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To Teachers With Love - Customised Teachers' Day Gifts

We don't get to meet good teachers all the time, but if we meet one, we want to let him/her know we appreciate him/her.

As a parent and as a blogger, I came across many educators in my child's learning journey and blogging assignments. There are a few whom I observed have keen interest of the kids in their hearts, despite they being business owners themselves. They are GREAT teachers.

Great teachers did not become great by accident. They understand there is more to teaching than delivering instructions. They understand the "Golden Rule" for educators: Teach every child the way you would want your own child to be taught. They define their success by the success of their students. 

 AJ with James from Brainy Moves (Get Fitter and Smarter with Brainy Moves)
 AJ with Jackeline from JCarter Centre for Public Speaking (Is DSA Beneficial?)
AJ with Dr. Lee from Staccato
To these great teachers, AJ and I would like to say 'thanks' to them personally. We want to show them our …

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