Media Appearance

Mother & Baby Magazine Oct 2014 

Meet Singapore's Whiz Kids

 AJ was interviewed by Mother & Baby magazine. You may read about it here.

Media Corp Channel 8 《前线追踪》2014第26集 - 9月26日

《网络安全 防不胜防》

K Box集团系统资料库遭黑客入侵,导致超过30万会员的个人资料外泄。类似资料外泄的事件一再发生, 网上用户要如何更好地保护个人资料?企业又能采取什么防范措施?

The interview was in Mandarin. In this interview, I shared about how end users like us protect ourselves in the cyberspace.

Media Corp Channel NewsAsia <Money Mind> 9/5/2015

The Art of Investment

If you want to invest well - you got to play it right. And what better way to sharpen your skills than through investment games. And, an investment that you can enjoy for its own sake - that's what you get when you invest in Art. Money Mind this Saturday 10.30pm on Channel NewsAsia. 

In this episode, I was invited to participate in a financial card game that serves to resemble real life economic situations.  And against all odds (2 men against 1 lady), I won the game. I also shared my investment philosophy in this episode.

The Asian Parent Oct 2015

My blog was recommended by as 1 of the 35 parent bloggers to follow.

StarHub's JuniorProtect Plus Apr 2017

We were featured in StarHub's JuniorProtect Plus teaser ad and there 2 blog posts about matters pertaining to exposing our children to Internet.
Managing Our Children’s Online Activities And Screen Time (Part I)
Managing Our Children’s Online Activities And Screen Time (Part II)

Channel NewsAsia Talking Point 5 Oct 2017 

Many people expect a higher ability child to be good at everything, the least, to be polite and very well-behaved, to be good in sports, etc. Truth be told, these exceptional kids often have double exceptions, if not more. They can be exceptionally intelligent; they can also be exceptionally notorious, hyper-active, etc., with some having Dylsexia, ADHD and Asperger. I shared why I send AJ for a 4-session GEP prep class. In all honesty, I do not think the 4-session prep class could craft a genius out. I just wanted him to be able to cope with the unfamiliarity well.

Read my blog post here.


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