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Review of Lim Boon Keng, The Musical - Bright The Light

[Media Invite and Review]

There is very little written about Singapore’s founding heroes in our history books, including this man – Dr Lim Boon Keng, especially on his personal and family life. Ask any Singaporeans of my age or younger, they probably only know about the MRT station and the road name named after him. However, the Pioneer generation will know more about him. It is no wonder Dr. Lim’s great-granddaughter, local playwright, Stella Kon, wanted to produce this musical in remembrance of him.  

Other than learning history through books, I would say, the other more efficient way is to watch documentaries and visit museums. Because we need a substantiate time to understand and digest the background and the progress of these life stories, books, documentaries and artefacts/photos from the past are the best tools. But, owing to the lack of information, Stella struggled to create a documentary for his great-grandfather, so instead, a musical is the way to go.

I went with AJ last nigh…

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