Grandma's Visitation

AJ’s paternal grandmother came to Singapore over the long weekend to visit AJ because he is approaching 2-yr old. The grandparents cannot visit him that often because AJ’s grandfather is not of good health. She is certainly overjoyed to see AJ when she saw that he can now read, recite songs, dance and do simple Math.

Her stay was short so we did not really go anywhere except to bring her to One-North Park at Buona Vista MRT vicinity. There is an interactive playground for the little ones to explore. It is quite a nice place for a family short outing. After playing in the playground, the family can settle in for a nice meal in the same place. For those who do not drive, the train station is within walking distance.

The father is now studying into adopting Suziki teaching method to start AJ on his piano lesson. With that in mind, we are likely to get a piano & an adjustable seat for AJ. The next worry that the father has is whether he is qualified to coach him because he has only passed grade 3 piano :-(


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