I Want To Marry Her

This was our conversation one night:

AJ: how old would my son's or daughter's mummy be when I am 48 yrs old?
Me: who is yr son's or daughter's mummy?
AJ: 李婕啦! (she is his classmate)
Me: you' want to marry her?
AJ: nod
Me: have you told her?
AJ: no
Me: when do you want to get married?
AJ: err...33? err..... no 23

I can't help but laugh. How on earth did he get this idea of marrying a lady? Other than news & some cartoons in Playhouse Disney, we don't usually turn on any adult shows on TV. It really puzzles me.

On the other hand, I know my son is a sentimental boy. He is stubborn on the outside, but very soft & tender on the inside. Pretty much the mother's trait :-) I am not surprise that he prefers quiet demure damsel. I personally like this girl very much (not that I approved this 'relationship'), she is very well-mannered, polite, kind & gentle to him. Her mother has brought her up well.

Well, another year more to go for AJ to be in the same class as her. After that, it is bye bye to this 'puppy love'. :-)

The girl standing next to him is the one he is interested in.


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