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Yunohana City Spa by Bliss Mums

 Media Invite Women wear many hats these days, sometimes too many that feeling suffocation is inevitable. Stress from work, business, family, etc, deadlines to meet, radiation from the electronic gadgets we are exposed to, the food we eat, etc., all contributed to toxins building in our body.   I’m aware of all these and am trying my best to balance on a tight rope, but I have to admit that many things are beyond our control. We can’t dictate when our loved ones should fall sick, we can’t shift deadlines to hand in projects, and we can’t possibly have homecooked food every day too. Thus, from time to time, we need to detox those toxins accumulated in our bodies.   I’m so glad to be introduced to Yunohana City Spa by Bliss Mum (ladies only), under the umbrella of Harmony Lifecare Group. Serene and I were given a walk-through of the programme, and I must say, that itself was already a great knowledge gained. I wasn’t aware that regulating our body temperature is essential for our immunit

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