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Gaston Luga Backpack - Our Favourite Work Mate And Travel Mate

[Sponsored Review]

You have probably known that we adore Gaston Luga. Read my previous 2 reviews here and here). I have even thought of getting one for AJ because it really looks smart on anyone.
Imagine how glad I am to be able to collaborate with Gaston Luga (GL) again, this time, with their Classic series. We have the Praper series, a good size 18L backpack, of which the Olive & Black one was the husband’s work bag.
When the Classic Navy & Brown arrived (it came via DHL express within 3 business days upon checking out of Gaston Luga’s website), the husband ‘volunteered’ to swap with the boy. So this new GL bag became the husband's, and the husband’s previous GL backpack became AJ’s. AJ is not complaining though, because he likes this colour-combination (olive and brown).

The husband really love how roomy Classics is. Beside the inner compartment for his 15” laptop and 2 inner pockets, it has an external zipper compartment which the husband uses it to store small items like …

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