Rise and Shine Carnival 2015


The once-a-year Singapore's largest Outdoor Carnival is drawing near again!  On its third run, Rise & Shine's inaugural event aimed to raise awareness on healthy development of children through good dietary and lifestyle habits after research findings show 1 in 3 children have unhealthy breakfast. The turnout for this event was a success that has broken the Singapore Book of Record for the largest breakfast picnic turnout in 2013.  This year, the carnival will be breakfast picnic themed and in a lager venue space at The Float (Marina Bay Floating Platform)! 

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Here are some key highlights/ activities of Rise & Shine Carnival 2015 that you might like to know:

  1. Special appearance by a Manchester United Legend! Some lucky kids might just score a chance to have a friendly soccer match with him! 
  2. Special performance by Angry Birds! Kids stand a chance to meet them!
  3. Relaxing family picnic facing the scenic Marina Bay!  
  4. Kids activities including: 
  • Kiddy rides
  • Bubbles party
  • Face painting
  • Soccer clinic
  • Sports try-out
  • Obstacle course 
  • Gigantic bouncy castle
  • Meet & greet with mascots and more!

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Rise & Shine Carnival 2015 Event Details-
Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay
Date:    Saturday, 18 April 2015
Time:    8am – 12pm (booth activities will continue to run till 5pm! Kids have more time to try out games at each booth)
Ticket:  $20/ ticket but free entry for kids below 12 years old.  Each paying adults will receive a play coupons worth $40 and each family will receive a picnic mat free.

Visit website for more details: www.riseandshine.com.sg/carnival2015

Wait!  ... ... I have 2 pairs of tickets to the carnival to give you! All you need to do is to follow the steps in this Rafflecopter to participate.  Entry will be closed on 10th April 2359 and winners will be selected on Saturday April 11th. 

And if you aren’t able to win or if you need more tickets , you may also buy them online with a 15% discount by entering this code 'mylilbookworm'.

See you there!

In Remembrance of Our Late Founding Father - Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

I didn't intend to pen any thoughts on this topic, even as many bloggers did.  I am in a loss of words, I can't piece my thoughts well to pen a touching article.

But, just this morning, after finishing my jog, I dropped by a coffee outlet to fix my caffeine urge.  As I sipped my Kopi C Kosong, I took a leisure walk around the quiet shopping mall & scrolled the news feed on Facebook. 

The post uploaded by my ex-colleague Chester Tan struck me.  He is a multi-talented guy.  His new music composition - a quiet comforting recording that speaks of his condolence to all who are pained by the loss of Mr. Lee, nearly swelled my eyes with tears.  I was moved to do video montage.

So here it is.

The full song is slightly over 3 mins and can be heard via this link:

Chester has allowed his song to be freely shared.  The same goes to this video montage that I did.

A Fully Sponsored Birthday Party for Your Child


Every child loves to have a birthday party, especially when he/she is still young.  It is a day he/she feels really special, with all attention on him/her, with presents, food, games, entertainment and birthday cake! 

Every parent will strive to give their child the best birthday party.  How extensive it will be will depend on one's budget, but, they will try to give their child a memorable one, no doubt.

I have planned 2 birthday parties for AJ in the past.  Though it was satisfying, it can be very tiring, particularly the co-ordination part on the actual day of party.  How nice if one can engage a birthday party co-ordinator who will do all the leg works!  Well ... ... Plaza Singapura heard us!

As part of it’s dedication in delighting shoppers, Plaza Singapura is giving more reasons for children and their families to have fun at this iconic family destination mall.  This family mall is thrilled to offer one lucky child and 20 of his/her friends, a fully sponsored 2-hour Kids’ Craft Workshop Birthday Party!

Your child and his/her friends can look forward to great party food and beverage, and a multitude of engaging activities including:

  • Personalising their own beautiful balloon sculptures with the help of a balloon artist
  • Making cute and adorable finger puppets for imaginative play
  • Playing junior chefs by creating delicate, colourful sushi with play dough, and 
  • Becoming a fashion designer for a day through exquisite tote bag making. 

At the end of the party, every child will be able to bring home their own unique creations, along with other exclusive gifts!

If your child is aged 5 to 10, he/she will stand a chance to win this special right to host his/her very own party by simply participating in this draw.  All you have to do is follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter application below (entry will close on 22nd March 2359).  So get ready for a blast of a time!

Math March Holiday Workshop by NeuroScholars

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Model Drawing is unique to Singapore and I am quite foreign to it.  As AJ started Primary 3 this year, I thought I should enroll him to a Model Drawing workshop with Centre X during the December school holiday last year. 

To my dismay, he came back, after the 2-half day workshops, as confused as before!  I knew that I had to do something since I can’t teach him Model Drawing efficiently yet.

I am grateful to be offered a free parent workshop on this by Neuroscholars.  Norman Tien, the founder of Neuroscholars, taught the parents himself.  I was awed by his knowledge and the various strategies and tactics he used to solve those model drawing problem sums.  I had my mind blown that morning.

At the start of the workshop, he shared the 9 rules to drawing models which I think are very useful to know:

1. Size
The thickness of the model is important.  If it is too small, it cannot be seen clearly, thus increasing careless mistakes.  He said, the ideal thickness is the size of a Mcdonald’s French Fry. Yumz!

2. Proportional Unit Size
Students not taught properly may end up drawing unit size of the model unequally making it difficult to compare.  Keeping the unit size proportional is more pleasing to the eyes.

