Vehicles, Vehicles, Vehicles

Give AJ any type of vehicles & he will play it for the whole day, maybe even up to a week. He just loves vehicles, any types. When my friend Pauline was here, AJ took his son’s toy trains & would not return them. He brought them along anywhere, held each in his hands, & even brought them to sleep. So, I had no choice but to attempt to get a replacement when I went shopping with Pauline.

I got a fire engine of similar size to the trains. He happily took it & played with it. It was that moment I secretly hid the 2 toy trains away, otherwise I may not be able to return them to Caleb. At some moments, he would ask for those 2 trains, but we could easily distract him with the new fire engine.

Little did I know that James & Pauline were secretly planning to get a train set for AJ. And so, they did. They wanted to give to AJ that very night when they were about to depart but I have restrained that, else AJ would not want to sleep! He would want to play with his new train! So Pauline requested to video shoot the ‘present opening ceremony’ so that they can see his expression.


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