New Year 2009!

A new year has come, a terrible 2009 ahead with more economic contraction. I doubt Singaporeans have yet to feel the real impact of this severe economy downturn second to the Great Depression in 1930s. I believe more Singaporeans will feel it when the heavy layoff set in this year.

AJ is 2 years 2 months old now. He is getting more & more mischievous. His favourite phrase now is “I don’t’ want”. “I don’t want to eat … …”, “I don’t want to sleep”, “I don’t want to sit on the stroller” … … the list goes on. The only way to overcome his assertiveness is to be firm. Of course, the cry can melt your heart, still, if we are not firm, he knows that the limit can be tested over & over again.

I was a bit surprised to learn that he can now write/draw ‘1’, ‘0’, ‘一’, when the father showed me yesterday. So we got him to piece them together to form ‘10’, ‘100’, ‘二’, ‘三’ & ‘十’. It is very obvious that children love to learn. He was very happy he can ‘create’ those Chinese characters & numerals with 1’, ‘0’, ‘一’.

AJ is phobia of water. He likes to play with water in his bath tub, but he hates having water running down from his head. When he is in the swimming pool, he can be very apprehensive in putting his legs down in the shallow children’s pool. We then decided that it is timely to send this boy for swimming lessons to overcome this fear. So we have signed him up with Happy Fish Swimming Lesson which will commence on 7 Feb 09.

We are also sending him to this music class which we find it quite suitable to harness his interest in music (Seimpi School of Music).

I have been scouting around for Nursery for AJ to attend in 2010. Thus far, I have shortlisted two - the Montessori Playroom Kindergarten in Hougang and Pat’s Schoolhouse in Kovan. I have visited the former & am pretty comfortable with the teachers & the environment. My church friend, Melissa, who was a former Montessori teacher said that there are many Montessori counterfeit in the market because Montessori is not a trademark but this school seems very authentic to her. With that assurance, I shortlisted this. I have not been to the latter child care centre yet & will likely to do so in mid Jan as recommended by the centre principal.

There are some advantages of sending him to a half-day session in the Pat’s schoolhouse (Child Care Centre) because I need not worry about keeping him entertained during school holidays. But I still prefer Montessori teaching system. There is no authentic Montessori Child Care Centre in the market, sad to say.

We are also planning to move to a place nearer to the father’s workplace in 2010 so that his traveling time can be cut down. So the next thing in the agenda is researching on primary schools around the northern train track.


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