Drama, Musical & Workshops for September School Holidays

September school holidays are approaching, have you any plans for your children?  If you are not going away for holidays, here are some drama, musical & workshops for your considerations.  I suspect some may be hotcakes, so do book early.

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Noon Recital Series

Click here to reserve your seat.

The Cat Who Grew Fat & Other Fables (小寓言大智慧)

In a battle of wits between a crane & a tortoise, who will emerge the eventual winner?  How does a bear save his monkey friend who is trapped in a bell?  Ever wondered what happens when 3 mice discover a barrel full of oil?

These are some of the fables you will find in this traditional shadow puppetry performance from Hunan.  Children will get to learn important life values such as friendship & humility through these homourous & witty fables. 

Recommended for children aged 5 to 9.

Buy tickets here.

Parent-Child Workshop: Journey to the West Rotating Lantern 《西游记》走马灯工作坊

Create your own storyboard & bring the characters of Chinese classic, Journey to the West to life! Learn about the story of Journey to the West, and get crafty with your child, to make a table lantern that will rotate when lit up & see how your storyboard comes alive with the motion.

Buy tickets here.

Lantern-Making Workshop (灯笼制作工作坊)

Buy tickets here.

The Nightingale

Enchanted by the lilting birdsong of the plain-looking, brown Nightingale, the little Emperor of China captures & keeps her in a gilded cage for his daily entertainment. But soon, along with her freedom, the beautiful voice of the Nightingale is lost & a singing mechanical bird replaces her.

Will she survive her days in captivity? Will she ever fly freely again? Join the Nightingale & friends in their quest for her freedom. 

Date: 1 Aug - 14 Sep 2014 
Tue - Fri: 10am & 2pm

Sat & Sun: 11am & 2pm
Buy tickets here.
* Pocket friendly when you purchase the tickets as a package.

Potter Potter - The Unauthorized Harry Experience 

Playing to sold-out houses all over the world, POTTED POTTER takes on the ultimate challenge of condensing all seven Harry Potter books (& a real life game of Quidditch) into seventy hilarious minutes. This fantastically funny show features all your favourite characters, a special appearance from a fire-breathing dragon, endless costumes, brilliant songs, ridiculous props & a generous helping of Hogwarts magic!

Date: 9 - 14 Sep 2014 
Tue & Wed: 7.30pm 
Thu - Sun: 5pm & 7.30pm
Book tickets here.
* Price of tickets for this show is not exactly very pocket friendly.  I placed this here as I think there may be some Potter fans.

Robotic - Rise of the Ev3 Robotic Goozilla

Please contact Darren at ntdarren@safra.sg for more details & reservation of seats for this workshop.

Fun For Free Sg: Gardens By The Bay - The Supertree Grove

This is a monthly post on 'Educational Places'. Every 4th week of the month I will post on local educational places we have brought AJ to.

Jan - The Coins & Notes Museum
Feb - The NEWater Plant
Mar - Gardens By The Bay - The Cloud Forest
Apr - Gardens By The Bay - The Flower Dome
May - The Changi Museum
Jun - Human Body Experience & Nature's Design Exhibition @ Singapore Science Centre
Jul - Literary Trail: In Search of the Missing Heirloom in Katong

When we mentioned 'Gardens By The Bay', most people (tourists & Singapore residents) would associate it with The Flower Dome & The Cloud Forest, & at most, Children's Gardens.  Little are known about other parts of Gardens By The Bay, which are mostly free admission.  I spent a little more time to bring AJ to Gardens By The Bay sections by sections, so that we could spend more time studying in each section.  Indeed, there are many things to learn about in Gardens By The Bay, especially for the Primary School & Secondary School students.

Joining the blog train on #funforfreesg initiated by Gingerbread Mum, today we will explore Gardens By The Bay - The Supertree Grove.

