Bye Teacher Hara; Hello Teacher Buchan

AJ left Seimpi School of Music end June 2010 though he got into the school’s SMART programme. Prior to this decision, we researched on other opportunities for AJ as we think his talent needs to be brought to higher height at faster speed. Seimpi School of Music does not focus that much on individual grooming as the school tends to mass produce. Anything outside the textbook that the teachers want to do is probably restrained by its red tape.

Farewell photo with teacher Hara from Seimpi School of Music

We chanced into Buchan’s Tedd Joselson School of Piano . Though it is pretty much an OMO, it is her association with Tedd Joselson (International Concert Pianist) that interest us. It is the kind of network & exposure we want for AJ. Upon contacting Buchan, we quickly arranged a meet up with her & AJ played a few pieces for her to assess. She was spot on in her assessment & took him in as her student immediately.

The Seimpi School of Music had plan for AJ to sit for ABRSM Grade 1 in March 2011, but under Buchan’s guidance, he may proceed on to Grade 3 in 2011. So we can clearly see the systematic hierarchy & red tape that AJ has to go through.

Thank God that AJ likes teacher Buchan too, so what she says, he will listen & obey. Buchan wants AJ to practice piano min. 2 hours daily, which can be quite a task to achieve. We are struggling with an hour daily already :-( . We hope that as he grows older, he will understand the need to practice more often in order to further excel in music.


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