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Some healthy gurus said it is not good to snack. Some recommended snacking. Whatever it is, I think as long as you have been eating well, it is okay to snack if your body calls for it. And if you are already eating well, chances are, you would not snack very often. And if you are already eating well, you definitely don't want to snack un-well. You get what I mean?

This is the season when my son AJ has to snack often. His concert choir has a string of intensive rehearsals for the upcoming concert that cause his dinner time to go haywire. Imagine having finished his lunch at 2.30pm and then he has to go for rehearsal from 5-9pm. There is no way I can slot in a proper dinner for him. So I resort to giving him snack before he sets off for rehearsal and I packed in another one into his bag so that he could munch during the short break.

Snacking in this season has to be particularly healthy because he couldn't afford to fall sick. Thanks to BoxGreen's healthy snack subscription, he now has a good and wide selection of healthy snack with convenient packaging.

The first box came, addressed to him (this smart mummy's plot) and he opened it with great anticipation. Kids at this age love to receive mails (snail and electronic) and parcels, so whenever I have delivery suitable for him, I'll arrange it to be addressed to him.

These are what's inside. Two of my favourites, two of his. Not sure if you could guess which. :)

So I would pack 2 packets of such snacks for him each rehearsal. He could choose to consume both if he is hungry and if time permits, or he could eat one packet at a time. This saves me a lot of headache as I am assured that he would eat (I packed snacks that he likes), there are proper nutrients and I need not worry that I may run into last minute unhealthy snack purchases because I had forgotten to buy them beforehand.

For each delivery, you could choose 4 snack varieties and BoxGreen will give you 3 packets of these 4 you have chosen (a total of 12 in a box). You could choose to subscribe it on a weekly basis, bi-weekly or monthly. You could pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Best of all, BoxGreen offers free shipping.

In this subscription, I have chosen Choc A'Pretz, Mocha Almond, Awesome Apple Crisps and Small Island Pineapple. Each packet of snacks is properly labelled with information on ingredients, nutrients and expiry date.

When I buy food, I would study the ingredients that go into it. I am so glad to know that BoxGreen does not add additives or preservatives into their snacks. Some of those you purchased off the shelves in the supermarkets do. I show you an example of the Apple Crisps below:

Alarming fact that you may not know: Canola Oil is used!
If you do not what is Canola Oil made of, please read it here

I am also happy to tell you that for every box delivered, BoxGreen donates a meal through Willing Hearts to help the underprivileged, the needy, and other marginalised members in Singapore. It is heartening to see more and more companies are extending their mercy arms to help the underprivileged. I certainly wouldn't mind paying a little more for such act of mercy.

Some good news for you if you are interested to try BoxGreen. The company is giving all my readers a 30% off first and new subscription. Simply enter " mylilbookworm30" in the promo code at point of signing up. Go try it out! 


  1. We are a family of snackers. The pack of 12 wouldn't last one day in my household.

  2. OMG, I think I would eat all the snacks in one go!!!


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