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Review of Cosmo Air Purifier

  [Product Review] The air in the urban is usually not as clean and fresh as the air in the rural. Singapore being an urbanised country, the quality of air is generally not at its best. Though we did not have to deal with the haze condition in recent years, we do have constant pollutants from construction, moving vehicles, burning of joss paper, etc., all round the year. Incidentally, I have a construction site next to my residence. Needless to say, besides enduring the noise, I have to endure the dust... ... NO MORE All thanks to my robot vacuum cleaner (so that I do not have to manually vacuum the floor) for clean floor and Cosmo Prime Air Purifier for clean interior air. What I like about Cosmo Prime Air Purifier is its  Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter that filters 99.97% of all airborne micron particles including air pollutants like pollen, dust, bacteria, tobacco smoke, and more. It also has a unique aerodynamic design that allows for 360° air purification so it works well even i

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