Violin Lesson

AJ started Ukulele lesson with Cristofori in Jan this year. After 2 lessons, the Ukulele teacher suggested him to learn violin instead as he has perfect pitch. It is a useful asset in playing violin, & he thought that it would be easy for AJ to pick up violin.

After discussing with the father, we decided to go ahead. We asked his current piano teacher for recommendation & we got him started with the father of Chan Yoong-Han (Singapore Symphony Orchestra First Violinist). His father, Chan Yong Shing, coached him personally.

Mr Chan took AJ in as student & AJ had his first lesson on 10 Feb. He set our expectation that learning violin is tough. The first 2 months can be a torture because correct posture would be emphasised; leaving the child feeling aches on the neck & arms.

True enough, AJ expressed that he did not like learning violin. But we are not letting him give it up yet. :-)


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