Oaxis My First Fone 3G GPS WatchPhone For Your Child


Many working parents are in the dilemma these days. They want their children to remain contactable, they want to know what their children had been doing in their absence, but they are fearful to give their children a smart phone. With a smart phone on hand, a child is opened to the world of Internet, putting the child in a vulnerable state.

Here comes Oaxis 3G GPS WatchPhone with Voice and Video Calls for Kids. Oaxis’ My First Fone comes with GPS Tracker, Touchscreen, Camera, Touch SOS Remote Alarm and Fitness Trackers and it is water resistance!

With the 3G Voice and Video Call feature, you can contact your kids anytime and see what they are doing. The 1.3mp camera feature adds some thrills for your children as they could take photos on-the-go.

The One-touch SOS, GPS and Geo Fencing is a feature that all parents would love. With its real-time tracking ability, you could set safety zones for your kids, and if they face with a dangerous situation, they only need to press the SOS button to get help.

Of course, when the children are in school, they can silent the Phone to minimise all distractions except for the SOS function of course. The Phone also has a whole-day pedometer tracking that helps to keep track of your child’s fitness activities. 

My First Fone App for parents to synchronise with your child's watchphone (available in both iOS and Android)

Watch this video clip to have a better idea how this WatchPhone works.

Feeling excited and can't wait to get one for your child? Great news for you! Try your luck in participating in my giveaway (one unit of My First Fone in Pink only) or if you think you really can't wait or want a black one instead, you could buy it online here.

To participate in my giveaway, simply follow the rules here:

1. “Like” Mylilbookworm’s Facebook Page and Oaxis’s Facebook Page;
2. Leave a comment on this Facebook post so that I may know you have done step 1 and 2;
3. Tag your friends who might be interested in this watchphone or this giveaway.

I will close the draw on 10 June (Sun) 2359. Good luck!

Oaxis My First Fone


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