Z for Zoo

AJ can identify alphabets now & can tell what each is for. He knows quite a fair bit of animals now - from books, pictures & television, but he has not seen real ones except for dogs, cats, fish & birds which are in our neighbourhood. So we thought that he should see the real ones now.

We brought him to Zoo one morning, thinking that he, at close to 17-mth then can probably skip his mid morning nap.

He was excited to see the monkeys, penguins & sea lions. But soon, he became sleepy. He wanted his nap. Alas! We did not bring the stroller which he can sleep in. The stroller we took was not meant to sleep as the seat cannot be declined. The poor boy had to sleep on sitting position - just like you & me, dozing off on the train, bus or car.

After his short nap of half an hr, we continued our journey. It was very hot, I think that could have caused him to be more tired. Soon after we have reached home in the afternoon, he napped for 2 hrs.

Even though it did not turn out as what I wished, I hope he has learnt much from this field trip. Our next trip will be Sentosa - Underwater world!


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