Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine 和平香港奥菜

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Do you love Cantonese Cuisine? Then you probably have heard of Wo Peng (和平). It's Platinum Award Winner Hong Kong Chef Julian Tam's  (谭国辉师傅) famous Poon Choy (盆菜), a traditional Chinese dish, was one of the delicious delicacies we have salivated early this month. There are 13 premium ingredients  in this Poon Choy, namely, abalone, conpoy, pattern shitake, fresh prawn, sea cucumber, fish maw, dried oyster, black moss, broccoli, pig tender, roasted pork, pig skin and tianjin cabbage. Chef Tam carefully layered the ingredients to bring out the best flavour to the taste of the whole dish. Usually we will see more expensive ingredients on the surface, but those who are patient enough to last till the bottom of the dish will be rewarded with flavourful cabbage and roasted pork.

I also had a taste of Vegetarian Salmon Yu-Sheng Organic Garden Greens with Crispy Fish Skin, a change from the traditional Yu Sheng which has real raw fish. What I like most in this dish is that it actually has a lot of green leafy which adds to the crisp. The mock salmon may not pass off as a real fish in the mouth, but it surely does in the eyes.


My most loved has to be Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Chinese Sausages as I have a weakness for glutinous rice. This dish is so fragrant, and coupled with diced Chinese sausages, it is hard to resist even if my stomach is full!

We also had Double-boiled Whole Chicken Stuffed with Glutinous Rice and Ginseng Soup for our soul and body. I am a soup person, so I am more than delighted to see this in the menu. We dank up all the nourishing herbal soup but I would not advise eating the chicken except for the thigh and the drum because these are the two parts that are more suitable for double-boiling.

Why have chicken when you can have duck? I prefer ducks because they are usually free range, not caged. This Smoked and Roasted Duck with Camphor and Chinese Tea Leave is salty enough (because it is smoked) yet crispy (because it is roasted). The two-step cooking makes the duck very tasty. You should try!

This dish - Sauteed "Peach Resin" with Egg White and Green Vegetables gave me an idea how I could decorate my vegetable :).  If you are ordering vegetables, this is one dish you could consider. The egg white goes so well with the vegetables. I had many helpings.

Because part of the Chinese New Year traditions is to eat "Nian Gao", so we had Fried Nian Gao and Fried Carrot Cake. Surprisingly, the Cantonese style Nian Gao is not as sweet as the Hokkien style. Yay to that. Now you can indulge with less guilt! 

If you are planning to dine out this festive season and you love Cantonese cuisine, may I recommend Wo Peng to you. The restaurant is currently running special promotion this season, click on the link here to find out. 

A mandatory shot with the Chef!

Wo Peng Cuisine
Furama Hotel and Shopping Centre 
60 Eu Tong Seng Street #03-01/02
Singapore 059804
Tel: 65342282 / 65332282

Serangoon Garden
1 Maju Ave, MyVillage #02-01/02
Singapore 556679
Tel: 66347666 / 91072689

Mercy Relief To South India - A Call From MAPIC

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Mercy Relief, Singapore’s home-grown humanitarian non-governmental-organisation (NGO), will be disbursing funds raised in a public fundraising appeal in Singapore to support ongoing disaster relief efforts in South India where devastating floods struck over the past week. It was estimated that 3 million people have been affected by the massive floods, with over 5,000 houses submerged under water and their inhabitants now living on rooftops and flyovers. The city faces a huge shortage of emergency supplies such as safe drinking water, food and medicine.

This campaign, running from 4th December 2015 through to 31st January 2016, will be used for procurement and distribution of food items, water, household essentials and basic medical supplies. 

One of the organizations that is moved to drive this campaign is MAPIC. The organizer has generously put up a Global Property Investment Conference (GPIC) for all who are willing to learn from the 3 investment experts and, at the same time, do a freewill donation to this fund.

Whether you are buying your first home or your umpteenth investment property, given how the property market has ‘shakened up’ in 2015, it is no surprise you and many other Singaporeans are feeling a little nervous about the property market in 2016… 

unless you’re able to find answers to these important questions ---

Is 2016 finally the best time to invest in residential private property?
Or are private home prices going to continue to slide?
How will higher interest rates affect local mortgages in 2016?
Will cooling measures finally be eased in 2016?
and much, much more…

It is for this very reason why the 2nd Global Property Investment Convention (GPIC) is happening this coming 25th January 2016…

GPIC is a 100% free Charity event. It’s not insurance, MLM or any other money-making scheme. Plus, you have their word that their speakers will NOT be selling you on stage. This is a 100% content-packed event.

All MAPIC asks from you is that if you enjoy the seminar and got value out of it, please be so kind to pledge a tiny donation to the Mercy Relief South India Fund. Your little donation will do much to these victims.

