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Pure Dripped Wang Chao Chicken Essence

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I will usually have something light to eat or drink after a workout, normally it is protein-based stuff because protein is necessary for muscle repair and growth. Now, there is a far better option for me - Wang Chao Chicken Essence.

Using non-hormone injected hens 老母鸡, every pouch of Wang Chao Chicken Essence is guaranteed to be 100% natural – made of pure chicken essence extract, with no added preservatives, additives, artificial flavourings or colourings! The brand utilises state-of-the-art equipment and careful quality control to ensure that you get the best optimal nutrition from every drop. Brewed at 100 degree Celsius for 10 hours, each drop of chicken essence is entirely rid of oil, hormones, fat and cholesterol, whilst still maintaining the pure chicken flavour. One sachet of it has a protein content equivalent to eating half a chicken. It is perfect for fussy eaters, pregnant women, women on confinement, patients who can't eat well, or just anyone who wants n…

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