Splash @ Kidz Amaze (Punggol)

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Residents of Punggol and Seng Kang 有福了! Not only is Safra club opened in Punggol, Splash @ Kidz Amaze waterplay is also in the clubhouse. More than that, it is the first and only indoor waterplay available in Singapore currently. So whether it is rain or shine, you have a place where your active children could unleash their energy.

The ticketing area
Note: No food and drinks are allowed inside

You have to set your expectation right before you step in. This place is not big. It only has a main waterplay area with 5 slides and a wading area with many water jets apparatus.

The Main Waterplay Area

The ceiling is not concealed, I guess it is to enable better circulation of air and to prevent humidity from building up. However, it may also mean when there is strong wind in a storm, rainwater will get in. I'm not sure if this section will be closed if this happens though.

The ceiling

There are a few things I noticed that worth mentioning here. One of them is the adequate number of facilitators around the main waterplay area. I think this safety feature is extremely important for parents who bring children of a ratio of more than 1 adult to 1 child (like 1 adult to 2 children). With more eyes around, there is assurance that water safety measures are observed and that no bullies could take advantage of the situation.

The Wading Pool

The Octopus marked the transition from main waterplay area to the wading pool area

The touchscreen projector that sent ripples to the 'ocean' whenever one touches the wall 

One other thing that worth mentioning is the availability of water cooler. In event that the water supply you brought along runs low, freak not, you can have it replenished here. It is located beside the toilets at the wading pool area.

And they have really huge party rooms which I think is worthy of mentioning too. Having big party room means you can accommodate more people in your party, more space for the children to run around or more space for you to plan other party activities.

There are a total of 3 such party rooms available in Safra Punggol Splash @ Kidz Amaze

Splash @ Kidz Amaze is only meant for children aged 18 months to 13 years of age. Children have to be strictly in swimming attire. No diapers are allowed in the pool, please use swimming diapers if necessary. For adults who would want to be in the water area with the children, please wear dri-fit top and shorts or swimming attire.

The Splash @ Kidz Amaze is small, in my opinion, it suits children aged 4-8 more. Older kids might find it boring after a while, but if they go with friends, some how they would spend more time playing.  AJ and 2 other friends spent 1.5hours there, not without much persuasion to get them out of the water.

I reckoned that it would be super crowded on weekends and public holidays, so you might want to consider going on a weekday instead. We went there on a Tuesday afternoon and the place was already quite occupied. I can only imagine how the weekend crowd would be. 

A helpful tip to you: schools will be closed on 23rd May (Mon) as an off-in-lieu for the Vesak Day on 21st May (Sat), but most adults have to work. You might want to consider taking leave ;) to bring your kiddos there instead?


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