Turning 7 - The Sensory Play Day (Zoo)

On the actual day (weekday) of the boy's birthday, we brought him to the zoo. It happened to be an off day for his school so we need not apply leave for him.

The trip to zoo was meant to do stuffs that he truly delighted in, like water play, watching animal friends show & touching the animals - sensory activities.

So when we reached the destination, we went straight to Kidzworld to cover those 3 activities. 

Got him to participate in the show

A sheer delight to have the doggie jumped through loop

A 'thank-you' mask was given after the participation

After the Animal Friends Show, the boy spotted the Wet Play Area & requested to play with water.

This smile melts my heart

After the water play, he got changed & we proceeded for lunch.  Then we went to visit the farm animals where children get to feed & touch the animals.

Stroking the Giant Rabbit (Yes, that's its name)

We also took a horse carriage ride for an experience!

Time flew when we were enjoying ourselves. As we headed to the exit of the zoo, we saw this memorial statute of iconic Ah Ming & the boy requested to take a photo with it.  We understand that her tomb is somewhere around the statute but we could not locate it.

Along the way, we were on time for another show - Rainforest fights back.  Well, might as well.

After the show, I pushed encouraged the birthday boy to take a photo with the python.  Heehee ... ...  The boy is unlike the mum who is a dare devil, he needs a lot of encouragement to do adventurous stuffs.  Every milestone is a great achievement for him, & a sweet success for me, who is usually the one encouraging him.  & so we had one!

The zoo charges $30 for this picture, but I have no regards buying.  I want this to me a memorial one, to remind him of his courage.  :)


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