Camera for Birthday Present

AJ gave me a pleasant surprise recently, one morning when I was in the bathroom. My ex-colleagues bought him a magnetic easel stand when he can write/draw on the white board with the markers or use the magnetic numbers/alphabets to form simple equations or words. That morning he made 99 + 2 = 101. I am pretty impressed. Even though in Kumon he was given the opportunity to learn up to 220 & is now doing addition of XX + 2 = XX, he hasn’t reached addition up to 3-digit yet. From this, it tells me that he has understood the addition of 2 regardless of the numbers. All thanks to Kumon’s learning materials.

AJ likes to take my mobile phone to snap photos, especially sequential shots. And I always had a hard time deleting them because there are simply too many. One day, he took my mobile phone to take photos again. But this time, more. He deleted ALL my notes stored on the phone and ALL my appointments. It was too late when I discovered it. From then onwards, I did not lend him my mobile phone any more. But I would still want him to enjoy snapping photos, to keep this hobby alive. So the husband & I agreed to buy him a camera for his birthday.

I went to Toys”R’us & saw 2 types of children camera. 1 for 3+ years old costing around S$130 & the other for 5+ at half the price. The former looks like a toy literally, the latter looks like a real camera. Which one do you think AJ would like? The ‘real’ one, of course. He has been playing with real mobile phones, why would he want to play his toy mobile phone?? So I bought the ‘real’ camera for him & get a surprise S$10 off as a Toys’R’us member :-D

We are going to celebrate AJ’s birthday on 7 Nov (Sat) with my sister’s family. Will upload some photos then.


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