A Typical Weekday

My typical weekday starts usually at 7am. AJ wakes up between 7-7.45am, so it forces me to wake up at 7am regardless whether it is a weekday or weekend. I then switch on my laptop to check Dow’s performance the night before, read Dow Jones Newswire, read Business Times & Strait Times online. In between, if AJ wakes up, I’ll stop my reading, bring him to the kitchen & prepare breakfast for him & myself while my helper mops the floor. He will be glad to be in the kitchen because it is a restricted place. He cannot roam freely here unless an adult is around to accompany him. We installed a gate to the entrance of the kitchen so he cannot roam in & out of it freely. He has many things to play in the kitchen, his 'toys' in the kitchen include plastic containers, coasters, clips we use to clip our clothes, straws, covers of the pots, pots, sometimes fruits like oranges, apples or pears, etc.

AJ & I will then have our breakfast together. If the father does not have to go to school that early, he will join us too. AJ usually eats breakfast cereal, biscuits, bread with peanut butter or ham & cheese sandwich with a small cup of milo for breakfast. On weekends, he will sometimes have ‘pao’, yam cake, chee cheong fan, rice cake, soon guey or zui guey. Like his mother, he is not very adventurous with food, so we have to go slow in introducing him with new food.

During breakfast, I will continue reading my online news & watch half an hour of Channel News Asia.

He will play for a while after breakfast before having his bath at 9am. And that is when I have to sit in front of my laptop, so my helper will bath him. I will bath him on weekends & public holidays.

He will have his milk at 9.30am & continue playing in the hall till his lunch time at 11.30am. He will occasionally come & ‘disturb’ me when he wants me to read to him, carry him, dance or sing song with him. If there are not much activities in my work, I will do the GD’s flash cards (English/Chinese/Math) with him.

AJ will usually nap about 12.30-1pm till 2.30-3pm. During this time, my helper & I will have our lunch. After which I will do my quiet time or reading & have a half an hour nap before the market opens at 2pm.

AJ will have his fruits & snacks when he wakes up & watch half an hour of Little Einsteins, Sesame Street or Learning Chinese DVD. He will continue playing until his dinner at 5.30pm while I wrap up my work. I may bring him out to the neighbourhood park or supermarket if the father is not coming back home early. Else, the father will take over the time with him. AJ loves his father very much because the father can really play with him. It is a great relieve when the father is around because AJ will always stick to him – heehee. If the father is around, I will continue with my work or read.

We will have our dinner at about 7.30pm. As AJ had his at 5.30pm, he will join us for soup only. He is now able to say his own grace so we will make him do so during his meal & milk time. Then he will change to his pajamas & have his milk at 8.15pm. I will then have a last round of GD’s flash cards with him before he goes to bed between 8.45-9pm.

My work starts again after he sleeps. I will usually go to bed about 11pm after a last glance on Dow’s performance.


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