Toilet Training

AJ is nearing 22 months old and we have just started toilet train him few days ago. Though he can speak relatively well, he would not tell us whether he wants to pee or poo. So, we are bringing him to the toilet to pee hourly.

He wetted 4 shorts on the 1st day of training. We ran out of shorts for him on the 2nd day because it is the rainy season here and clothes take long time to dry. So on 2nd day onwards, he was on pull-up diaper. He doesn’t like to sit on his potty to pee, so we can only make him stand on the bathroom floor or on the seat of the toilet bowl. We see some results after 2 days, he is getting better at controlling now.

Getting him to poo is more challenging. He doesn’t tell us whether he wants to poo or not. The moment he squatted down, it could probably mean it was in the process of coming out. He hasn’t gotten used to the potty, so shitting in the potty may mean unfinished stuff. We have had this experience twice, when we brought him to the bathroom to wash his butt after his business done in the potty, his business continues on the bathroom floor!

Well, this is part & parcel of toilet training. Hopefully he will pass this stage very soon.


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