To register for the GPIC event: http://www.eventbrite.sg/e/global-property-investment-convention-2016-tickets-20404703016
For more information on Mercy Relief South India Fund: http://www.mercyrelief.org/mercy-relief-deploys-team-to-help-south-indias-flood-survivors-address/

Kidsfest - I Believe In Unicorns

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Kidsfest 2016 is here in Singapore once again, this year starting from 21st January to 14th Feburary. This world-class festival for families returns with six theatre productions, one of which is I Believe in Unicorns, a tale about the power of books, and the bravery of a young boy called Tomas.

Tomas hates reading and school, but his world is turned upside down the day he meets the Unicorn Lady in his local library. An enchanting and interactive production, I Believe in Unicorns, which won an Argus Angel Award for Artistic Excellence at Brighton Festival, sparks imagination in both young and old. AJ and I both read the book, and we love this captivating story that was set against the backdrop of war-torn Europe. With simple sentences, this makes a great book for children who have just started to feel confident reading on their own, I would say. You may like to read the excerpts of this book here. This book is also available in Amazon and Book Depository.

With a feast on the eye for such intriguing story in the book, here comes the chance to enjoy a visual and audio feast on the play. The Olivier Award nominated Wizard Presents brings best-selling children’s author Michael Morpurgo’s treasured story to life. You can now watch I Believe in Unicorns at SOTA from 4th to 7th Feburary. Book you tickets here.

A point to highlight to my readers. 
Although I find the story interesting, there was a part on Noah's Ark mentioned that I am not comfortable with. Being a Christian, I immediately knew that the part on Noah's Ark was twisted. So I made it a point to explain to AJ that what was mentioned in the book is only a story, a fiction. Only what was mentioned in the Holy Bible is the truth. If you are a Christian parent, you may like to take note of this.

Other than this, I do find this book a very good read for 6-7 years old. I certainly look forward to the play!

"Buildings they can destroy

Dreams they cannot"

Wrapping Up 2015 To Welcome 2016!

Time waits for no man. It is kind of scary to think that 2016 has arrived. Where has time gone? 

2015 was an eventfully year for AJ. He started 2015 with much stress because the leap from Primary 2 to Primary 3 was great. He had a very dedicated Chinese teacher who set high expectation for her class. There was a lot of homework, many phrases in the dictation list to memorise and she also expected the parents to follow up on the materials she provided for the class. All these were good, but because we were pretty relax in Primary 2, these extra works became burdensome. AJ has reached a point that he would do his homework while having lunch. Anyway, he eventually got used to the workload. I am thankful for that.

In July 2015, he sat for ABRSM Grade 8 piano exam. We didn’t dare to pin high hope. After all, he was only 8 years old, his fingers are his limitation in terms of length. But he surprised us with a distinction. We are most grateful to his dedicated piano teacher.

AJ also got a chance to participate in Sing50 mega concert in August, where he joined 49 other pianists on stage with Lang Lang to celebrate Singapore’s golden jubilee year. It was a memorable experience for him.

He went for an audition in October at Singapore National Youth Orchestra and got selected to be trained in French Horn, his second musical instrument. He will officially commence his training this month. We are looking forward to it.

AJ also got into the Gifted Education Programme (GEP). He was asking to be home-schooled this year because he was quite bored in school. While I understand that mainstream may not fit him that well, I hesitated to home-school him because he is the only child. I do hope that this GEP will fit him well.

He celebrated his 9th birthday in November and we would say, it was probably one of the best he had. It was fun yet educational. Thanks to Mad Science for the sponsorship.

Last month, he joined his choir mates in singing in a Christmas concert, together with the choir team from Singapore Bible College and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. It was yet another memorable experience for him.

He wrapped up 2015 with a white Christmas in Korea with us. It was a trip that he requested for because he had wanted to see snow. I wasn’t keen on winter trip, but since he has done well this year, he deserved a treat.

Going forward, I reckon that 2016 will be challenging for him as he starts with a new school on a new education programme. We are also planning for AJ to go Manchester for a piano summer programme in August/September. No matter what betide, God is always here to help.

As for me, I set my resolutions in January 2015 and I must say, I didn’t fare too badly. I wanted to be fitter, healthier and leaner. Thanks to Paleo diet and regular exercise, I am indeed fitter, healthier and leaner.

I was also able to supervise AJ’s school work closely, customizing Chinese teaching materials to suit him and getting him to work on his weaker areas on some subjects. 

I wasn’t able to finish my biblical studies last year as there were not many subjects available that were suitable for me. Nonetheless, God willing, I should be able to graduate by May this year.  

Income from trading wasn’t great as I wasn’t able to concentrate much on trading. I would seriously want to put in more effort this year as 2016 poses to be a golden opportunity for investment.

I wouldn’t set new resolutions for 2016 as it would be the same as 2015. While I am thankful for an eventful 2015, I embraced 2016 with fear and trembling. There are much that I need to do to be a better wife and mom, and I pray that I will not lose sight of these responsibilities that God has bestowed upon me.

Jehovah Azar