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I would like to think I'm not fat. If you ladies are above 50kg, you will think I'm not fat. Ok, I'm not fat, but I have problem areas. But I disguised them well with the right type of clothes, so they are not too prominent to you.

As I was tidying up my messy study area, I looked through my old photos and insurance policies. Sad to say, I have grown lah (physically, of course). Is that what childbirth and drop in metabolism will do to you?

That was me, with Ling (she was expecting her first born), at Royal Military College of Science in UK donkey years ago (before marriage)  

And my weight was 47kg in 1999!

So I have definitely grown and mainly on my problem areas - the thighs, the hips and the tummy. If ever I were to lose weight, these areas are the last to go. If ever I were to gain weight, these areas are the first to show! Heavy bottom, or a typical pear shape, we called that, is a common problem among most ladies. Haiz.

My 3 problem areas (that's not me as I am too shy to expose my flaws)

When Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa opened its flagship outlet at Pacific Plaza early this month, I was invited to try out their signature treatments like bSoul Hydro Detox Treatment (Body), bSoul Lower Body Water Retention Treatment (Body) and bSoul Magic Shaping Face Treatment. I chose the bSoul Hydro Detox Treatment (Body).

The bSoul Hydro Detox Treatment (Body) is a draining and detoxifying treatment for water retention and/or general fat. The blend of 99% micronised herb powder and sea salt improves drainage of toxin, liquid and fats. Metabolism is reactivated ensuring a long-lasting lipolytic effect. The treatment uses bSoul's products, which are 100% eco-friendly, skin-friendly and are made from all-natural ingredients devoid of harmful chemicals. All bSoul treatments are entirely biocompatible, using molecular plant-based extracts with natural formulas. These botanical ingredients are natural foods for the skin with strong healing activity. They contain active complexes at the optimal concentration to deliver high efficacy.

With Icemichelle (founder) and Serene

The newly opened Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa at Pacific Plaza was impressive. In this 1356sqft themed outlet, it has 7 spacious rooms dedicated for premium luxurious beauty and spa experiences.

I was ushered into the Santorini's Aegean Sea room for my bSoul Hydro Detox treatment after the consultant has done the TCM acupuncture points analysis with me, finding out how my internal body functions. I must say they were accurate in their analysis!

Lydia, the therapist who treated me, knew my muscles strength the moment she massaged on my limbs. She could tell me that I was once an athlete but now I don't run that much and that my arms are stronger than my thighs. I knew immediately I was in good hands of an experienced therapist.

Pardon the blurry face of Lydia. She was moving when I took this photo.

The treatment focused on my thighs, and I could feel my buttock and thighs being firmer after that. It was an enjoyable treatment and I was told most people can experience slimmer and firmer body parts (depending on the treatment areas) after a few sessions. I have no doubt about that.

The bSoul products that were used on me. It may vary from yours as it is a highly customised treatment

The East-meets-West beauty techniques applied by Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa attempt to marry the best of the two to give their clients the best beauty treatments the technology could bring. Frankly, because they are able to identify my problem areas and giving me the necessary customised beauty treatment, I am more than happy to go back to them again. 

I left the beauty spa feeling beautiful, I would like you to feel beautiful too! You will receive 30% off on any regular package that you sign up for at the Pacific Plaza outlet (not applicable for promotional package or otherwise stated) from now till 11 November 2016 (11/11/16). Please quote SQX30N to enjoy this offer.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Applicable to one package per customer.
2. Management reserves the right to amend the specifications of the promotion without prior notice.


About Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa
Helmed by Dato Icemichelle Chen, Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa possesses 17 years of established track-record for its award-winning TCM East-meets-West beauty techniques.  The new art spa is an upmarket luxury thematic spa, catering to the increasing high net-worth clientele who desire dedicated attention, quality products and services and most notably – Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa’s highly sought after TCM skills melded with their spa treatments.

The 2 outlets of Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa:
9 Scotts Road, #03-09/10, Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210
Tel: 6736 1617

Blk 513 Bishan St 13 #01-510
Singapore 570513
(opposite CPF Board Building)
Tel :6358 3029

Website :
Facebook :


  1. Hello Jenn, I have a package with Supreme QX Spa worth $727 that I'm hoping to let go and have been finding buyers online. If you are keen, we can discuss! I'm open to selling them at a discounted price. Even if you are not taking the full amount, it's fine too. Let me know. Thank you!


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