The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Marine Cove

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It's in the news. Marine Cove at East Coast Park (ECP) is now open. Children who live in the east (and those in other parts of Singapore) can now enjoy the first playground in ECP. I grew up in the east and I could still remember the old Marine Cove. THIS is a far cry from the previous. I am so jealous that the children could have such a HUGE playground to play in now.

Pardon the jerky video as there were children running about when I was taking it.

This structure is the anchor of the entire playground. Standing at 3-storey high, it incorporates both climbing and sliding features. It is more suitable for older children in view of the height.

The playground is no lack of fun for younger children too. From tunnel, to maze, to climbing sphere, this playground caters for children aged 2 to 12 adequately.



No worries when you and your children get hungry after the running, climbing, swinging and sliding, there are 5 eateries next to the playground that cater to different appetition. For now, let me introduce to you the new concept that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) has here.

It is the first and largest CBTL that is located at beach front and allows you to enjoy the seaview. Like the playground, the entire place in CBTL is wheelchair friendly (thus pram/stroller friendly too!). This Marine Cove outlet will be CBTL's new flagship store and it is also CBTL's 60th outlet (congratulations!).

As you stroll around, you will observe that careful planning has been put in in order to ensure a good customer experience. The cafe is spacious (4500 sqft) with a well-balanced of indoor and outdoor seatings. Lest you worry about the scorching hot morning sun, large canopy has been built to ensure customers sitting outdoor are comfortable. On top of that, ceiling fans are also installed to ensure healthy air circulation.

Cyclists who want to drop by to catch a drink could park their bicycles on the bicycle racks along the walkway.

The yoghurt station 

You may choose your yoghurt toppings or ... ... 

 choose the Ultimate Swirl like we did

You have 2 flavours to choose from - natural or tart. Natural has a stronger taste of dairy and is not that sweet. Tart has a more sourish taste. I prefer the Natural flavour.

Because it is positioned as a family cafe here, there is a play area inside the store for children aged 5 and below to play. Except for caregivers to the much younger children, no other adults are allowed in, giving children a complete free play while the adults enjoy their meals. How wonderful is that?

If you are keen to hold a party in CBTL at Marine Cove, there is also a Los Angeles vintage Venice beach theme party room for you to book. This party room is about 40sqm and can house up to 30 persons. The room is also suitable for site meeting and workshop. A minimum order of $300 for weekday and $400 for weekend for the first 2 hours is required. Subsequent hour is charged at $100 for weekday and $150 for weekend.

That is not all. CBTL at Marine Cove has also introduced Kids menu here to cater for the younger children.

Some dishes are also new, like the Burrito Wrap and the Prawn Aglio Olio Spaghetti.

Top left clockwise: Salmon Bagel,  Burrito Wrap, Classic Eggs Benedict and Seafood Spaghetti

Prawn Aglio Olio Spaghetti

From now till 1st July (Friday), you could enjoy this 1-for-1 ice-blended offer. So value for money!

If you can't visit Marine Cove now, then do come on 2nd July, its official opening day. What is going to happen that day will excite you. Beside the usual balloon sculpting and photo taking with Mascot to entertain the young ones, CBTL is giving away free flow of selective beverages from 2pm to 9pm. Yes! You hear me right! FREE FLOW (subject to 1 drink per customer).  On top of that, CBTL will also be giving away 1500 CBTL reuseable cups and Brew of the Day voucher. 

I hear you asking where it is. CBTL at Marine Cove is located at: 1000, East Coast Parkway, #01-01 Marine Cove, Singapore 449876. It's operating hours on Sun to Thurs is 8am to 11pm; Fri, Sat and eve of Public Holidays is 24hrs.

Last but not least, a ... ...


1 CBTL $50 The Coffee Bean Card is to be given to 1 lucky reader. This is how to participate:

1) Be my fan in Facebook;
2) Set your Instagram account to public;
3) Follow me (@mylilbookworm) and CBTL (@coffeebeansg) on Instagram;
4) Visit CBTL at Marine Cove on 2 July and find this:

5) Take a picture of it and post it on your instagram and tag me @mylilbookworm and hashtag #NewBeanInTown and #MarineCove

The lucky reader who wins the $50 The Coffee Bean Card will have his/her picture reposted on my Instagram account on 3rd July.  

Wishing you all the Bean Best!

Knowing More of Nature's Glory

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I started consuming organic food and used organic products few years back when I started researching and reading up on matters regarding health. The interest in ‘food as thy medicine’ partly arose because of my deteriorating health condition. Having a young one with me, I do hope that I could live longer and healthier, to see him growing up into adulthood.

