AJ loves car. He loves it so much that he knows all the car logos on the road literally, & is now learning their models. On any mode of land transport, he would want to look out of the window to look for -- CARS! If you pass him anything flat of any shapes - round, rectangular or squarish, he will imagine that as his steering wheel & drives it. In this aspect, he has my genes. I love cars too & I love to drive.

We brought AJ to Changi Airport T3 on 22nd March to take these motorised car rides. He loves it so much that he said he wants to go again, & again, & again, & again. The car selection is quite wide, ranging from normal conventional cars, to police car, to BMW convertibles, F1 race cars, Harley Davidson look alike bikes & quad bikes. Each ride is 10mins & costs $3 to $8 depending on the car selection. The car is quite real in the sense it has brake pedal & accelerator. You can control the level of the speed (constant) you want with a button & it has forward & reverse gear. In the sense, the child gets to learn a little about driving.

It does seem fun to me too & we are definitely going back again (available until end of Jun'2010).


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