As the name implied, Supertrees in Gardens By The Bay (GB) are gigantic man-made tree structures of 25-50 metres high.  There are a total of 18 Supertrees in GB, 12 at the Supertree Grove, 3 at the Golden Gardens & the balance 3 at the Silver Gardens.  Golden Gardens derived its name because the flowers grow/creep on the supertree structure are golden or yellow, while the flowers that grow/creep on the supertree structure at Silver Gardens are white or silverish grey.

The Supertrees in GB are typical example of a vertical gardens, they provide shade & shelter in the day & lighting & projected media in the night. Supertrees are made of 4 parts: reinforcement concrete core, trunk, planting panels of the living skin, & canopy.  There is even a Supertree-Top Bistro for dining at the Canopy!   There are 11 Supertrees that have canopies embedded with environmentally sustainable functions.  Some will have photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy for lighting up the Supertrees. Others will be integrated with the cooled conservatories & serve as air exhaust receptacles.

When you are there, do take time to read the information displayed at bottom of the Supertrees.  They explained the structure components of the Supertrees, the functions of Supertrees & how GB is environmentally sustainable on its own.  You'll be awed by the meticulous planning behind the construction of GB!

There is the OCBC Skyway, a 128-metre long walkway with a height of 22-metres that connects 2 Supertrees at the Supertree Grove, that takes you to a different view of the Gardens. But this is payable, $5 for adults & $3 for children.  It will not be covered in my blog as it is not fun for free.  We have been up there, & I would say, it is really an optional thing, not mandatory to do.

The OCBC Skyway

I would strongly recommend you to tour the Supertree Grove in the evening, say about 5pm, when it is less hot.  Then proceed to dinner at the causal eateries at Supertree Dining before settling yourselves quickly under the starsSupertrees to enjoy the daily light displays at 7.45pm & 8.45pm respectively (weather permits).

This has to be the grand finale.  When night falls, these Supertrees come alive with a dazzling myriad of light displays bursting across the sky. You will get to enjoy the newest rhapsody by embarking on a journey through rainforests of the world with Garden Rhapsody's "Rainforest Orchestra - Australasia and Oceania".

The open space around the Supertree Grove is huge for the children to roam around at ease.  Do get seated 15mins before the show starts to get the best seats.

Tomorrow, Mabel will share another fun & free place for the young & old in Singapore!  Mabel blogs at Amazingly Still, an open journal where she shares her life as a stay-home wife & mother of 2.  She is finger-trigger-happy whenever she whips out her camera to capture the precious moments spent with her husband and children, most of which are when they are out on an adventure, exploring new places together.

Can’t get enough of Fun for Free SG? Check out the whole list of 31 venues! This list will be updated regularly and you will be able to click on the location to be brought directly to the blog post when it goes “live”:

1 Aug: Tiong Bahru Park by Gingerbreadmum
2 Aug: Queenstown Heritage Trail by Princess Dana Diaries
3 Aug: Jurong Regional Library by Finally Mama
4 Aug: Singapore Maritime Gallery by Peipei Haohao
5 Aug: Singapore Philatelic Museum by Kids R Simple
6 Aug: Sculptures of Singapore by Gingerbreadmum
7 Aug: Fire Station by The Js Arena
8 Aug: Esplanade + Merlion Park by Prayerfull Mum
9 Aug: Bukit Batok Nature Park by Meeningfully
10 Aug: Lower Pierce Reservoir Park by The Kam Family
11 Aug: I12 Katong – water playground by Universal Scribbles
12 Aug: IMM by Mad Psych Mum
13 Aug: Tampines 1 Water Playground by Amazingly Still
14 Aug: Sengkang Riverside Park by Itchy Finger Snap
15 Aug: East Coast Park by Toddly Mummy
16 Aug: Sembawang Shopping Centre Playground by Joey Craftworkz
17 Aug: Animal resort by Raising Faith
18 Aug: Botanic Gardens by Mum’s The Word
19 Aug: Police Heritage Centre by Mummy Ed
20 Aug: Venus Loop, MacRitchie by Scrap Mum Loft
21 Aug: Road Safety Park by Miracule
22 Aug: Marina Barrage by J Babies
23 Aug: Gardens By The Bay, Children’s Garden by Finally Mama
24 Aug: Changi Airport Terminal 3 by Mother Kao
25 Aug: Pockets of Nature by Mum in the Making
26 Aug: Changi Airport Terminal 1 by Growing with the Tans
27 Aug: Pasir Ris Park by Ingspirations

