Excursion to Sentosa

We went to Sentosa during May Day public holiday. I thought AJ would be able to postpone his morning nap till after lunch, but lo & behold, the same episode that happened in zoo happened again in Sentosa.

Our first stop was the Butterfly & Insects Park. He was still excited to see so many beautiful butterflies though he has somewhat seen them in the zoo too. After which, we proceeded to Underwater World. By then it was nearing 11am. He looked tired. The Underwater World tickets came with free entry to the Pink Dolphin Lagoon which had a show at 11.30am but it was at the other end of the island. The father suggested to go to the Lagoon first to catch the show but looking at AJ, I told the father it was not advisable to. It was an open-air show, right under the hot sun, AJ would definitely be more grouchy then. So we decided to give the Pink Dolphin Lagoon visit a miss & just stayed on in the Underwater World.

AJ enjoyed himself at first as he was able to play with the water, touch the fishes & stingrays in those touch pools. But as we proceeded to the conveyor belt where we got to see those turtles, sharks, stingrays & other fishes around us, he lost steam. He wanted to sleep already!!! If he could communicate with us in proper sentences, he would probably say, “Forget about this mummy, just let me have my morning nap!”

When we left the place & proceeded to the bus stop to take the bus to the Sentosa train station, he went to his dreamland in his stroller immediately. He used to take his pacifier when he napped. He didn’t need that at all that morning, he just could not take it any more, he needed his nap.

We had a peaceful lunch at Vivo City & he only woke up after our lunch. It looks like I have to plan future excursion in the afternoon instead :-(


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