About Us

The blog title is named after AJ, who is a little bookworm. This blog is a chronicle of AJ's development since he was one as a private blog.  Since its conversion to a public blog in 2013, this blog has expanded its coverage to parenting tips, educational topics, travelogues, food reviews and other lifestyle product reviews.   

About Jenn

Jenn was the one who started blogging in the blog because she wanted to document AJ's progress and development so that when he grows up, he will have these to ponder upon.

Jenn had a wide working experience, more prominent ones were working in the telecommunication industry and the financial market. She loves both jobs very much. Jenn is now a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) and she enjoys the flexibility of being able to trade in the stock market while taking care of the household and coaching AJ in his studies.

About Andy

Andy is an IT geek.  Hand him any IT gadgets or introduce him to any new software, he is happy to spend hours (sometimes days) studying them.

He has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and master degree in Information Technology.  He teaches AJ computer coding and programming, and that was how AJ got his hobby.

Andy blogs in this blog occasionally, usually on topics pertaining to IT. 

About AJ

AJ is a bubbly 12-year old boy who loves chemistry and computer programming. His mother discovered AJ was a special boy when he able to read 2-syllabus word before 18 months old, do math 1-2 years ahead of his peers, cycle on 2 wheels before he turned 5. He even finished his Kindergarten 2 when he was 5 years old, 1 year ahead of his peers!

He also has the gift of music and has gotten ABRSM Piano Grade 5 when he was 5, ABRSM Piano Grade 8 when he was 8, and Diploma in Music Performance (Piano) when he was 11. You may read more about his music journey here

AJ will sometimes share his views or projects in this blog.

For review, sponsorship and advertorial, please contact Jenn at lilbookworm1234@gmail.com

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