Back to School

AJ has gone back to school, this time, back to Zoophonics. Well, the dress code issue is resolved. The teachers now wear Polo-T uniform, regardless part-time or full-time. And Zoophonics has opened a new branch in my area, which is 15 mins walk together with AJ or 7 mins walk alone. Moreover, they did an assessment for him, so instead of going into Nursery 2, he gets into Kindergarten 1. At least he gets to learn something more advance, which should not be too boring for him.

Though academically he is more advance than his peers, mentally he is still a 4-year old boy. The school actually recommended Kindergarten 2 for him, but I would rather not because I think mentally he is still not there yet. So we settled for Kindergarten 1.

He has enjoyed going to school so far. I have also constantly reviewed what was taught in school & find the curriculum in-line with the Singapore education system & that it was not too easy nor difficult for him. I am quite comfortable with the pace.

You may ask, so what happened when he is officially 6 in calendar year as he would have finished Kindergarten 2 by 5. Well, there are still many enrichment classes he can attend to prepare him for Primary 1. He can also focus more on music by then. Let’s see how it goes by then.


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