Sentosa - Underwater World & Pink Dolphin Lagoon

1 of the advantages of stay at home mum (for me is work at home) is the flexibility of time. I can sign AJ up for enrichment classes during off peak hours (cheaper & better teacher to children ratio), bring him out to places of interest when it is less crowded.

The market was expected to be quiet on 2nd July (Thurs) so I decided to bring AJ to Sentosa Underwater World & the Pink Dolphin Lagoon. Just a half day outing because I would prefer him to have a proper nap at home in the afternoon. With his father’s corporate pass, our admission was free.

I think he enjoyed watching the stunts by the pink dolphins very much. When I asked if he would like to take a photo with the dolphins and touch them, his answer was ‘Yes’. But when I told him he has to get into the water to do that, he hesitated. He probably thought that he will be in the water alone. Anyway, we didn’t do that. We may be better off doing that when we visit Australia in the near future.

AJ has grown to be more assertive these days, insisting on what he wants. & if we told him that the cane will come if he disobeys us, he will cry first to win our hearts. Children these days are very good at manipulating parents.

But, overall, AJ is still quite an obedient child, & has a teachable spirit. He is also quite mature for his age. When I explain things to him, he will listen & will try not to do it again. When I told him that my back is aching I can't play certain games with him, or when I was carrying heavy stuff so I can't carry him & that he has to walk, he understands.
I am grateful to be able to be with him in his early childhood, & to play a part in nurturing him.


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