Little did I know that many of those organic food I bought from supermarkets were actually distributed by a local company called ‘Nature’s Glory’. It only came to light when I went to a media event where Nature’s Glory introduced to us ‘Bonsoy’ – a non-dairy organic soymilk. I took interest to learn more about this company as its CEO, Mr Peter Lim, briefed us on the company’s history.

The cheerful looking founder, Mr Peter Lim

Making money wasn’t the top priority of Mr Lim’s goals when he started this business in 1991 (25 years ago!). He was sick for more than four decades and his son, Chris, was also sick for about 2 decades. They sought many avenues but their health didn’t get any better.

But the Lord showed Mr Lim the way one day. He started consuming organic food and his health was regained within 3 months. 

All types of organic beans found in Nature's Glory Retail Store

Psalm 24:1 – ‘The earth is the LORD's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein’ shed light on Mr Lim and this recovery inspired him to leave the corporate world to seek a more meaningful life. And that was how Nature’s Glory started, it was this man’s vision, mission and passion to promote health to the world, to regain good health through nature.

Wholesome organic snack!

It wasn’t a smooth journey pioneering the organic movement 25 years ago. It was like selling ice to Eskimo, Mr Lim joked. Most of the people would rather see doctors than seeking to eat the right food. But he preserved on.

Air-flown organic vegetables! 

Organic carrots! Look at the size!

Today, Nature’s Glory does their own in-house testing on food, supplements and products to ensure they are of organic integrity, chemical free, non-GMO, without radiation, etc.. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that the products I have bought over the years came from a company that upholds high integrity.

On that event day, Mrs Lim cooked up a storm for us. It was a feast made out of love with 100% organic produce. How blessed we are!

The yummy laksa using Bonsoy milk in replacement of coconut milk got me going for second serving. 

Non-dairy cafe latte made of Bonsoy milk 

Chocolate cake baked with Bonsoy milk

Mr Lim briefed us on Bonsoy, a fabulous soymilk made in Japan, from organic soy beans, pearl barley, salt and tapioca syrup. We were told that the skin of the soy beans is skinned to remove the bacteria and the beany taste. The protein inhibitor, commonly found in soy beans, is also removed to prevent goiter and thyroid challenges.

Bonsoy makes coffee and tea latte taste so good, I am not surprised that it is highly recommended by barristers. It is an excellent non-dairy substitute for cow’s milk not only for drinking, but also in cooking and baking as well!

Bonsoy and many other organic products are available at Nature’s Glory retail store in Outram or you may also visit its e-shop at to get them. There will be free delivery for purchases of min. $150.

Nature's Glory
315 Outram Road #01-09
Tan Boon Liat Building
Singapore 169074
Tel: 6227 1318

This year, Nature’s Glory is celebrating its Silver Jubilee. I am so glad to have known this company better through this event. I hereby wish Nature’s Glory a blessed anniversary and I hope to see you continuing in your effort to bring good health to many people through your offering. God bless your effort!

Below are some photos of other products/produce we use/eat that are also offered in Nature’s Glory.

Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Castile Soap. I blogged about it here.

Using Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Castile Soap is a baby step I took to declutter my house

Not many people know coconut oil is a very good moisturizer. I am telling you now. 

My boy has been deprived of instant noodles for many years. Not any more! 

Cold Pressed Juicing With Juice Tales

I came back from a 9-day trip feeling bad because I had put much junk into my body. In the first 5 days of my trip, we were feasting on buffet every day, every meal because we were staying in a resort. It wasn’t easy putting off cakes, pastries and other desserts which I shouldn’t even touch (I am supposed to avoid wheat, sugar and trans fat).  So desperate was I to get rid of those toxins in my body that I decided to take up the 3-day detox programme by Juice Tales. I really needed to clean up my body system.

A juice fast is a type of detox or cleansing diet that involves the consumption of lots of raw vegetables, some fruits and water. It can last 1 to 5 days. I opted for the 3-day programme because I don’t think I can ‘ta-han’ 5 days without solid.  :P

In any case, cold pressed juicing is one of the best ways to get the most nutrients out from fruits and vegetables. It is pretty impossible to eat 2 kilogrammes of vegetables everyday so juicing is the way to go. Cold pressed technology also means there is no high heat generated like what conventional juicer or blender would generate that could destroy the enzymes in the vegetables. Cold pressed juicing also minimizes oxidation which could further destroy the nutrients.

