Food Companions

Those who know my family would likely know that AJ is an extremely sloooow eater. Every meal is min. 1hr – breakfast, lunch & dinner. It started since the day he was born. When he was liquid diet, it was the same. Feeding time is like wasting time.

Though he now eats on his own, he cannot be left alone to finish his meal. He will usually not take up the spoon without us nagging, scoldinging or bringing the bowl to him. Since he takes this looong to eat, I will usually eat with him & when I have finished my meal, I will do my work on the computer while monitoring him to eat (and of course, nag, scold & bring the bowl to him).

I am most envious of parents with kid(s) who love to eat. It has never happened to my son so far. He doesn’t go to the refrigerator door & attempt to open to search for snacks. He never says he is hungry before. Wah, sounds like he can go without food huh.

To entice him to eat within the 1 hour (else it could be 1.5 to 2 hours), these are his food companions during his meals … … Arnott’s crackers, rice cake, Korean seaweed, Japanese seaweed, cornflakes, seaweed crackers, etc. Anything crunchy, crispy & savoury goes well. Honestly, I can’t live without them yet. They keep me sane during mealtimes.


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