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Walking with SunnyStep

 [Review] If you haven't known it yet, let me tell you: I love to walk.   I don’t enjoy running, but I can walk on and on and on... … Walking allows me time to pause and think, to reflect, to consider and even to conceive ideas. Best of all, walking is a good form of exercise.   Wearing a pair of good walking shoes enables me to walk over a longer period of time, without having sore feet. I recently tried SunnyStep Balance Runner, and here’s my review:   Light Weight Though it has the name ‘Runner’, Balance Runner is not for running. This super light weight pair of shoes are great for walking in the city. Say you need to window shop for hours or run errands, this pair will be your best companion. It doesn’t add burden to your feet, and is absolutely comfortable for long walks.   Rubbery Soft The material used is rubbery soft and flexible, and thus can adapt to most foot shapes. Because it is soft, it is not suitable for hiking or trail walk. I stress, city walking is great! Pack i

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