A Fully Sponsored Birthday Party for Your Child


Every child loves to have a birthday party, especially when he/she is still young.  It is a day he/she feels really special, with all attention on him/her, with presents, food, games, entertainment and birthday cake! 

Every parent will strive to give their child the best birthday party.  How extensive it will be will depend on one's budget, but, they will try to give their child a memorable one, no doubt.

I have planned 2 birthday parties for AJ in the past.  Though it was satisfying, it can be very tiring, particularly the co-ordination part on the actual day of party.  How nice if one can engage a birthday party co-ordinator who will do all the leg works!  Well ... ... Plaza Singapura heard us!

As part of it’s dedication in delighting shoppers, Plaza Singapura is giving more reasons for children and their families to have fun at this iconic family destination mall.  This family mall is thrilled to offer one lucky child and 20 of his/her friends, a fully sponsored 2-hour Kids’ Craft Workshop Birthday Party!

Your child and his/her friends can look forward to great party food and beverage, and a multitude of engaging activities including:

  • Personalising their own beautiful balloon sculptures with the help of a balloon artist
  • Making cute and adorable finger puppets for imaginative play
  • Playing junior chefs by creating delicate, colourful sushi with play dough, and 
  • Becoming a fashion designer for a day through exquisite tote bag making. 

At the end of the party, every child will be able to bring home their own unique creations, along with other exclusive gifts!

If your child is aged 5 to 10, he/she will stand a chance to win this special right to host his/her very own party by simply participating in this draw.  All you have to do is follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter application below (entry will close on 22nd March 2359).  So get ready for a blast of a time!


  1. FB profile: Veron TG
    My youngest son will be turning 6!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

  2. FB Name: Amie Chen
    Gender of the child: Female
    Age for the coming b'day: 8

  3. FB Name: joanne.angloo
    Gender of child : Female
    Age for coming birthday : 7 in April

  4. FB Name: Ai Lee
    Gender of child: Female
    Age next coming birthday: 7

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  5. FB Name: Linda Wong
    Gender of child: Male
    Age next coming birthday: 6

  6. FB Name: Irene Fock
    Gender of child: Male
    Age for coming birthday: 7

  7. FB Name: Gordon Ngiam
    Gender of child: Male
    Age next coming birthday: 6

  8. FB Name: Ooy Mei
    2 boys age 5 and 7 this year

  9. FB Name: Pam Wong
    Gender of child: Male
    Age next coming birthday: 5 this April

  10. Fb name: Phyllis Tan
    Boy age 5

  11. Fb name: Ruby Lee
    Gender of child 1 : girl
    Age 7

    Gender of child 2 : boy
    Age 5

  12. FB name: Audrey Ng
    Gender of child: Boy
    Age next coming birthday: 6

  13. FB:Jaime Chan
    age next birthday: 6

  14. FB: Robert Sim
    Gender of child: Boy
    Age next coming birthday: 6 years

  15. FB: Evelyn Hu
    Gender: female
    Age next bday: 7

  16. Fb: Gan Say Bin
    Gender of child : girls
    Age next coming birthday: 7 and 9 (same month!)

  17. Fb name tellmarcia2
    Age : 6yrs old twin girls
    Hope to hv a blast birthday as a preschooler

  18. hi, I'm Hoi Ning on fb. My girl will be turning 5 this year. Thanks :)))))))))

  19. FB : Cynthia Lau
    Age: 6
    Gender: Female

  20. FB : Tan Keith
    Age : coming 8 years old.

    Hope to have a birthday party for him as he did not have one before. Thanks.

  21. Hi, my FB profile name is Kelly Goh. My baby girl will be turning 3 this year. I hope we can let her have a wonderful birthday party. Thanks!! :))

  22. FB profile name:facebook.com/nancy.koh.5
    gender of child: boy
    his age in the coming b/day: 6 yrs old
    hope to win a birthday party for my kid :)

  23. Fb: www.facebook.com/dianaruth.foo
    Gender of child : female
    Age in the coming bday : 6yo in july

  24. FB name: Annie Ng
    Gender of child: Boy
    Age at coming birthday: 8

  25. Fb name : Chuen Chuen yeo
    Gender of chid: boy
    Age at coming birthday : 4 and 6

  26. Fb name: Chuyan Kwek
    Gender of child: girl
    Age at coming birthday: 10 in Aug
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.
    Would be a great birthday for my girl since she hasn't been celebrating Birthday with friends since after preschool.

  27. FB profile name: Chin Jin Jeanne
    gender : female
    age in the coming b/day: 6 in june


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