29 Aug: Vivocity Play Area by Amazingly Still
30 Aug: Punggol Promenade + Punggol Waterway by Chubby Anecdotes
31 Aug: Westgate Wonderland by Xavvylicious

JJ's Science Adventure: Magnets

This is a monthly post on 'Book or Web/Mobile Application for Children'. Every 3rd week of the month I will post on a review on books that AJ has read or web/mobile application that he has tried on.

Jan - Sherlock Sam & the Missing Heirloom in Katong
Feb - UpToTen (Boowa & Koala) Online Educational Website for Pre-Schoolers
Mar - Sherlock Sam & the Vanished Robot in Penang
Apr - How To Think Like A Scientist
May - The Rock & The Bird
June - 君伟上小学
July - Young Scientists Reader - Integrated Thematic Science Series

We were gifted of this book from Harvest Edutainment, the publisher, with no obligation to do a blog review.  It was a very kind gesture from them.  Since there is no obligation, there is really no need to feel guilty not to blog about it.  Honestly, if the book is badly written, I wouldn't even be bothered to write a review.  But, it is a good read for primary 1 & 2 students who are preparing themselves to take on Science subject in primary 3.  So, it is quite difficult for me to keep my 'mouth' shut, my conscience wouldn't allow that.

JJ's Science Adventure is a series of educational comic books designed to help readers to master key learning objectives stated in the Singapore Ministry of Education’s Primary School Science syllabus.

After receiving their birthday presents from their grandfather, Joyce & Jonathon find themselves in possession of 2 bags which transform into a talking robot (Robo) & a teleportation portal.  With a set of keys from Robo, the kids open the portal into sub-dimensional world created by the ‘World Maker’, an incredible invention by their grandfather to help them learn science.  In this adventure, the twins journey into the World of Magnets where they discover the physical properties of magnets & solve challenging puzzle traps laid by their grandfather.  Will they survive the constant sabotage by a Minion sent by Mr Sinister and win the prize, a piece of puzzle key which unlocks yet another secret?

You may view a sample of it here.

What I like about this book?
Children are generally drawn to comics because they are full of colourful illustrations & the stories are often presented in a simple manner.  Visual learners are especially attracted to comics.  This book was welcomed by AJ who is a visual & audio learner. 

I like the fact that this book presented Science (in this case, the topic on Magnets) in a casual manner.  The story is interesting, it was difficult for me to put down the book when I started reading it.  I reckon avid readers are likely to read it at one go since the story is so captivating.  The book is also written based on MOE Science syllabus, which is a plus point.  If you are interested, you may order it online here.  It is retailing at S$18.90.

The 2nd book, which is on Heat & Light, will be launched in Sept.

In this adventure, the twins journey into the World of Heat and Light where they meet Mrs Moley. Mrs Moley tells them her problem, the sun has stopped moving. She also mentions a prophesy, a set of twins will come and return order to the sun, allowing the people to again move up to the surface of the world. Will they fulfil the prophesy and save the world or will the world burns because of the Minion sabotaging them.

You may do a pre-order here.

Having such good impression on the 1st book on Magnet, I would certainly look forward to the 2nd one.  Truly, if Harvest Edutainment continues its good work, I'm sure this series will be on the book shelves of many families.  I would certainly consider investing in them.  I think they are ideal as birthday presents too.

