KK Children's & Women's Hospital

AJ had high fever of 40 degrees & above over 2 consecutive days that gave me panic. I made the decision to admit him to hospital because this was the 1st time he had such high fever & for 2 consecutive days. I wanted a thorough check to be made on him.

The funny thing was he had fever of above 4o degrees at home but when he was sent to hospital, temperature would drop by 1-2 degrees. He was sent back home once in the early morning because the temperature had dropped when he reached the hospital. But on the same day (5 July 2011) afternoon, his temperature went to 41 degrees & we sent him back. His temperature dropped to 39.3 when we reached but I insisted to have him admitted. An hour later, it went up to 40.

During the stay, they took his temperature every 1-2 hours, drew blood to do tests, collected his stool for examination, etc. After 2 days of stay, when his temperature went to normal, he was discharged. A week later, we received the diagnostic report (see here).

So it was the flu bug. Nowadays the bugs seem to be fierce, sigh ... ...

During his stay in the hospital he updated his personal blog. You may read it here.

Here is a clip which I have recorded. He did a show & tell on his hospital stay.


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