were to go to HK again, we will definitely visit Noah's Ark again!

Here's a video I captured on how the people in Noah's Ark think the Ark was constructed.  I do not agree fully though, but I have included here because I find that it is quite educational.  I have disabled the volume because the background was quite noisy.  Nonetheless, you could read the subtitles.


There are various ways to get there.  You can follow the direction stated in the website here.  We took a train to Tsing Yi station then took a bus (bus no. 330) from Tsing Yi bus station (same building as the train station) to Noah's Ark.  We told the driver we were going to '挪亚方舟' & requested him to remind us to alight at our destination.  The bus ride was under 10mins.  Once you have passed Tsing Ma Bridge, be ready to alight.  The bus will stop at the condo development I mentioned above.  Noah's Ark is along the coastline, visibly from the bus stop.

Some takeaway:
(1) Noah's Ark is located in an island called Ma Wan Island.  Ma Wan Island is very near Disneyland, which is at Lantau Island;
(2) There is a resort in Noah's Ark which you could stay if you are planning to go Noah's Ark & Disneyland consecutively since they are so near each other;
(3) Noah's Ark suits believers more, in my opinion.  Non-believers may find this theme park a fairytale-like theme park.

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Turning 7 - The Hong Kong Trip Part 2 (Space Museum & Avenue of Stars)

We headed to Hong Kong Space Museum on our 3rd night before adjourning to Avenue of Stars.  The Space Museum is a very interesting educational place you could bring your little ones to when you are in Hong Kong.  It has a comprehensive coverage on our universe.  The admission fee to the exhibition hall is so nominal - HK$10 for adult; HK$5 for child/senior.  Admission is free on Wednesday, & we so happened to be there on a Wednesday night!

They also have Omnimax shows daily on separate purchase.  We did not watch any of the shows as the schedule didn't quite fit.

Eclipse Model to allow visitors to have a better understanding

Explanation on Eclipse

That explains the day is longer during summer than winter

A replica of a spaceship 

A replica of a spacesuit that Apollo astronauts used on the moon.

Before men, animals were used to send to outer space to 'test water'

The Hong Kong Space Museum is definitely a worthy visit for us.  We had to cut short the tour as the time for the laser show (A Symphony of Lights) at Avenue of Stars was starting soon.  This was AJ's 1st, thus I can't let him miss out.

Excited to watch the laser show

A Symphony of Lights

The Hong Kong Space Museum & the Avenue of Stars are very near to each other.

Hong Kong Space Museum
10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tsim Sha Tsui East Exit (Sogo Departmental Store)
Mon to Fri: 1-9pm (closed on Tues)
Sat to Sun & Public Holidays: 10am-9pm

Avenue of Stars
Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tsim Sha Tsui East Exit J
A Symphony of Lights laser show is 8pm daily (subject to weather condition)

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Turning 7 - The Hong Kong Trip Part 1 (Disneyland & Ocean Park)

I was reminded by my friend who is an experienced mom of 2 to go travelling during the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) marking days in October.  All primary schools were closed for 4 days (!) & there was a public holiday that week.  So it was a no-school week literally.  Since there is no Primary 1 year-end exam (primary school students of other levels would use this period to study for their examinations), I was encouraged by her to get out of Singapore to enjoy an off-peak holiday.  So, why not?

As the father could not take leave, this trip was just AJ & I. Perfect for bonding, I say, & a great test once again to travel solo with him.

I settled on Hong Kong (HK) since it could be nicely planned into a 5-day trip, & also we had just returned from Taipei 2 months ago. 

So to Hong Kong we went.  AJ & I.

Taken at HK Int'l Airport

Our 1st destination was Disneyland.  This was the 1st time AJ visited Disneyland.  Naturally, he was excited about it.  What was more exciting to him was Disney's Hollywood Hotel because everywhere in the hotel premise reminded him of Mickey Mouse, his favourite character.

On the train to Disneyland

Excited boy in Disney's Hollywood Hotel

I was glad that we stayed a night at Disney's Hollywood Hotel as we stayed on to watch the fireworks in Disneyland on our 1st night.  It would be too tiring to travel all the way from Disneyland back to a hotel in town.

This is always the most magical part in Disneyland

The hotel allows its guests to deposit their luggages after checkout on the same day so that guests may continue to enjoy their visit to Disneyland without having to lug the luggages.  That's what we did.  Such thoughtful service!

So hot! I cant open my eyes!

We left Disneyland on the 2nd day of our trip & headed to Rainbow Hotel in Jordan before it turned dark.

Rainbow Hotel is a very new budget hotel.  Hotels in HK are expensive, thus, when I chanced into this budget hotel, I did not hesitate to book it.  It is new, it is a budget hotel (thus kinder to my wallet), it is very near Jordan MTR & it has free wifi in the room (yay!).  From the photos above, you can see that it is of very acceptable standard.

I am not a person who will go all the way out to hunt for food.  Laziness is my second name. Especially when I have to lug a young boy around alone, it is deem too troublesome for me to do food hunt.  But I am glad that both Yee Shun Dairy Company & Australia Dairy Company are both in Jordan!  The steam chocolate milk in Yee Shun is simply heavenly. 1 bowl was not enough for both of us to share.  This is probably the only food I came back to Singapore craving for.  The ordinary steam milk in Australia Dairy was a tad too sweet for my liking.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed my meals there in both places.

Steam Milk in Australia Dairy

Steam Chocolate Milk in Yee Shun

We went to Ocean Park (OP) on the 3rd day.  Well, I must say, even though OP has recently extended its park & added more rides & facilities, I find that it is a far cry from what Singapore has - Zoo, Bird Park & S.E.A Aquarium combined.  I would not recommend this place for children under 10.

However, if you are a youth or dare devil (like me), the rides in OP will surely blow your mind!  If I have at least another adult with me, I will not give these rides a miss!

I had 2 cheap thrill though.  The 1st one was the cable car ride in OP.  The view of Deep Water Bay was simply awesome.

The view of Deep Water Bay

The 2nd one was a little more exciting.  AJ was, ahem, tricked into taking this ride called Eagle.  When I took it with him, deep down my heart I was actually quite worried that he might not be able to take it.  I was kinda regretted tricking him into this ride but then, there was no turning back.  Thankfully he took it well.

The Eagle that spins around at high velocity

We also went to the North Pole Encounter & South Pole Spectacular.  But, as mentioned, I think our Singapore Zoo is better.

On our way to exit, we took some photos with the Flower Fairies & a Joker.

All in we spent about 4 hours in the park.  It wasn't a fulfilling trip but we were glad that we left early so that we could visit Avenue of Stars & Space Museum in the evening (next post).  Oh, a MTR station is currently under construction in front of OP.  I guess, in the next 1-2 years, when the station is ready, it would ease getting there.

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