[Media Invite] Disney Baby Launches in Singapore

Creating Magical Moments Right From The Start

Disney unveiled the new Disney Baby brand & range yesterday, marking its Southeast Asia debut at Singapore’s leading parenting expo - Rise and Shine at Suntec City Convention Hall.  The new Disney Baby collections provide feel-good, unique products organized around key moments of the day, including Dressing Baby, Mealtime, Playtime & On-the-Go.  The entire range of Disney Baby licensed consumer products offering for expectant parents, new-borns & toddlers will now be available for the first time in Singapore.  

The new product collections include:

Dressing Baby – Dressing baby is easy with the collection of Disney Baby clothes. From bodysuits to adorable outfits, Disney Baby has all the clothing your cuddly baby needs.

DisneyBaby Romper from Elise Distributor $39.90 each
Photo Credit: Disney Baby

Mealtime – Baby's favourite time of the day! Mealtime can be messy, but using the right products can make it a breeze. Disney Baby’s Mealtime range includes feeding bottles, tableware, highchairs & even transitional items like sippy cups & boosters.

DisneyBaby feeding bottles by NUK from $18 onwards
Photo Credit: Disney Baby

Playtime – Make every moment fun & magical with Disney Baby's Playtime collection. You'll find everything you can imagine to bring oohs & awwws, including toys, plush, books, music & activity gear to stimulate Baby through every stage.

DisneyBaby plush toys by Sun Shing at $19.90 each
Photo Credit: Disney Baby

On-the-Go – Take your little one on a trip, whether it's to the grocery store or the Disney parks! From strollers & diaper bags to toys to entertain baby, you’ll have all the essentials for everything on-the-go.

DisneyBaby OnTheGo toys by Playgro
Photo Credit: Disney Baby

DisneyBaby Stroller by Hauck
Photo Credit: Disney Baby

In Singapore, Disney Baby works with licensees including Philips Lighting, Infant Tree, Elise Distributor, Small Small World, Takara Tomy, NUK, George, Mothercare & Unicharm. 

DisneyBaby SoftPal Lighting by Philips at $72.90 each
Photo Credit: Disney Baby

In Singapore, Disney Baby works with licensees including Philips Lighting, Infant Tree, Elise Distributor, Small Small World, Takara Tomy, NUK, George, Mothercare & Unicharm. In celebration of the Southeast Asia debut, retailer Toys”R”Us will be launching a month-long Disney Baby promotion in all the Toys”R”Us stores in Singapore starting from today. Toys”R”Us Star Card members have a chance to win a gold Mickey pendant, courtesy of Poh Heng.  

We also visited the Disney Baby booth at Rise & Shine Expo to take a look at the baby room decoration. I am totally in love with them! Do drop by & vote for the baby room you like & stand to win prizes!  Tomorrow 24th August is the last day, don't miss!

SG Fit and Fab - The Road to Fitness

I was an athlete in my schooling days, running half a marathon was easy peasy to me.  Even when I started working, I was pretty on, joining a fitness club & had my aerobics twice a week.  I had high metabolism, weight to me wasn't a concern at all.  I was oh-so slim, fitting into an XS or S easily.

When AJ came along, I got less active, owing to (excuses) no time, no energy & what not.  I didn't manage to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but it wasn't too much of a concern as I was skinny prior to pregnancy, adding a few kilos after that wasn't too bad.

BUT it is not the weight, it is the health that is important.  My health condition started to deteriorate slowly & accelerated in these last 2 years (talk about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics).  It was so alarming that many ailments surfaced & I just have to slow down & pondered what had gone wrong.

Genes aside, I believed my poor diet & the lack of exercises have caused the acceleration of poor health condition.  I started to re-look into my diet & pick up more vigorous exercises once again.

