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Do you shop online? I do, in fact, very often. The opening up of public Internet access has enabled us to be more productive and it also makes us busier (because we can now do more things in the same span of time compared to 20 years ago).

I hardly shop for personal stuff, most of the things I buy online are groceries and household stuff (ah, so auntie, I know). Over time, I discovered that there are many advantages of buying groceries online so I have been sticking to this mode for years.  Here are some advantages:

  1. I save time travelling to the malls, walking though the aisles, squeezing through the crowd and waiting at the cashier counter. To me, time is precious. I would rather use the time to coach my boy, to have more shut-eye time, to read, etc.;
  2. I don't have to lug super heavy household items and groceries even if there is a car to help with transportation right from the lift or door step, I still can't escape carrying them;
  3. For those who drive, it means saving on money for petrol/diesel and parking fee; and
  4. I can do away with to-buy physical shopping list because anytime when I realised I ran out of something or the inventory for some household stuff ran low, I could immediately place the item(s) into my shopping cart on my phone via honestbee mobile app. It saves me from recollecting what I need to get when it is time to consolidate the items and purchase them. 

Honest Bee Mobile App which I can't do without

I used to buy online with major supermarket stores but I have switched to honestbee ever since August 2015 (I blogged about it here). The switch was obvious. The delivery slot from major supermarket stores is 3-4 hours, that means I have to be at home for an unfruitful half a day waiting for my delivery. I would be tied down by the timing of the delivery, and that means I couldn't even run out to grab a meal or run some quick errands. honestbee's delivery slot is just 1 hour, and that saves me a lot of agony.

Granted, you need a minimum purchase of $50 to warrant a free delivery, but that is not difficult to hit when you consolidate your items to purchase. And yes, there is a $3.99 concierge fee charged for every purchase but that is nothing compared to the time I would have saved physically shopping, let alone the travelling and parking cost. honestbee's service has been satisfactory, which is also the reason why I stick to them.

honestbee launches an online store recently, called Family Market. Basically, it works with its network of suppliers to provide popular products to customers like us. I did a random check, and found out that the prices are indeed  lower. The offering in Family Market is carefully curated basing on demand, so one would expect the range of product to expand over time as honestbee collects more data and negotiates with more suppliers.

It is wonderful to know there are ways we as consumers can save more money now with honestbee Family Market at our convenience. If you have not tried online grocery and household stuff shopping, do click on this link and browse through the offering. A minimum of $50 to qualify for free delivery and a concierge fee of $3.99 apply.

Not forgetting to share some love with you here. If you are new to honestbee, you may use click on this url to get $10 off $50 purchase. Happy Shopping!



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