Zoo-phonics School

AJ went for his zoo-phonics class today. After learning how to read with Glenn Doman teaching method, AJ is now able to read simple English book on his own. To expand his reading capability, we signed him up on phonics classes so that he can blend more words together to ease reading.

We enquired a few phonics schools but most will only take in children of 3 years up. However, we didn’t want to wait till then. Eventually, we came across Zoo-phonics, which takes in children of 18 months up. So AJ was off to this school.

We are not sure how effective it will be, thus we would try it out for 1 month or so before deciding whether this would be the school for him for this year.

After note: We have decided not to continue with Zoo-Phonics after 2 lessons on the following reasons though AJ enjoyed going - (1) The teachers do not speak proper conversational English; (2) 1 of the teachers' skimpy dresscode puts me off. She was wearing spaghetti-stripe sundress & fantastically short dress on the 2 occasions which I find is inappropriate & (3) The teacher was teaching the sound of ALL 26 alphabets in 1 go which I think even a genius cant remember that.


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