In terms of diet, my family has switched to eating brown rice, brown rice noodles, whole grain bread, more vegetables & fruits, less deep fried (when out as I do not deep fry at home), more home made stuff, less processed food, avoid additives & preservatives as much as we can & drink better quality water (Enagic Kangen Water).

In terms of fitness, I have signed up for pilates-on-the-mat class & have been on this programme for about 3 months already.  I am very happy with the progress.

Pilates is a whole-body exercise which focuses on core strength. It trains the body as an integrated whole. Pilates workouts promote strength & balanced muscle development as well as flexibility & increased range of motion for the joints.  It helps to create strength without the bulk & improves the body flexibility.  I enjoy my weekly class very much.

& I have started running again!  Those who have not been active & just started to jog would understand this.  For the 1st few times we jogged, the knees suddenly got locked, the calf muscles tightened & the butt weighed like a tonne.  With these 3 combo, it is enough to stop us from jogging.  Indeed, after 600m, I gave up.  Then I tried again some days later, I managed a little longer distance. Then I tried again, & again, until I was confident enough to hit the gym (there are people watching in the gym, you know.  So embarrassing if you started panting just mins after you hit the treadmill right?)

My target was 5km & I achieved it within a month!

So what is my exercise regime now?  I do pilates once a week & jog twice a week.  I have also started to rope in the boy to exercise with me like running & cycling.  A perfect way to bond with him!

At times I also jog around our neighbourhood to explore a little here & there.  It is a nice way to connect with nature, watch the sun rise & sun set, listen to the birds singing & feel the breeze on my face.

Though I am not completely out of the wood from my ailments, I believe I am on the road to wellness.  I am also following this website for regular feeds on health food & exercises, recommended by The Chill Mom.  You may like to visit it too: http://www.fitsugar.com/

Interested to find out more tips from other mums? Together with 8 other mum bloggers, we will be sharing a bit more on our journey to be fitter & healthier with you. Here's our blog train schedule!

11 - 15 Aug: Alicia @beanienus
18 - 22 Aug: Elizabeth @motherkao 

1 - 5 Sep: Mei @finallymama
8 - 12 Sep: Winnie @toddlymum  
15 - 19 Sep: Angelia @growinghearts123
22 - 27 Sep: Michelle @mzmichhon
29 Sept - 3 Oct: Shermeen @meeningfully
6 - 10 Oct: Adeline @GrowingwiththeTans
13 - 17 Oct: Danessa @prayerfullmum 

If you are on Instagram, you may find us at #sgfitandfab30 or click link here.

Next up is Mei from Finally Mama who thinks that all moms are fab in their own way BUT ... we do need a little push sometimes to get back in shape.   :)  Before baby #1, she was reasonably fit & somewhat fab. She now joins this SG Fit & Fab 30 blog train to share her efforts (& get some support) to live healthier & stronger.

[Media Invite] Face-to-Face with Janet Doman

This is a monthly post on 'Inspiring Individual'. Every 2nd week of the month I will post on individual who has crossed our path & how we were inspired by him/her.

Jan - The Music Conductor, Adrian Tan
Feb - Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Success Coach - Ismail Gafoor
Mar - 儿子的华文老师 - 颜清碹老师
Apr - Man of God - Rev. (Dr.) Prabhudas Koshy
May - 新加坡教育界的杰出华人 - 张美香校长
Jun - Trading Master, My Mentor - Robin Ho
Jul - Top-tier Remiser & Stock Trainer, Collin Seow

I was saddened to learn that Glenn Doman, the founder of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP), has passed on in May last year.  I don't think I could teach AJ that effectively without knowing his teaching method.  I thank God for leading me to know his contributions, his method of teaching & his passion.  The work of the institutes goes on even though this great man has passed away.

Thanks to the media invite by Glenn Doman Baby Program to Janet Doman's seminar - Discover the Joy of Teaching Your Baby in Singapore beginning of this month, I got to meet Glenn Doman's daughter, Janet Doman, for the very 1st time!  Though I have read all the books written by her & her father Glenn Doman, I still learnt a lot that day.  In Chinese they said 百闻不如一见, in this case, 百读不如一听. 