3.  Subdivision with Extended Dotted Lines
When one starts sub-dividing a unit with a solid line, it becomes difficult for one to keep track if that is the original unit or a sub-divided unit as he goes along.  Norman recommends using dotted lines to sub-divide units instead.

4. Shading with Diagonal Lines
Some students shade a unit like colouring a unit or worse, shade a unit with vertical lines.  These are taboos as solid shading is a waste of time. Shading with vertical lines gets one confused with subdivision.  Shading with diagonal lines is highly recommended

5. Same Starting Line
Models that are drawn with different starting line (from the left) cannot be compared easily.  One should always start the models at the same starting line.

6. Draw Top Bottom for Comparison
Models that are drawn side by side cannot be compared easily too.  It is better to arrange the models in top and bottom manner to allow easy comparison and labeling.

7. Known and Unknown Units
Our eyes play tricks on us all the time.  If a unit of unknown value is drawn the same size as a unit of known value, our eyes will trick us into thinking that the unknown value is same value as the known value.  Thus, it is important to draw the unit of unknown value to be of different size as the unit of known value.

8. Updating
It is essential to keep updating the model with information as the problem sum progresses otherwise information may be forgotten or distorted.

9. Break into Stages
Students have the tendency to use arrows to interpret facts.  I know, because AJ did that before.  But Models with arrows flying everywhere are not easy to interpret, especially when it comes to complicated problem sums.  Thus, breaking down the model into different stages will be easier.

We were also given exercises to try on our own first before Norman went through the answer step by step.  Truth be told, being proficient in Model Drawing, Norman explained the steps clearly, making each problem sum seemingly easy to do.  Of course, when we did them on our own, many of us did struggle and at some point of time I even attempted using Algebra. :P

But this experience has taught me that: 

(1) with the RIGHT strategies and tactics, Math problem sums can be solved pretty easily, in a systematic way.
(2) holiday programmes is a good experiment for one to 'experience' with a new enrichment centre. 

After that December school holiday programme on Model Drawing with Centre X, I know I will never send AJ there any more. 

This March school holiday, NeuroScholars will be having some interesting workshops for Upper Primary and Secondary 4 students.  Do take time to take a look at them and sign up if any of them interest you.  

P3 - P6 Holiday workshop registration link: http://www.neuromathacademy.com/2015marholidayprogramme/p3top6/

Sec 4 Holiday Workshop registration link: http://www.neuromathacademy.com/2015marholidayprogramme/sec4/

Website: http://www.neuroscholars.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neuroscholars

Learning Math

International Women's Day Giveaway: Value Growth Workshop

Happy International Women’s Day!

As promised in my previous post on the Value Investing for Women book giveaway, here's the Value Growth Workshop to giveaway!

Day in day out, in the busyness of life, it is often easy for us to get carried away with fulfilling all of our tasks and obligations.  Salaried workers look forward to pay day, to … … pay their bills and splurge/reward a little on themselves or their families.  But … …, the living standard of Singapore is high.  With inflation, taxes and salary stagnation (no thanks!), not only everything gets more and more expensive, we should also worry how our children are going to have a shelter over their heads next time.

I remember when my hubs and I bought our first matrimonial resale public HDB (Housing and Development Board) flat 10 years ago, we could easily pay off the housing loan under 3 years.  Our current private apartment is also fully paid up.  Try asking a newly-wed couple in their late 20s now how long will they be able to fully pay up their Built-To-Order (BTO) HDB flat, it is easily 15 years and above, depending on the locations of the BTO, the size of the flats and whether both husband and wife are working.  Scary!

You can choose to complain, struggle & live with it or leverage and build a FORTUNE for you and your family

The 8 Education has generously sponsored my readers 5 seats on their Value Growth Workshop (VGW) which will be taking place on 21st March.  Using the strategies taught in the workshop, students of value investing have been able to compound between 11% – 25% annual returns in their investments, easily doubling their wealth every 3 – 5 years.

In value investing, one has to be aware that:

Compounding only works in the long term

In order to get a meaningful return from our investment, we need to understand that compounding return can only work if we allow it to continue for a long time. A long time would mean 10 years and beyond. It means that we should view our investment as something we hold on to for the next few decades. A mere $10, 000 compounded at a rate of 10% over 20 years can become $70,000.  Therefore, we need to allow our investment to work its magic by staying invested and not get caught up with quick profit and speculation in the stock market.

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Think about what you and your loved ones can enjoy if you know exactly how to apply the formula to sifting out profitable stocks that actually makes you money.  Wouldn’t life be better to have assets giving you passive income every year, yet at the same time, compounding your wealth through capital gains?

And once you have gotten the right strategies to value investing, you could even create your own low cost fund for your family.  There is no need for you to get locked in into mutual funds or insurance investment-link policy that take a big commission fee and wipe off your investment returns. 

In this Value Growth Workshop, in 8 content-packed hours, you will discover:

  1. The investing methodology used by Warren Buffett, arguably the world’s richest investor.
  2. An effective yet ultra easy way to Reading Annual Reports like children story books.
  3. How successful, millionaire investors sift out profitable, money making stocks using Magic Numbers.
  4. How you can create an endless stream of Passive Income to supplement your lifestyle ~ literally getting money for nothing.
  5. Create a Financially Free life, live happier and provide more for your loved ones.
  6. And much, much more.

To participate in this giveaway, kindly follow all the steps indicated in the Rafflecopter below.  The last day of entry is 18th March 2359.  Winners will be notified on 19th March 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Congratulations! I will send you the link to register to the workshop soon!