Blessed Birthday Son!

AJ is 4! I really cant wait for him to grow up, I needed my freedom badly! Yet, I believe I will miss his young old days as he grows up, as he grows more rebellious, as he grows up to be more individual. I will also not be able to hug & kiss him as often as when he was younger.

Initially I wanted to hold a Mcdonald’s birthday party for him inviting his church peers to come, but the Church Choir decided to hold a BBQ at Downtown East Chalet on 5 Nov itself to reward everyone who has participated in the Reformation Cantata on 31 Oct. So I decided to call it off.

As 5 Nov was a public holiday, we had a small celebration in AJ’s school on 4 Nov instead. He cut the cake & everyone got to eat the cake, nuggets I have prepared & a goodie bag to bring home.

On the day itself, we met my sister’s family for lunch & then headed to her house to rest. In the night we went for the BBQ. It has been pouring since lunch, not really the kind of weather for BBQ. Nonetheless, I have already bought the cake & did not want to disappoint the boy too. So, we went despite the rain. Thanks to Kenneth who managed to gather the kids around & AJ got to blow the 4 candles under a big umbrella! Haha …


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