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Crabbing With Long Beach

[Media Review]

Year-end and beginning of the year are always the seasons for gathering and feasting over good food. Ever since I discovered Dine at Stevens, I know I have discovered a gem dining location. To me, the location is simply perfect for business lunch/dinner and one who prefers cosier dining environment near town. 

I brought my ex-boss to Long Beach at Stevens as a way to thank him for the guidance he provided me during my 5 years working under him. 

As you may have noticed, the dining place is classy and cosy, it is really great for business talks and formal dining options. 

For your knowledge, Long Beach is the creator of the Original Black Pepper Crab in Singapore. Besides this signature dish, you'll also be delighted with exotic delicacies of the sea like Live Alaskan King Crab, Live Southern Australian Lobster and Live Geoduck.

Black Pepper Crab
I love Black Pepper Crab that has enough punch yet not too spicy that may lead to choking (not that nice in business talk, right…

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