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I have a child who woke up every morning like that (video below). It has been going on for a few years. It broke my heart to see the scene, to hear that unpleasant 'music' and to clear the tissue papers. If you are a mom (or a dad), you may feel how I felt. I wanted to address the issue, but it can be a dozen of reasons for his condition. Is it because he has tighter airway, is it because he has an allergy to dust mites, is it because of the air-con in the room, is it because of the air quality of the air-con, is it because ... ... As you can see, to narrow down to these many possibilities, one has to get this, do that, etc., to pin it down. All these 'tests' and 'trial and error' will take time (and money). 

I am not willing to invest in an air-purifier just to test if the air in the room is up to standard, because if it is tested to be of good quality, I would have an elephant at home.
I am not willing to invest in a super vacuum cleaner just to suck up those dust mites because I am a self-professed lazy mom. It will definitely end up sitting in my house as a bigger white elephant.
What other possible ways I can 'trial and error' at lesser cost? Changing the type of pillow he uses, perhaps?

It's like a wish came true when ActiveHive gave me this special Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow to try.  Of course, I let AJ try it immediately!

I keep check of his condition using this Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow closely, giving him 2 months to see if this pillow manifested its effect on him. 2 months have passed now, how has he fared?

I'm so glad to say, AJ doesn't clear his blocked nose endlessly immediately after waking up any more. Hey! This is definitely a good sign! He still has to clear his mucus in the morning, but it is no longer immediately upon him waking up. And the frequency is so much lesser now. What a great relief!

What so magical about this Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow?

I believe the non-existence of dust mites has definitely helped him load. These days, he woke up far more energetic and refreshed than us adults.  If you want a good night rest (I think all of us want that), feeling recharged and refreshed the next day, you should consider getting this Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow. This small investment is going to last you a long time, definitely a good Return on Investment. I am not discounting getting for my whole family too. If only there is such a mattress too!

If you are keen to get this pillow, simply visit Active Hive's website and purchase it online. You could use promo code mylilbookworm20 to enjoy 20% (valid till 31st March 2017).

Sweet dream, my love!

Makura Pillow from ActiveHive


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