Christmas: Christ - Man And Son

What does Christmas mean to you? Is 25 Dec really the date of birth of Jesus Christ?

Well, no one knows exactly the date of His birth. It was not recorded for us precisely. 25 Dec is only a day for us to remember the Saviour. Of course, the world has changed it drastically, deceiving people with Santa, Christmas trees; exchanging of gifts, etc.

For Christians, Christmas is a time for us to remember the arrival of the Saviour, who saves His people from their sins.  Without Him, from the Son of God becoming a Man, we can never be united with God the Father.

Our church had its Christmas Service on 23 Dec (Sun) with songs of praises.  Here are 3 groups of the members singing:

The first group was the Youth Choir

The second group was the Children's Choir
(AJ is in the Children's Choir)

The third group was the Voices of Gethsemane - the Church Choir

May you discover the true meaning of Christmas before 2012 ends. God bless!

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