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I came back from a 9-day trip feeling bad because I had put much junk into my body. In the first 5 days of my trip, we were feasting on buffet every day, every meal because we were staying in a resort. It wasn’t easy putting off cakes, pastries and other desserts which I shouldn’t even touch (I am supposed to avoid wheat, sugar and trans fat).  So desperate was I to get rid of those toxins in my body that I decided to take up the 3-day detox programme by Juice Tales. I really needed to clean up my body system.

A juice fast is a type of detox or cleansing diet that involves the consumption of lots of raw vegetables, some fruits and water. It can last 1 to 5 days. I opted for the 3-day programme because I don’t think I can ‘ta-han’ 5 days without solid.  :P

In any case, cold pressed juicing is one of the best ways to get the most nutrients out from fruits and vegetables. It is pretty impossible to eat 2 kilogrammes of vegetables everyday so juicing is the way to go. Cold pressed technology also means there is no high heat generated like what conventional juicer or blender would generate that could destroy the enzymes in the vegetables. Cold pressed juicing also minimizes oxidation which could further destroy the nutrients.

Juice tales’ juices are prepared fresh on the day of delivery and they are stored in 400ml air tight bottles. No sugar, preservatives and water are added. I was told to consume the juices no later than 48 hours upon receipt of them, and to keep them chilled at 3-5 degrees in the fridge.

Day 1 & Day 2's supplies came together

To help me lose weight, I drank the last bottle of the juice at least 3 hours before I sleep and had at least a 12-hour fast before I started the first bottle of the juice the next morning. This is to allow my body’s glycogen reserve to be depleted so that my body will burn off more of my fat reserves. 

In between juices, I drank about 2 litres of water each day (I drink about 3 litres of water everyday without juices). That was a lot of liquid consumed in a day, at least 4.8 litres!

Bottles are packed in thermally insulated aluminum cooler bag that can keep chilled for about 1.5 hours.

What’s the end result after 3 days? Actually, I felt the result on the first night. I slept well, really well, like a baby! I pooed thrice on the first day, and twice on the second and the third day. I felt lighter, my tummy flatten a little and my 2-pack abs became visible again. Don’t laugh okay! I do have abs muscles. Please don’t ask me if I will be training for 4-pack. If it comes, it will be a bonus. That is all I would say. I was also 1kg lighter. Was it purely water loss? I don’t think so. The amount of liquid I have consumed in those 3 days and the keto bodies that I have been trying to kick in through the 12-hour fast justified that it was not water loss.

I have begun to love cold-pressed juicing after this detox trial. I am contemplating to do this monthly, even considering getting myself a slow juicer to DIY. I am not sure about the latter yet because I am really a lazy person.

Juice Tales is one of the more affordable cold-pressed juicers in the market, and their menu is quite comprehension (they even have juice supplement for pregnant mummies!). They run promotions every now and then so you may like to visit their website to find out what suits you best. Once an order has been placed, Juice Tales will contact you within 24hrs via whatsapp or SMS for delivery arrangements after payment is received. If you are keen to try juicing, do consider giving Juice Tales a try. 

Happy Juicing!


  1. Sounds great! I've always wanted to try juice detox - not so much for losing weight but my body probably needs a cleanse! Will give this a try after I've popped!


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