Juice tales’ juices are prepared fresh on the day of delivery and they are stored in 400ml air tight bottles. No sugar, preservatives and water are added. I was told to consume the juices no later than 48 hours upon receipt of them, and to keep them chilled at 3-5 degrees in the fridge.

Day 1 & Day 2's supplies came together

To help me lose weight, I drank the last bottle of the juice at least 3 hours before I sleep and had at least a 12-hour fast before I started the first bottle of the juice the next morning. This is to allow my body’s glycogen reserve to be depleted so that my body will burn off more of my fat reserves. 

In between juices, I drank about 2 litres of water each day (I drink about 3 litres of water everyday without juices). That was a lot of liquid consumed in a day, at least 4.8 litres!

Bottles are packed in thermally insulated aluminum cooler bag that can keep chilled for about 1.5 hours.

What’s the end result after 3 days? Actually, I felt the result on the first night. I slept well, really well, like a baby! I pooed thrice on the first day, and twice on the second and the third day. I felt lighter, my tummy flatten a little and my 2-pack abs became visible again. Don’t laugh okay! I do have abs muscles. Please don’t ask me if I will be training for 4-pack. If it comes, it will be a bonus. That is all I would say. I was also 1kg lighter. Was it purely water loss? I don’t think so. The amount of liquid I have consumed in those 3 days and the keto bodies that I have been trying to kick in through the 12-hour fast justified that it was not water loss.

I have begun to love cold-pressed juicing after this detox trial. I am contemplating to do this monthly, even considering getting myself a slow juicer to DIY. I am not sure about the latter yet because I am really a lazy person.

Juice Tales is one of the more affordable cold-pressed juicers in the market, and their menu is quite comprehension (they even have juice supplement for pregnant mummies!). They run promotions every now and then so you may like to visit their website to find out what suits you best. Once an order has been placed, Juice Tales will contact you within 24hrs via whatsapp or SMS for delivery arrangements after payment is received. If you are keen to try juicing, do consider giving Juice Tales a try. 

Happy Juicing!

How We Spent Fathers' Day - A Brief Encounter With Glaucoma

I was just lamenting last week that how fragile life is. An ex-colleague of mine who was the same age as me collapsed in her house suddenly and died of Brain Aneurysm. A day later, my cousin 10 years my senior died suddenly from heart attack without prior medical history. I asked myself, if the same thing happened to me or my loved ones, am I ready to meet the Lord or ready to part with my loved ones.

As Murphy's Law states, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. On 19th June, I woke up with a blur vision on my right eye. The blur-ness was like a foggy piece of shield covering my eye. It was very even. As anyone would, I waited to observe, to see if it would get better, worse or status quo. I went to church as usual, went exercising as usual, but it didn’t get better.  By evening, the tension on right eye started to build up, I felt mild pain from my head ,down to my cheek and upper jaw. Common sense told me something wasn’t right. My heart was palpitating fast. I couldn’t sit, stand, even breath well. It seems right to visit a doctor, perhaps visiting a hospital A&E. But it was a Sunday, how could there be any specialist, I asked myself. I decided to call my medical friend and told him all my symptoms. His advice was to see a doctor immediately because it got to do with my vision, and he reassured me that there would be specialist on standby to be called back. 

With that assurance, I walked to the nearest hospital alone, which was about 10mins walk from home. It was nearing my boy's bedtime, so I didn’t want the whole family to come along. Throughout the episode, I was all alone, but my Lord was with me.

When on-call eye specialist saw me, he diagnosed it as Acute Angle Eye Closure Glaucoma. He said I must be admitted because it was an emergency case. Eye drop must be applied on my eye hourly to bring down the high pressure. So I admitted alone. And that was how we spent Fathers’ Day, the boys were at home sleeping together, and me alone on the hospital bed. Throughout the night, the nurse-on-shift came in hourly to apply eye drop on me. I vomited 4-5 times throughout the night as I was feeling nausea, even though I didn’t eat my dinner. Every time the eye drop applied on me, I experienced total black-out on my right eye, which scared the hell out of me. Vision only slowly came back after about 10 minutes, the nurse said that was the effect of the medicine. At dawn, my eye pressure dropped significantly, I could see much better, though still blur.

Alone, yet not alone

For those who don’t know what is Closed-Angle Glaucoma, according to Wikipedia:

Closed-angle glaucoma can present gradually or suddenly. The sudden presentation may involve severe eye pain, blurred vision, mid-dilated pupil, redness of the eye, and nausea.  Vision loss from glaucoma, once it has occurred, is permanent. But, if it is treated early, it is possible to slow or stop the progression of disease with medication, laser treatment, or surgery. Treatment of closed-angle glaucoma is a medical emergency. It occurs more commonly among older people and more commonly in women. Worldwide, glaucoma is the second-leading cause of blindness after cataracts. 

