Life After Kayla Itsines BBG

I am so elated to announce to the whole world that I have completed BBG vol. 2 💪! That means 24 weeks of Kayla Itsine’s torture by choice 😏. I started BBG vol. 1 for the fourth time in Sep 2016 after failing to persevere on to complete it for thrice. Yea, for those who think it is easy had better eat up their words. Somehow I got this motivation to carry on because I did coolsculpting aesthetic treatment that month. I know coolsculpting will help me in my body contour, but nobody says the body contour will stay that way forever if one continues to be a couch potato. If I don’t want the effort of doing coolsculpting to go to waste, I had better find ways to maintain it. The answer is – a home exercise regime 🏋. 

To start off BBG was tough, of course. To do 2x 2 circuits three times a week can often be a dread than a joy. There were many things that I could think of to postpone my BBG workout – time, energy, fatigue, you name it. But I also learnt that if I want these to be my obstacles, they will be, and I will not progress. Somehow, after three failure, the motivation to preserve on this fourth time is a lot stronger. So, persevere I did.

BBG Vol. 1 Week 1

Then I completed BBG vol.1 miraculously in Dec 2016 (clap! clap!). Before I even pondered to think whether I should proceed on to vol. 2, I did it without hesitation. Reason?

BBG Vol. 2 Week 24

In Nov 2016, when I went NUH to meet with 2 fellow mummies working around there for lunch, I met an auntie on the train. This auntie came out of the train door around the same time as me, but her swiftness caught my attention. For those who know me, I walk fast (because I dislike wasting time). But I will walk exceptionally fast if I am late. This auntie looked like she was in her 60s, she overtook me and like anyone who is in a hurry, she climbed up the escalator on the right lane (the speed lane). Frankly, I will only do that if I am late, so when this auntie did it, she caught my attention, mainly because of her age. I decided to trail her because I was curious how long she could walk at this speed (the speed I would walk if I am late). Knowing that the escalators are long and steep in Circle Line stations, I really had my doubt if she would complete the entire journey up. She proved me wrong. She completed the entire journey. And without panting, without even pausing to catch a breath, she continued marching out of the station in the same speed. I trailed her until we had to part due to our different destinations. I was totally awed how a 60+ auntie could walk as fast as me without having to pause to catch a breath or pant. That incident set me thinking, and motivated me further to continue with BBG vol. 2 because I do want to be as strong as her even when I reached her age.

I only realized how important strength training is when I started to do sports, because you need strong enough muscles to help protect your joints from injury and to increase balance and coordination :) also important, it gives the body nice lines – Jamie Teo (local celebrity)

The wonderful part about BBG is that it not only gives nice body lines, it gives me very strong (but not bulky) muscles. Am I still continuing BBG? Yes, I am restarting BBG vol. 2 with a tweak. Instead of doing 2x 2 circuits of legs, arms or abs (total 4 circuits of legs, arms or abs) each time, I am doing 1x 2 circuits of legs, 1x 2 circuits of arms and 1x 2 circuits of abs (total 6 circuits of legs, arms and abs). What would I do after completing the second round of BBG vol.2, I’m not sure yet, I will got to see what comes around by then.


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