I cannot resist a photo with 1 of the most inspiring individuals I have come across - Janet Doman (daughter of late Glenn Doman).
AJ has benefitted so much from their programme.

Many people thought that Glenn Doman's teaching method is all about flashing cards.  It is all so wrong.  If there is only 1 key point that I should take home with from this seminar, I would say, it is "Physical excellence leads to intellectual excellence".  If a mother is able to start working on her child's physical mobility from age 0, she will see great progress in her child's overall development.   The human cortex is responsible for all of the high-level functions unique to human beings.  The ability to read, understand language, identify objects by touch alone, speak, & write are all the responsibilities of the human cortex.

The IAHP believes that the most effective duration of a person's learning capabilities is the 1st 6 years.  I agree with that.  After putting AJ through this programme in the last 5 years (he started at 13MO), I could safely conclude that AJ is a walking testimony of GD method.

His foundation is strong, so I have less worries on his school work.  He is able to initiate his own learning on things he has strong interest in, he has turned into an independent learner.  He reads widely, which helps in his writing & general knowledge.  My job now is to continue stimulating his mind, to provide opportunities whenever he needs to be challenged.

"The Brain Grows By Use." ~ Glenn Doman

The 8 highly recommended books

I have written some book reviews on my blog.  Please click the respective links if you are interested to read:
(1) How to teach your child encyclopaedic knowledge
(2) How to teach your baby to swim
(3) How to teach your baby to read
(4) How to teach your baby to be physically superb

2 other mom bloggers also attended this seminar.  You may like to read about their view/reflection.
(1) Meeningfully
(2) Lynnlly

If you have regretted that you have missed this seminar, you have a 2nd chance here to experience GD teaching method.  The kind folks in Glenn Doman Baby Program is giving away 3 trial classes (worth $114) to 3 respective readers.  Depending on your child's age group, you have 4 different classes to choose from.

If you would like to participate in this give away, kindly follow the steps stated below.  Entry will be closed on 20 Aug (Wed) 2359.

(1) Be a fan of Mylilbookworm in Facebook;
(2) Be a fan of Glenn Doman Singapore in Facebook;
(3) 'Like' & 'Share' my post on mylilbookworm facebook fanpage on this giveaway (please turn the shared post on public sharing status else I won't be able to verify); &
(4) PM me via facebook informing me that you have done the 3 steps above.

4 Ways To Enjoy Singapore 49th Birthday (National Day)

It's our Nation's 49th birthday tomorrow.  Any plans yet?  To some, especially those studying, it will be a long weekend for them.  How best to enjoy this long weekend? Whether it is $4.90 or $49, here are some offers too good to miss:

1) Go For A Meal
Many restaurants are having National Day promotion, here are some for you to choose:

The Orchard Cafe at Orchard Hotel

Call 6559 6769 or email  reservations@hfcsingapore.com  to make reservations

$49 buffet or $4.90 beer at Swissotel

2) Have A Snack or Drink, Catch Up With Friends
It is a good time to catch up with friends whom you have not met for a long time over snack & coffee.  Here are some pocket friendly snack/drinks:

3) Go Retail Therapy
There were times we waited for the best promotion to get those things not-so-urgently in need of, for example, phones, printers, CDs, clothes, etc.  National Day promotion is 1 of the best time to grab hold of those offers:


4) Go To Play or Holiday
Downtown East is 1 of my favourite places.  Check out what $4.90 can bring you

Long weekend is the perfect time to go for short trip.  You can choose to enjoy the promotion now & go for your trip in December too!

Regardless whether you choose to take advantage of these offers or not, make sure you take this opportunity (long weekend) to rest well, spend time with loved ones & most importantly, watch the NDP & be grateful with what our nation has achieved so far.