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We have moved to our new place for about half a year, it is timely to invite some friends who live around our estate over for fellowship. We had it on a weekday evening, catering for a combi of an adequate dinner and a light snack as some friends would prefer having dinner at home before heading over to our place.

With that in mind, we chose Stamford Catering’s Mini Takeaway High-Tea Set.
Mini – because though we had a turn-out of 30 persons, only half of them were eating dinner here.
Takeaway – because we would not need to wait for the caterer to come back and collect the set-up gadgets and utensils.
We meant to keep this event simple, cosy yet no lack of flavours (in terms of food).

Stamford Catering has received praises from my relatives when we had our housewarming in November last year (read here) so this time we gladly ordered from Stamford Catering again!

As usual, you would expect Stamford Catering to provide disposable cutleries and serviettes for your event, and that includes disposable tablecloth and trash bag as well! That really saves you time getting those stuff. The food is also packed into cooler bag/warmer so hot food remain warm, cold desserts remain chilled.

Yong Chow Fried Rice 

The staple for dinner is Yong Chow Fried Rice. The ingredients in the fried rice were generous, it can be easily passed off as a one-pot dish, seriously.

Pulled Chicken BBQ Mini Burger 

The Pulled Chicken BBQ Mini Burger was the Star that evening. Everyone was raving about this. It was so delicious that this dish was the first to get wiped out. Best of all, this can be served as a dinner dish and a snack item as well.

Golden Chicken Wing

Fried chicken wings - the love of adults and children. You can't go very wrong when it comes to fried chicken wings. Everyone would take one or two, and soon there would be none too. :)

Chicken Ham Finger Sandwich 

For those who preferred to snack, something to munch on while chit-chatting, we ordered Chicken Ham Sandwich for them. Children wouldn't resist this too, so it is a win-win.

Potato Curry Puff

Another finger food that even children could devour was the Potato Curry Puff as it wasn't spicy, thus making it very child-friendly.

Chocolate Eclair and Traditional English Carrot Cake

For desserts, we chose Chocolate Eclair that children love, and Traditional English Carrot Cake that adults adore. We actually swapped out the liquid dessert with solid dessert to avoid the mess that the children might cause in case of spillage. So glad that Stamford Catering was able to accommodate our request.

Fellowshipping together over food is an important part of our life, it provides us with an opportunity to strengthen the bond, catching up and building the network with people who matter. Cosy conversation over good food is just what we had wanted for this gathering, and Stamford Catering provided just that. If you are considering food catering, do check out Stamford Catering's website.

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