2 New Interactive Exhibits At The National Gallery Singapore - Wandering In Black And White At Art Playscape, And Who’s by the River At Keppel Centre of Art Education

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Journey through a world of shadow and light in imaginary cities or breathe new life into Singapore artist Liu Kang’s iconic masterpiece at the Keppel Centre for Art Education at National Gallery Singapore (NGS). From 10 March 2018, NGS introduces two new interactive exhibits – Wandering in Black and White at Art Playscape, and Who’s by the River – after the successful runs of Sandra Lee’s The Enchanted Forest at Art Playscape, and Who’s in the Woods.

Wandering in Black and White at Art Playscape

The refreshed Art Playscape encourages imaginative play with object, shadow and space. As the children move around the cityscape, they will experience optical illusionary perspectives designed to challenge their sense of depth and space. They can play ‘hide and seek’ in mini-houses, ‘climb’ up and down staircases and discover hidden miniature cityscapes.

To further encourage creativity in children, 3D printed charcoal blocks are also provided by the artist to encourage them to build their own imaginary cities. They can also go on a treasure hunt with pops of colours as clues around the space to locate hidden torches and coloured discs, and create dramatic silhouettes and skylines against the cityscapes. Talk tubes, which are often used in outdoor play, are also incorporated in the indoor play area for children to experiment with sounds and echoes in their imaginary cities. I love it when the children are allowed free play to unleash their imagination.

Who’s by the River 

Over at the interactive area at City Hall Foyer, Who’s by the River replaces the popular Who’s in the Woods exhibit that featured a day-to-night forest-scape. The new exhibit will cast a spotlight on Singapore pioneer artist Liu Kang’s masterpiece Life by the River, which is part of the National Collection. You can create your own characters and watch them move around and interact as the village scene changes from day to night. A self-guided drop-in activity, it aims to pique the imagination of children by immersing them in the lively kampong scene and encourage them to be creative in designing their own story inspired by the painting.

Admission is free. For more information, please visit National Gallery Singapore website here.

*photo credit: NGS


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