AJ's New 4-Wheel Drive

We have given away AJ’s small tricycle as we think that he should be ready for a bike. I happened to go to Giant at Vivo last Saturday and saw this bike on offer. Wow! $49.90! I cannot resist but to get it at once because the size fits AJ nicely and the price is so attractive.

AJ saw this bike the moment I opened the door and he climbed up on it swiftly and confidently. I was relieved to see that his confidence level has gone up significantly. I think the swimming lessons and the trips to ExplorerKidz have helped in boosting it.

He can ride this bike pretty well, except he tends not to look straight, but all around. Thus, he may hit into pillars or other objects if there is no close supervision. But I guess, with constant reminder, he should be able to cycle with less close supervision.

One of my friends, Sin Wei, gave tips on how to teach a child to cycle in a week or so. Here’s what he said, “

want him to learn to cycle within 1-2 weeks? Remove the side wheels, remove the padels, lower his seat till both his feet can touch the floor. Let him sit and move forward by using his feet. Go around till he feels the technique of balancing. Once he is able to balance ie, both feet up and going down a gentle slope, put back the padels. He now is able to cycle and bring him for a celebration!"
We will definitely try on this tip once he is ready!


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