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Gifted Children Do Have Their Sets of Problems

Recently the Channel News Asia’s (CNA) Talking Point team came to our house for an interview. It was about Gifted Education Programme (GEP). Some of you may know that AJ is in GEP. The CNA team was interested to know why I sent AJ to GEP prep class when he was Primary 3, when MOE is discouraging every parent to.

When AJ was a toddler, we noticed that, not only was he a fast learner, he was about able to infer Arithmetic sum on his own. Though I credit that to the Glenn Doman’s method that I used to coach him, still we find him a little special.

To satisfy our curiosity and validate our guesses, in addition to knowing how we may stimulate him, we sent him for an IQ test when he was five. The assessment confirmed that he has higher IQ than his peers. With that confirmation, we decided to sign him up for the Mensa Junior Club for better support. You may read about it here.

Many people expect a higher ability child to be good at everything, the least, to be polite and very well-behaved, to b…

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