The eye specialist said that I am his youngest patient in his 25 yrs of medical practice. The previous youngest one was 44. Well …

My blood pressure shot up to 186 when I was admitted but came down to normal when discharged

So this morning, I did safety key-hole laser treatment on both eyes (the other eye was done as preventive measure). The doctor said thankfully I saw him yesterday, because if it was treated late, vision could be lost. How could I not be thankful to the Lord? 

I am now back home but I have to be observed for 2 days on out-patient basis. If there is no improvement, the doctor may have to perform cataract surgery to remove my lens and replace with artificial lens. I covet your prayer.

SpongeBob Run 2016

[Event Highlight]

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Truth be told, this is going to be the first run in my life. First time, because most of the interesting runs are on Sunday. I try not to participate in those runs because Sunday is the Lord's Day. On rare occasion like this, it happens on a Saturday, hooray! What could be more fun is - it is gonna be a family run! Yes, both my husband and AJ will be joining in, because it is SpongeBob SquarePants! 

This is Nickelodeon’s first ever SpongeBob Run in Asia, and it will flag off in Singapore on Saturday, 6 August 2016 at Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa. The race course will be lined with many trigger-happy opportunities for participants to snap a #wefie with SpongeBob and his friends in life-size cutout boards, such as Sandy Cheeks in her pressurized suit and SpongeBob’s pet sea snail Gary.

On the same day, a carnival filled with nautical-themed activities, food and beverages, awaits SpongeBob fans and their families. At the end of the race, fans can enjoy a screening of three episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants with their loved ones. The first 30 participants who finish the race will get the opportunity to meet SpongeBob and Patrick.

There are two categories of race entitlement packs:

• For BASIC (S$49.50 per pax), participants will receive an official event t-shirt, an event medal and a runner’s license.
• For NORMAL (S$59.50 per pax), in addition to receiving an official event t-shirt, an event medal and a runner’s license, participants will go home with an exclusive SpongeBob Run Singapore plush and drawstring bag

And I mark my 40s birthday with this first run of my life, would you like to join me on my birthday? Do visit this link to register your run and key in this promo code SBXJENN to enjoy $5 off before 20 June 2016. See ya!

[ Hurray! The offer is now extended to 5 August 2016 23:59 ]

Race Details
Date: 6 August 2016
Venue: Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa
Time: 4 – 8 pm
Distance: Five kilometres

Baking With Chef Yamashita (Bosch)

[Media Invite]

I love Bosch kitchen appliances, especially their oven. I find the functionalities of their oven suits my personality very well. And I love bakes (although I am to limit wheat and sugar intake). So when both are married, I jumped for joy!

I was invited to enjoy Chef Yamashita's bakes once again! The previous time was in Gain City Mega Store. His bakes are so delicious, how could I miss! Moreover, this time it was the highly-anticipated launch of famed pâtissier Chef Yamashita’s third recipe book – "Tanoshii Ke–Ki” – at Bosch Experience Centre. 

Besides indulging in sweet treats and getting first-hand insights behind Chef Yamashita’s inspiration for the recipe book, we took this opportunity to learn how to bake a Yuzu Chiffon Cake from the great baking master himself at this exclusive intimate session. For your information, the renowned pâtissier previously of Flor and Glacé fame, Chef Yamashita is now proud to be a Bosch partner chef. 

Reproduced from Chef Yamashita's Tanoshii Ke-Ki recipe book page 54

Yuzu Chiffon Cake

As usual, we are always pampered by Chef Yamshita whenever he bakes for us.  Beside tasting the yummy Yuzu Chiffon Cake, he also baked Sakura Roll Cake and Castella cake (a popular type of Japanese Honey Spongecake) for us to munch. What a privilege!

Sakura Roll Cake

This third book written by well-loved pastry chef, Chef Yamashita, includes 42 easy-to-follow recipes written in a clear, step-by-step format that are so easy for new bakers. These Japanese-inspired French cake recipes include baking tips and tricks to ensure success at every attempt. It is retailing at S$32 at major bookstores. If you are into baking, do considering grabbing some of his recipe books. 

Before I leave you drooling, you may like to take advantage of Bosch's Great Singapore Sale which is taking place now.  From washers/dryers, hoods/hobs, vacuum cleaners, ovens, kitchen machines, refrigerators, to dishwashers, all promotional items will be available at all leading departmental and electronics retail stores island-wide from now until 24 July 2016. Do check out for more information.