Hired Swing and Slide

We rented this swing & slide for S$48 a month from rent-a-toy.com. AJ loves to sit on both the slide & swing. We had rented a slide from them a month ago & it took him a while to have the courage to slide down. Now that his confidence is built up, he can climb & slide on his own. I can see that he enjoys the swing more, i think most kids like to swing more. It is certainly worthwhile renting toys like these than buying them as kids get sick out their toys easily. With renting, we get to change the toys regularly at a fraction of the price without having our house like a toy garage.


  1. Hi Jenn!

    Just chanced upon your blog ... whoa! That's your son? (Of course he is!)

    Take good care! Send my regards to Pastor Koshy as well.



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