Melbourne & Tasmania - 2 to 24 Dec'09

AJ & I left for Melbourne on 2 Dec night. I have booked for Air India & it turned out to be a nice surprise - a SQ airbus due to the Star Alliance arrangement. The plane was almost full with pockets of 1 seat vacant here & there. The couple who sat next to us suggested to us to change seats with the man sitting in front of us. There were 2 men occupying 4 seats thus I could have 3 seats (2 for AJ to sleep). Thank God that he was agreeable to change seats with me & thus AJ was able to sleep for 5 hrs on the 7 hrs flight.

This is the first time I stayed with James & Pauline in their new house (I called that palace because it is really big – 5 bedrooms, 3 lounges, kitchen & dining area). It is nice to visit Melbourne once again after 8 yrs. Melbourne has changed a little. I noticed that there are more cars on the road now. Pauline said there are many Mainland Chinese migrants nowadays. Well, they spoilt the property market once again by flooding it with liquidity, buying houses on hard cash, making property prices sky high.

AJ’s cough got worse in the harsh climate, so much so that it has developed into asthmatic cough. Thank God for a doctor friend of the King’s family (Pauline’s parents) who gave us free consultation. We only have to pay for the medication.

My friend Pauline’s elder son Joshua was having Christmas recital on 7 Dec and we went to watch. It gave Andrew a good idea what a recital is since he has missed the one from his music school. Incidentally, Preacher Paul’s elder son Timothy was also performing on the same night at the same place because both children have the same piano teacher.

We went to Chesterfield Farm, not far from Pauline’s place on 8 Dec. It was quite a comprehensive farm, we saw many animals. Apparently, Andrew is not used to farm. He dislikes long grass, haha. But he had the chance to milk the cow, which was quite an experience.

We went to Werribee Open Range Zoo on 12 Dec with Pauline’s family. Though Singapore has one of the best Zoo, the open range Zoo is no where to be compared. Animals have plenty of space to roam around. The Safari Tour Bus Guide was interesting. We also went to Botanical Garden in Cranbourne with Pr. Paul’s family on 14 Dec.

We headed to Tasmania on 16 Dec night, almost immediately after AJ’s father touched down in the morning. It wasn’t interesting on 17th because it rained heavily throughout in Tasmania - Hobart. Thank God it was sunny on 18th & we were able to visit Port Arthur – the Convict Trail. We literally spent the whole day there. Too bad, we have to leave on 19th evening so after checking out, we visited Richmond town. It was just too short a trip in Tasmania to visit other places, sigh.

AJ had another round of cough & runny nose when he returned to S’pore. This boy’s immunity system is so low, it really caused me a great headache. I am so afraid of exposing him to a group of children, fearing that he will catch another round of virus again. Sigh, I pray that he will be stronger with the regular TCM intake & as he grows older.


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